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Christlike Love

Hello to all our friends and families,

We are still in the beautiful city of Trujillo doing Jesus ministry. We started off the day meeting for worship at Pastor Tito’s church, which was a wonderful time of fellowship that was full of joy. It is amazing to see how worship draws us closer no matter what language we speak. This gives us a glimpse of what it will be like in heaven when people from every tribe and every language will bow down and worship Christ, and we are privileged to be able to get a taste of that now.

After being strengthened in worship, we headed for the streets to begin drama ministry. Our first drama took place on a small grassy area facing the sidewalk which really caught the attention of those walking by. It seemed as if more and more people showed up as the drama progressed which brought encouragement to our hearts. One student in particular was drawn to talk to a woman who watched the drama from her balcony above us. This student and her ministry team walked over and asked the woman if she would come down and talk to them and she did! At first this woman was asking a lot of questions about what religion we were, but our students shared with her that we are more interested in a relationship with Jesus Christ rather than focusing on a religion. Because of this conversation, the woman came to know the Lord today! It is so cool to see how the people of Peru have responded to us sharing the gospel in this way.  Many of them have been bound up in the Catholic religion, which focuses on works, and they are happy to discover the freedom that comes in a relationship with Christ. We are reminded of the Pharisees in the Bible and how they were constantly worried about Jesus obeying the commandments and how they never realized that the Son of God was right before their very eyes. We desire for these people in Peru (who have been chained by a religion that says they must work their way to heaven) to experience a personal relationship with Christ.

At another drama site, we unloaded the bus to a busy street where people were buying fruit and bread from a nearby market. Before starting, we went out to invite people to come see the drama, but hardly anybody came. We knew that we must be faithful to the Lord so we began the drama anyway, and before long we had drawn a decent size crowd in front of us. Our students were able to share the gospel with many people and we saw Him open their eyes and change their hearts. Many of them were eager to find out where the church was so they could get plugged which really showed us that they desired to learn more about the gospel. At this site, we also met a woman who was a believer and she told us how happy she was that we were there and how this encouraged her. It is always refreshing to hear the hearts of believers and to encourage them in their faith.

This evening we learned about the five love languages. This time allowed us to see how each member on our team likes to receive and give love. This is very important because sometimes we try and show somebody that we care about them, but they may not receive it that way. Learning others love languages allows us to practice denying ourselves and teaches us to think of others first. This lesson also will help our team grow in unity as we continue our journey.

It is crazy how fast time is going by while we are here in Peru. Please pray that we can have strength to endure and that we will not grow weary of doing the Lord’s work. We must rely on His strength to carry us through. We are continuing to pray for our friends and family and we hope you all are sharing Christ wherever you are. May we all walk in His authority and His power.


-Tanner and Cherish

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2 response to Christlike Love

  • Matt Ball says:

    Peru Team, we are praying for you every day. We praise God for you and for what he’s doing through all of you. We also thank him for what he’s doing in you. We are praying that the Lord does impossible things through you for the sake of the gospel. Tanner, Cherish, Cassie, Emily, and Nicole – we love you and miss you, and we can’t wait to hear your stories when you get back.

  • Stacy Foley says:

    Dear Levi and Peru Team:

    Love the Beach pictures! Sounds like Pastor Tito and his Wife have been taking very good care of you. So excited to hear of the continued acceptance of the Gospel everywhere you go. Hard to believe that only Chepen, Truijillo and then Lima are all that is left on your agenda. Glad you have gotten to learn about the Love Languages. This is very valuable.

    Praying for your safety, extra energy and annointing for the days ahead. Can’t wait t see you back on stateside.

    Love, hugs and blessings to all!

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