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Celebrating New Life on Cinco de Mayo

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The last 48 hours have been a wonderful whirlwind.  From bus to plane to plane to bus, in our seventeen hours of travel, God provided smooth sailing, leading to a bountiful day of Jesus ministry.

Eagerly we awoke, ate our scrumptious breakfast made with love by Azalea, our Panamanian cook.  Then, we spent time preparing our hearts for ministry.  By foot we traveled to the streets of Panama City where we soon found ourselves on a street named Cinco de Mayo.

The busy street was lined with countless store fronts which included a mixture of mom and pop stores and chain restaurants.  Many of those working came out of their shops to watch the drama and many came to know Christ. What a privilege it was to see our ministry teams of young men and young women proclaim Christ.

One young lady on our teams eyes were filled with tears as she shared the Gospel.  The moment had finally arrived for her to do what God called her to do here in Panama. 

We performed the drama five times and our final drama was performed at a park that had a scandalous reputation.  The unwanted and broken resided here, but God intervened through ordinary students who pushed back the darkness.  Our students loved on the homeless and gave them Hope.  It was hard for our students to leave and it was hard for the people to let them go as they waved the Gospel tracts as our students left.

Tonight, we started our Man Up and Reign On journey with our young men and women challenging them to rise above the cultural definition of manhood and womanhood to being men and women who love God so much it  determines their present life and future family.  We will share more about this journey as the days progress.

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership,

Mike and Sarah, Country Coordinators

Zach and Mya, Team Directors


*we will post pictures today once we have a better internet connection


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response to Celebrating New Life on Cinco de Mayo

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi from Britain to y’all – great to hear of the good start in Panama – 2 Cor C2 v14 – God is using you to touch lives for eternity, because of your willingness to go and share!

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