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Dancing in the Streets!

What an AMAZING day of ministry! The students woke up early once again today to do ministry in the schools here in Panama. When we made it to the first site, the students were ecstatic to be working with the children in the school. As we stretched out our legs early in the morning while dancing with the children, the team began to energize each other and their enthusiasm grew as they began to do Jesus Ministry. The children completely surrounded the team as they performed the drama, and many of them heard about Jesus today. We traveled to a second school where the students got to engage with each of the classrooms and talk to the students by their class. The court was filled with many students looking down from the balcony, filling the sidewalks, and crowding all around the students as they responded to the drama today!

Yesterday when we were doing the drama on Cinco de Mayo, a couple of ladies approached us and asked if we would be able to perform the drama for their street church near Cinco de Mayo. This area has been known to have the Penitentiary Gang, but God poured down His power in this place and we saw many come to know the Lord. The students danced, worshiped, and shared their testimonies in a place where the homes may be broken, but the Lord used changed lives to change lives.

We have been blessed by the unity of the team, the encouragement of doing the drama, and the worship to God who is worthy of all honor. Thank you so much for your prayers as we have been seeking where God is working to join Him there. Today was our last full day of ministry, and we are going to another large school in the morning to engage these students in sharing the drama.

We are thankful for the opportunity to share these stories, and the students are more excited to share more with you as we begin to prepare to head home on Saturday.

In Him,

Walker Moore & Becky Robinson
Panama 14-Day CCs

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  • Lori says:

    Praying for a safe journey home for all of you! Less than 24 hours, Macy girl, and I’ll get to squeeze you up! Love you and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

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