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Día Promocional!

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We started off today a little differently than usual. . . Promotion Day! It’s a day where we promote two students to the role of TDs (Team Directors). These are people whom we believe have stepped up and led this team with a servant heart on a daily basis. Although we had many to choose from, we finally decided who would take the title of TDs for the day: Johnson and Faith!

After a great breakfast made by Pastor Tito’s lovely wife, we headed out to do ministry!

In the morning, we went out to two marketplaces. Even though not very people came to watch, the Lord still did a mighty work in the lives of those who were there. One man was even kind enough to buy the entire team crackers and Inca Cola. Yum!

We then went back to Tito’s house for yet another amazing meal. So after two dramas, full bellies, and a little bit of rest,  the students were ready to go back out. We went to some parks where there were people skateboarding, walking their dogs, playing soccer, and just enjoying the beautiful day. After the drama was presented, the students went out and shared the good news of Jesus. What a blessing it was to have students come to us afterwards and hand us the response cards with the names of our new brothers and sisters in Christ! One lady was so impressed with the way the students shared the gospel with her she asked if she could have one our step-by-step, English to Spanish ministry cards.

Tomorrow is our last full day of drama ministry, so please be in prayer for us that we don’t look at it as something to just go ahead and get over. We want to end stronger. We want to end giving it our all. And we want to end it as an act of worship.

Thank you for all your prayers!

P. S. Sorry the update is not as long and fancy as it usually is. We’re new at this.

Your TDs (who were actually CCs today),

Razi and Haley

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