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Energized by the Holy Spirit

Today has been one of the best days so far! We have seen the Lord provide us with energy to continue doing His work which has been very important because of the long day we experienced. This morning we started off our day with some delicious food prepared by Tito’s wife. While we were eating, we took some time to spend with the Lord and asked Him to help us crucify our flesh and live for Him. This set the standard for the day and it is evident it made a difference.

After breakfast, we set out for a small city just outside Trujillo and began drama ministry. We performed our first drama for a school and the students were very interested in what we had to say. After this, we moved to a plaza and did the drama again. It is very clear that the Lord is using us to teach His gospel because the Lord is giving more confidence to each member of the team as they share with the Peruvian people. One student began proclaiming the gospel to a group of men without holding anything back. He shared with these men the cost of following Christ without watering down the truth. After speaking with them, the men wanted a relationship with Christ and they asked Him to be the Lord of their life! What a joy that the Lord is using us to share His truth and that we are getting to see Him work before our very eyes.

In the evening, we were able to go back to the same school from the morning and do the drama for the parents. This was a very unique experience because the owner of the school was a Christian and he wanted to make sure all of the students and parents knew this. Before the drama, a man spoke to them about how to raise a healthy family, and we could tell that he was passionate about sharing the truth of Jesus Christ. After the drama, many of them came to know the Lord! It was amazing seeing the passion of the owner and how he desired for his students and their parents to come to begin a relationship with Christ.

Please join us in praying for the owner of this school as he continues to tell the people about Jesus. It is a blessing for him to be in a position of influence, and we know that the Lord can use it for his glory. We hope that all of the parents will come to know the Lord and that the gospel will spread rapidly in that area. Also be in prayer for us as we begin our last day of ministry in Trujillo tomorrow. We want to tell as many people as we can about Christ before we leave for our next city, and we need to be walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your prayers, may God bless you!


-Tanner and Cherish

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