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Church Crashers

[Not a valid template]Hello blessed people,
What a wonderful day of church we have had here in Ethiopia. We started a day with being able to minister to the church here in the Learning Village by sharing our drama, preaching, and singing a song. They are all so grateful for the help we have been able to provide them in our time here but we count it all joy. We heard a message from Zach (our male Team Director) and enjoyed being able to worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ. We then shared a celebratory lunch with some people from the church for them to thank us for our ministry during our time here. Fellowship is again one of the many things God has blessed this team with and we are grateful for time to fellowship with nationals as well.
We then got the opportunity to go to another church in the city that holds their service at a later time. We again shared the drama, Zach brought a message, and we shared a song. Even though we had never met these fellow believers before, they were still so thankful and encouraging of our time spent here in Ethiopia. After a service time, we got to take a tour of the church that they are in the process of building. Many reasons have made this church being built very difficult. One reason is that due to the rainy season, much of the inside of the church is easily ruined because they do not have a roof and builders do not work in the rainy season. This also brings up finance problems as they are already struggling to build a church and now must fix things that are already done. Lastly, the government can cause problems. They do not want a church being built just as a church being the size that this church needs it to be. So the church is trying to work out how the pastor can live at the church and it still be financially stable. Praise God that they lift everything up in prayer! We were able to join hands and pray for them as well. They have been a church for 3 years and have already grown to over 130 members. Please join us in praying that the church would continue to grow and the building would come together quickly so they have the proper amount of space for these people.
Although this was our last full day of ministry, we want to continue our gospel sharing tomorrow as we spend the day relaxing and shopping before beginning our journey back to America. Please pray for continued health and a desire to share with all that is within us in our last days here. Thank you again for your continued patience with our lack of internet.
Country Coordinators
Jesse & Danielle

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4 response to Church Crashers

  • Sherri Britt says:

    What a blessing to hear about all the people you have met and been able to worship with. God is so good. It is hard to believe that your time there is coming to an end, but we are all looking forward to your return. I will continue to pray for safety and health for each one of you. Jeff, we are all looking forward to seeing you soon. We miss and love you so much.
    See you soon.
    Love ya, Mom

  • Ginger Knudsen says:

    So happy for the Lords blessings on the team. We are excited to see you in person, Kati Reach! The kids have been so happy in hearing your daily blogs. We wish you a safe journey home. Great job in spreading the Gospel. For His glory!

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    We are praying for the people of that church. Amazing how good God is. We are also praying as the team prepares to come home. I know this is met with mixed emotions. Mya, we love you and can’t wait to see you!

  • Jean Bench says:

    I am praying for safe travels for all the team. HannahKate we are counting the days until we see your smiling face. Love you so much.

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