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Dirt, Flies, and a Bare Field

Today was an awesome first day of drama ministry in Trujillo! We started our morning off with a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then we headed to a neighborhood on the outskirts of Trujillo. Here we performed the drama, played soccer with kids, and shared the Gospel with many families. There were three women in particular who were so excited to receive the genuine gift of salvation. We then headed to another neighborhood and performed in the plaza. While we were performing the drama, a taxi stopped in the middle of the road and many people peeked their heads out of the window to watch. It was here where we saw our bus driver witness to many people. We are so thankful for such an evangelistic bus driver. One of the groups ministered to a father and his children. Once the Gospel was shared, the father shared it more clearly and in depth for his children. We love seeing truth passed on! We then went further outside of Trujillo. Dirt. Flies. A bare field. There was no one to be seen. As soon as we got off the bus, our students went to the surrounding houses and knocked on their doors to invite them to the drama. As we performed, a crowd started to form. After the drama while a student was explaining the second story, a new wave of people came and watched. So we did it again! And the people who saw it the first time stayed! After the drama the students spent quite a bit of time ministering. There were so many people to share with! Here is where we met Rosa and Julia, two elderly sisters who came to know the Lord today. One of the students asked them why they were crying. They said they were overjoyed and overcome with peace by this gift of eternal life. They said they would have their grandkids read their tracks to them. They gave countless hugs to our team and couldn’t stop expressing their gratitude. We praise Jesus for today!

Please pray for endurance, continued health, eyes to be opened, and for our team to glorify Him the best way possible. Thank you for your consistent prayers, love, and support!

By His Grace,

Tyler & Meridith

Team  Directors

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2 response to Dirt, Flies, and a Bare Field

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    LEVI- wow! I love hearing about what God is doing! Thank you and the team for being obedient. Love you and miss you. Praying for continued health, and eyes to be opened.
    love ya,
    Mrs. Angela

  • Lesa Neese says:

    God so loved the world…—Love one another….– Beccaise He first loved me….–The greatest of these is love!— thank you Team Peru for your walk that has helped those praying for you to fall in love with the people of Peru–for taking us somewhere with our fellow man and find that our hearts should be extended to brothers and sisters and Christ world wide and our hearts should be broken for the lost in each corner of this wold on a daily bases—please extend our love and gratitude to the Peruvians for sharing that love in return to each of you —

    We of course have fallen in love with each of you, Team Peru, as we have seen what beautiful love filled heart you have through the blogs and pictures– our continued prayers lift you up!

    Rendi– bunches of folks love and miss you dearly–we rejoice with you daily–I love, love, love you!

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