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Warren Baptist in Panama

When we first got to the island, we met a man named Crazy Eddie.  That was his name, well, because he was crazy.  From the beginning of the week, he was telling us that there was some kind of great treasure buried in the San Blas islands.  Every day when we got back, Walker would say, “Crazy Eddie, we didn’t find the treasure today.  Are you sure it’s there?” His response was always “Si! Si!”

Every day, we drew a new map for him, and every day, he assured us that the treasure was on a new island.  This morning at about 6:00, we realized he wasn’t so crazy after all.  There was a treasure in the San Blas islands.  It was buried in the hearts of all of the children whose lives were touched this week by a group of willing witnesses.

I’m pretty sure there was more water from the tears shed by our students and the kids than there was in the ocean.  But the thing is, we didn’t build a building for them to call “church” or give them clean drinking water.  All that stuff passes away.  No, this week, God instilled in the hearts of the people on about a dozen different islands something that will never pass away.  Instead of building them a church, God built His church in them.  Instead of giving them clean drinking water, God gave them water that will cause them to never thirst again.

Walker has always taught us that a changed life changes lives.  There were definitely lives changed here this week.  Your students will not come home the same.  They are on a mission to start a fire in Augusta, Georgia.  I know that no one will keep them down and no one will ever keep this group off of the mission field.  They are like the man in Matthew who sold everything he had to buy the treasure he stumbled upon.

These students would give anything for the treasure they have found.  We are so proud of each one of them as I know all of you are.  I know they will be eager to tell you all of the great things God has done in Kuna Yala, or San Blas.  Your students aren’t “sit-tights.”  They are “spit-tites” who know how to keep their hands dirty.

Jesus did the blood. It’s our job to do the mud.

Daniel, Walker, Charlotte

After an incredible number of days of seeing God work in the lives and hearts of the Kunas as well the students, we had a sorrowful departure this morning. The children lined the pier as we pushed away, and tears flowed on both sides. We are currently going shopping but tonight we will post an update with pictures. Thanks, Warren, for sending an incredible group of students and leaders.

Your Servant,

Walker Moore

Let me tell you what great things God has done today. On one team, we went to an island that had a total of 15 people who knew about Jesus. It’s a police base in a dangerous area where few Americans are ever seen. On top of that, it was kids’ day. This is the equivalent of Mother’s Day, but for kids. What a great day for them to receive the greatest gift of all. Many kids gave their lives to Christ as well as the entire police force located on the island. It was amazing to see how receptive and hungry the people were. People were coming by masses to see the drama, and not a single person left until they talked to someone from our team. The police officers completely abandoned their posts for about an hour to learn more about Jesus. We are praying that more people would come to know the Lord tomorrow.


Daniel, Walker, Charlotte

Let me tell you what great things God has done in Kuna Yala. When one of the teams got to their island, they met another mission group. The other group only had three Bibles and was praying for God to send more. Then God sent us with plenty of Bibles to share with the village. I’ts amazing to see God answer prayers. It’s equally amazing for God to use our team as an answer.

God is really working here in San Blas. On our other team, we had several seeking souls come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. One girl in particular prayed to receive Jesus, then asked to help us translate from Spanish to Kuna. Hopefully tomorrow we will be able to tell you about many more salvations.


Walker, Daniel, Charlotte

Today we traveled to two separate islands to do Jesus ministry. We had the opportunity to partner with the pastor of one of the islands to really share the Gospel. This trip has been unique in that the team has been able to focus primarily on one or two areas. God has used this to help build relationships with the Kuna people on the islands as well as with previously established ministries. After we returned from the islands, the chief surprised us with a command performance. We got word that he would come in ten minutes to see what the drama was all about. He loved the drama and spent some time with our team. Tomorrow we have the same basic plan. We will be splitting up and going to two different islands to do Jesus Ministry. I can’t wait to tell you what great things God has done tomorrow.


Daniel, Walker, Charlotte

Today was a day of acclimation. It was all about the team getting used to the heat and building relationships. They did do one drama today and looked great. We just finished our own small Bible study. Now we are sitting in on the church service here on the island. Tomorrow we will take off after lunch to do the drama on several different islands. Please pray that God would begin giving our students their stories.


Daniel, Walker, Charlotte

We received word a little after 12noon that the team got to the island ok. It may be difficult for them to update but please continue to pray for them and watch to see how God will use them.
Thank you
Awe Star

The team arrived safely this afternoon.  We left the airport and went to see Nivia.  For those of you who don’t know, Nivia has been our cook for the past several years.  She suffered a stroke a few months ago and is still paralyzed on the right half of her body.  We spent awhile worshipping with her before going to Albrook Mall for dinner.  Everyone is safe and excited to head to San Blas in the morning to do some Jesus ministry.  Please pray for a safe and quick journey for us.

Daniel, Walker, Charlotte

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