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Woodland Acres, Tulsa

The Woodland Acres team is back from their time in the village of Maje, safe and stinky!

The team was able to bond with those in the village, experiencing the locals’ overwhelming hospitality and building relationships. They are excited to get back home to tell you all about what great things God has done in Panama.

In the love of Christ,

Steph and Daniel

Country Coordinators

Wednesday, 24 July 

Today the team had the opportunity of going to the community of Cali. We were able to present the drama to the small church they had built there and are in the process of expanding. Worshiping and praising God with the sun shining down on us, we shared the gospel to many of the people. Seeds were planted and lives were touched. Two team members had the chance to lead the team today and did a fantastic job.Tomorrow we will be heading to the jungles of Maje. There we will be building relationships and loving on the people who live there. We will be gone for three days and we ask and pray for safety. 


Natasha and Daniel

Country Coordinators

(Tuesday, 24 July 2013)

With hearts intentionally prepared for a day of tough ministry in the city of Colon (accent over the second “o;” pronounced like “cologne”), the team entered the first school with anticipation and attitudes of prayer. They worshipped and prayed together on the bus from Panama City to Colon, about an hour with traffic. With the confidence of Christ, the team walked in power. In the Methodist chapel attached to the school, little children in their dark green and white uniforms lined the oaken pews. The dragon roared up the aisle and the kids clapped and cheered along with the music of the sword fights. After the drama, the team broke into groups with the children to discuss the drama and present the gospel. They did this once again after performing the drama for an older group of students. One student sat clasping hands with a team member long after the drama was over; God had done a work in her heart, and she–along with many of her other classmates–were longing for knowledge of the Christ. 

Our God who has all authority over Heaven and Earth deemed it best for our afternoon plans to change. So back on the bus again, the team prayed for God to open the doors of another school for us. Well, he opened the doors of two more (public) schools! The courtyard of the second school stretched in front of the team, white concrete reflecting the sun. Pockets of giggling kids stood before the team, girls twisting skirts about their knees and boys looking tough…if standing behind their friends. Sitting Indian style in the middle of rings of kids, the team’s ministry groups shared their testimonies and the Gospel. After playing with the kids for a while, the team walked across the street to another primary school where children piled in rows on the group floor and leaned over the wall on the second floor to watch the drama. To account for the children above, the team presented a large gospel presentation after the drama, leading the crowd in a prayer of salvation. 

We rejoice in today’s victories over darkness. Continue to pray for the team as they minister in the poor community of Cali. 


Steph and Daniel

Country Coordinators

Monday, 22 July


As the team stepped off the bus this morning, little faces peered out of the slats in the green and yellow concrete walls at one of Panama City’s large public schools. Covered walkways connected several buildings where students fled their desks to gawk at the strangers. The team gathered in the gymnasium, and waited for gym class to end. The administration slowly brought classes of kindergarten, first grade, and second grade students into the gym, filling up the bleachers. After engaging the kids with the wave and some dancing, the team shared their testimonies and performed the drama with enthusiastic crowd participation. The team then walked the students through the story of the gospel and invited them to pray for salvation. (It’s truly a blessing to hear hundreds of tiny voices whisper over tiny clasped hands “Gacias, Dios, por tu amor,” “Thank you, God, for your love”). The students filed out, hugging and high-fiving the team. A small group of older elementary students came next, and gave the drama a similar yet slightly less ear-piercing response. Despite the new restrictions placed on public schools here in Panama, hundreds of students were able to hear about the love of Christ and the personal relationship they are able to have with God through his son.


After lunch, the team boarded the bus en route to the Gamboa rainforest outside the city. A quick boat ride across a lake and the team was cresting the hill in the village of San Antonio. The students took a walking tour through the jungle to see some of the local wildlife, as well as the type of tree used for the cross Walker Moore and a small team are carrying to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in two weeks. In a tender ceremony, the Kilimanjaro mission was prayed over in four languages: Spanish, Embera, Kuna, and English. In a true act of celebration, the women of the village performed a dance for their visitors. Then the members of the village signed a piece of the cross, so Walker can take his Panamanian family with him to the summit.


The day was a day of joy as many hearts were turned to Christ and many others were encouraged in the faith. The team has grown in unity and passion, eager for each step of ministry. Please continue praying for their focus and stamina.


