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Elijah Calls Out the Prophets of Baal

Hello friends and family,

We are experiencing the power of the gospel unto salvation. This team has been boldly proclaiming the truth that breaks the chains of sin throughout the Suriname River. Each day has looked very similar. We wake up and start the day in the Word of God. This is followed by breakfast and water filtration. The men of this team have taken on the responsibility of making sure the team has plenty of water. It has been very hot and humid here. The team has gotten very good at loading into the boats. The students begin to pray for the destination village.

On the 8th, we have arrived at Kankantrie. This is a smaller village about one hour boat ride away from our home base. We arrived to a school of many excited children. They sang for us and paid excellent attention as we shared the drama. There were teachers whose lives were given to Christ! We pray that as they teach with a new heart, the children can see Christ.

We then went to another village to have our PB & J while we waited for the school children to get home so we could share with a village. The team got to prayerwalk the village before performing. We got to meet and pray for the chief of the village, who is blind. We ask for divine healing, but ultimately that glory goes to God. The team also prayed for a little boy who was mute and had a disability on his right side. We are learning the power of prayer and that God is sovereign. Please join us in prayer for these people. As we continued our walk, we encountered a man that a student began to share the gospel with as a woman walked up. By no other reason than the Holy Spirit did she show up and begin to listen. The woman is older in age and in this culture, that usually means stuck in traditions, but praise God he is greater than traditions and age! She accepted Christ and was eager to pray.

As we set up to do the drama, we experienced technical difficulties and had to perform without music. Our translator listened to the drama play on a phone as we yelled the drama words to the crowd as the students performed with counts whispered. We are grateful for the chance to be fluid and we are indebted to our translator for his above and beyond work. God is faithful and even through our difficulties, He works. Souls were won. Freedom was claimed!

We have seen many altars and shrines to false gods and spirits. This belief is practiced throughout the interior of Suriname. Although we would love to call out the witch-doctors as Elijah did the prophets, instead have been outwardly respectful to these places of worship but have prayed for God to reign over each village. We know that this battle is not against flesh and blood. Please join us as we seek  to be light in this dark place.

This morning, the 9th, we traveled to a village called Godo. This is the furthest up the river we’ve been and we will camp out here for 3 nights in order to minister to the people near this village. On our way, we stopped at 2 villages with large schools to proclaim Christ.

The first was Simoisie. This was a school where we were again greeted warmly. The pastor definitely has some follow up to do in this area because decisions were made and we never want to just say a prayer and move on. Secondly, we performed at school that is run by a man names Jerome. Jerome is from Amsterdam and as we learned is an atheist. He loved our drama and understands why we go around sharing but he says it is not for him. God used this man, who doesn’t even follow him, to spread the gospel. Many people came from around the village to see what we were doing. One student spoke with a man who had questions but after all were answered. He asked what he needed to do to have this relationship. The children he was picking up now have an earthly father who can lead them to their heavenly father. Please pray for Jerome that the truth he heard will one day impact  his life.

We are going to rest well tonight! Pray for continued unity and for the Lord to use us in whatever way He chooses.

Chad and Danielle

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