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Divine Encounters

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Yesterday was a filled day! At our first drama site, we met the pastor of the local Baptist Church here in Tingo Maria. He gave us Spanish New Testaments to hand out as we continue doing ministry in Peru and invited us to the missions conference that is being held at the church. Due to the extreme heat during the day here in Tingo Maria, we came back to the hotel for a time of teaching as we waited for the temperature to cool. In the late afternoon, we had a time of worship and prayer for the people we would encounter before heading out again. We have found that the majority of the people come out to the plazas during the late afternoon and evening hours.

An issue we have encountered here is with the police and the limitations they enforce on where we are allowed to perform the drama throughout the city. However, when we were able to finally set up, a woman who was in the crowd later told us she was actually good friends with the captain of the police here in Tingo Maria. She offered to help us with the problems we have been facing! We are hopeful for what today will bring because of this encounter.

Thank you for always keeping us in your prayers! Please continue to pray for each of the students as we are here in Tingo Maria.

Your Country Coordinators,

Steen & Rebecca

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