With overwhelming gratitude to God for his faithfulness,


Steph and Daniel


Country Coordinators


This evening we got internet!

Woodland Acres Day 2

Sunday, 21 July 2013


This morning the team joined the congregation at La Comunidad Bible Church, a bilingual gathering of intentional evangelists here in Panama City. We ate lunch after the service then hopped on the bus for a half-hour ride to a community outside the city. Between lush hills and past outlying businesses, the bus bounced along toward a horizon looming dark with clouds.


In the town named San Miguelito is a poor community (“pueblo”or “village”) of indigenous people known as Embera Puru, a source of pride for its members. The kind pastor of the area greeted us on the road just outside the walls of the community and led us inside to a covered pavilion to use as our first drama site. With the help of local children, the team split into groups to walk the streets inviting people to come see the drama. Today is “Children’s Day,” a national holiday in Panama, so the drama was perfect entertainment for young families. Rows of kids sat Indian style at the front of the pavilion, whispering to one another and looking up at the team with big eyes and smiles, a line of adults behind them. After the drama, the team broke into their ministry teams to speak with those in the audience.


The pastor then led us away from the pavilion and down the street to the church—and the whole audience followed us! Behind the church on a small dirt soccer field, the team danced with the children before the drama. They performed once again to a bigger crowd, with a couple of the children joining the People of the Land. As rain began to trickle, the pastor invited everyone into the church. The sky burst forth, and the rain pinged off the tin roof with anger. Inside the four concrete walls, a few members of the team gave their testimonies to the congregation. The pastor thanked God for and prayed over the team. Then we heard the pastor’s struggle: his home has been taken, and for three days he has been homeless. We laid hands on him and prayed for God to restore his home and family. Despite all the trouble the pastor has faced, though, he devotes each moment to glorifying God. He knows the joy of the Lord, and it was inspiring to see it on his face.


Tomorrow the team will head to the beautiful village of Gamboa, an Embera village in the jungle. Please pray for the team’s confidence in sharing the Gospel, as well as divine appointments.

The team made it to Panama City safely and with no luggage lost… miracle number one. With only a few minutes to unpack, the team went straight to work presenting the gospel. Our first place was Cinco De Mayo, the marketplace of Panama City. The team was nervous as they stood at the entrance to the marketplace but when the music started, a crowd gathered and the Holy Spirit took over.

Nervous but with the boldness of the Apostle Paul, they presented the gospel to the crowd that had gathered. At the end, the students went out in team of three to engage the Panamanians with the message of salvation. People began bowing their heads and new brothers and sisters were born into the Kingdom…miracle number two.  We moved further into the marketplace and now with even a greater boldness we presented the gospel a second time and more gave their lives to Christ…miracle number three.

After leaving Tulsa early, flying to Panama, and putting in a day of work, the team was ready for a good home-cooked meal. After a short Bible study, the weary group went to bed without any prompting. Everyone is safe, healthy, and excited to go and do God’s work. We are having an Internet problem and it should be fixed by Monday afternoon, Pray for miracle number four, a good internet connection.


Your Servant,

Walker Moore

President/Founder Awe Star Ministries


Dear Woodland Acres Friends,

I have received word from Walker that the team has arrived and is doing well. I’m sure you will hear from them, but just in case, you can always check this blog and there will be updates and pictures along the way.

Cathy Moore

Awe Star Ministries

Dear Parent, Family, or Friend,

Hello, my name is Chad Thompson. I am the new Vice President of International Operations at Awe Star. I am so excited and ready to experience all that God has planned. Thank you so much for listening to the call of God and sending, supporting, and/or praying for the missionaries as they do the ministry of Jesus. We are praying for growth and divine encounters as they trust in the power of the Holy Spirit. In the weeks to come, you will be able to follow this group as they take the gospel to the lost. Please take every opportunity to get before God and lift up each missionary and team.

Updates Information:

1. Updates are posted MOST days. Some days, due to Internet issues and availability, we’re unable to post updates. Please do not assume something is wrong. We’ll do our best to keep you updated when we possibly can. Pictures take longer to upload, but we’ll  do our best to post as many pictures as we can.

2. You can post comments on pictures and updates. This is a great way to interact with the team.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me anytime.

Excited to hear all of the God Stories,

Chad Thompson