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Donde esta el bus?

Hello Friends! 

This morning we had the great opportunity to join La Comunidad, the church we helped paint, for a worship service. We were all very excited because many of our translators attend this church. The excitement and anticipation escalated the longer we waited for our bus to pick us up. However, our patience soon started to fade as the minutes started to pass and no bus arrived. After waiting one hour and realizing church was suppose to start 3o minutes ago, the bus rolled into view. We prepared ourselves to walk quietly into what we thought was going to be an ongoing church service, but to our surprise they had only just begun! What are the odds the same day our bus is late, so is the church service…100%! The team was reminded God’s timing is far greater than ours. 

After a wonderful time of worship, teaching, and fellowship, we ate a quick lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and headed to the busy street of Cinco De Mayo to do drama ministry. The team was so full of contagious joy that it quickly drew a crowds that surrounded the drama sites. The ministry teams were able to speak with not only those searching for the gospel, but also those needing  encouragement as they live out the gospel. 

One woman in particular was in desperate need of encouragement and was quick to share her heart with some of our students. The students asked if there was any way they could pray for her, and as she began to reply, she broke down in tears. She explained the reason she was on Cinco De Mayo that day and not at home, was because of a violent situation between her brother and son at home. The students were able to pray over her and lift her up to our Heavenly Father. We are not sure if the woman was a believer, but either way we are hopeful she will look to Christ in times of difficulty rather than worldly things.

Tomorrow will be our final free day before we spend our last day of schedueld drama ministry in Panama City on Tuesday. Please pray for divine encounters tomorrow, even though we will not be performing the drama. We cannot believe our time is almost up here in Panama, but we are very excited to come home and share about all the great things that God has done.

Your C.C.’s 

Dustin and Meagann


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7 response to Donde esta el bus?

  • Eric Roberts says:

    We continue to pray for the team. God is always good to make things work together for His glory when we are willing to do our part! Thank you God for always having a plan. We are excited to see you all. Praying for a day of restoration and divine encounters today and a blessed day for your team in Panama City tomorrow. Stay focused and finish strong as you prepare to return home. We love you all!

  • Bellamy Looney says:

    “Strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord.” – and as you wait upon the Lord as you wait on the bus! As always He had things under contol! Hope your day off is a rejuvenating one as you anticipate your last day of drama ministry. We continue to pray for many lost souls to be won. Mary Jayne – have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Tuesday. We love you and miss you! Hugs and Kisses- Momma, Daddy, and Van

  • Nikki Smith Reach says:

    Kati – Hope you had a fun free day. Praying for you as you spend your last day in Panama. Can’t wait to see you!! I love you so much! Mama

  • Ryan T Reach says:

    What a joy to celebrate and worship with your translators and the church you were able to help.

    I hope your were able to enjoy your free day and enjoy spending time with each other. We are praying for your final ministry day and for a safe trip home!

    Kati and Mya – I look forward to hearing all about your trip and sharing in your excitement! Praying for divine appointments for you!

    Kati – Each day I get more excited about getting to see you after all these weeks. It will be so nice to have you home! Love, Papa

  • Morgan Bridgeford says:

    We cannot wait to hear about the great things God has done. Continuing to lift you all up in prayer.

  • Ginger says:

    I am thankful for God’s timing. I am so happy or all your divine appointments thus far. There are some many stories of sadness, violence, abuse, that’s it is hard to believe one could with stand it. God is mighty and all powerful and knows all our needs. Team ministry is always there for just the right people. Panama will be forever changed. I am counting down the days Kati Reach to see you. Hugs for safe travels. Remember by His Grace for His Glory.

  • John Carpeter says:

    We will sing, sing, sing

    And make music with the heavens

    We will sing, sing, sing

    Grateful that You hear us

    When we shout Your praise

    Lift high the name of Jesus

    What’s not to love about You?

    Heaven and earth adore You

    Kings and kingdoms bow down

    Son of God, You are the One

    You are the One we’re living for

    You are the love that frees us

    You are the light that leads us

    Like a fire burning

    Son of God, You are the One

    You are the One we’re living for

    Praying your last day of ministry is fruitful. Praising Jesus for your hearts; hearts surrendered to Him.
    Prayers for safe travel. Ally, Sky says,”I love you and I miss you!…….and your a chicken monkey! (I don’t know what that is but evidently you are one-lol!) Can’t wait to hear your voice! …oh and skylar says the baby’s name is Reed but sister says it’s Grayson. Sky says he wants to talk to you.
    Love you slightly less

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