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Class Is In Session!

Howdy friends and family!  We have had an awesome day of ministry!  Today, we traveled to the city of Colón and began the day off with a bus ride that was a little over an hour long.  When we got there, we started off by having a meet and greet with the leaders of the church in the area.  After the meet and greet, we then headed to our first ministry site of the day.  The students performed the drama at a small park not far from the church we were working with.  The Lord began a mighty work in a few young men there.  They witnessed the drama and could not deny the love of God.  The students left these men with certainty in their hearts that they now have new brothers in Christ and were greatly encouraged by the enthusiasm of the men at their newfound life.

This is only one example of how the Lord moved at our first site.  Due to the long travel time, the students then had lunch.  Right after lunch, the students divided off into four groups to teach Sunday school (on a Saturday!) to a bunch of the local kids in the area with age groups ranging from 1-12 years of age.  They had the opportunity to teach the kids about God and pour out love upon them.  The teaching ranged anywhere from playing a game that demonstrated the lesson or diving into the Word!  How awesome is our God for the students to experience something like this?!  After leaving the excitement of teaching the kids, the students then got to perform the drama for the students and further show them love after they performed it.  And get this, the people who drove our bus, remember those guys?  They are now YOUR NEW BROTHERS IN CHRIST!  After the second drama, a group of students boldly approached them and began to pour their hearts and love on them.  The men responded and came to know their heavenly Father!

Finally, we packed up and began the long ride home.  When we got back we ate dinner and went into “guy/girl time”.  It was a time for Craig and myself to take the guys and Karissa and Kayla to take the girls and just spend time having guy/girl talks.  We then switched groups and the girls were able to ask the male leadership questions and the guys were able to ask the female leadership questions.  It was a good time of bonding with the students for us as leaders and just a fun time!  The students are now off in their beds safe, happy, and healthy and we are soon to be there too!  Just pray for continued good health and that the Lord will continue to move in mighty ways!

Much love,

Rasheed and Kayla[Not a valid template]

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