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Suriname 35-Day 2015

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Greetings friends and family,

Yesterday morning the team got a chance to hear the Captain and some elder’s story of the church. As they explained how the Lord has brought them up and suffered for the spreading of the gospel, we saw how God has purposefully placed them here in Suriname. They have stood the test of persecution and paved the way for us to be able to proclaim the gospel throughout the river villages. We also are beginning to see how we are a part of His plan for Suriname as well. Before creation, God knew we would be here doing His ministry. We were encouraged and ready to do drama ministry that afternoon.

We went to a village called Pikinslee. We did the drama for a Christian school. Many teachers and students were believers but there were some that come from bad homes. There was even a Muslim teacher. Proclaiming the good news meant freedom for as they understood what they’ve heard at school. One student that had never shared the gospel with a big group, proclaimed boldly to an entire group of children. Another student saw a group of woman standing by a fence. The Holy Spirit directed them to where we were. During the drama, this student just prayed that God would speak through her. As she spoke, the words came so naturally and she was able to lead the group of woman to the Lord. Praise God for His perfect timing and His perfect words being done through unworthy people. The women replied, “why would we not want such an amazing gift?”

Our electricity is available at night for a few hours but when the village has no oil, we don’t get electricity. Last night was one of those nights were the electricity wasn’t able to be turned on. That didn’t stop this team from spending time together. We shared stories of God’s faithfulness and learned how to continue to live in harmony as living this closely with so many people can be difficult.

This morning we awoke early to travel for a full day of ministry. We are getting the hang of loading up in a boat quickly and efficiently. Today’s village is Gujaba. It’s one of the largest on the river. We got to a school as they were serving breakfast and got to hang out with the kids for a little while before performing. The students adapted well to unique surroundings. They do this all without complaining! Many came to know the Lord because of the student’s faithfulness to walk boldly with the Truth.

Our quiet time this morning was “For I am not in Control” which describes ministry here in the villages. We never know what the Lord has planned but we are trusting that He is good at all times and works all things out for the good of those that love him.

After lunch and a prayer walk through a different part of the village, we are eagerly anticipating what God is going to do in another school in this village. We have invited and prayed. Join us in prayer for this village. We know impacting this village means impacting thousands of Surinamers.

Due to our lack of resources, we will not be able to contact home until we get back the city. Please accept our deepest apologies. Everyone is healthy and doing well.

With love and prayers,
Chad and Danielle

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Friends and family,

This morning , the team began by eating some eggs together and sharing some coffee and tea. The Captain, or chief of the village, led us around where we are staying. We got to meet some elderly that paved the way in Suriname for us to be able to share the gospel. We also learned how they garden, specifically rice. They work so hard to provide fort their families. This humbles us to be more grateful for what we are blessed with in America. Our main translator educated us on some fruit that is found in the area and we got to pass over the creek where the entire village used to get their water before a pump system was put in.

After some noodles for lunch, we learned to do laundry the Suriname way. This includes, buckets, washboards, lots of soap and muscles as well the Suriname river. Everyone was educated and some laughed at as we smashed the clothes against rocks and scrubbed our stink out of our clothes. The nationals helped us, for which we are grateful, but this may have been because they were tired of our stank. With all of our clothes out to dry, we fellow-shipped and practiced our talents for tonight’s talent show.

With all of this, we fell more in love with the country of Suriname. As we travel to further villages and begin deeper ministry, we know we are going into the battle. We also know, just like the Lord commanded Joshua, we must be strong and courageous. We do not take this charge lightly but go boldly and ready to share the good news.

Tonight we will celebrate the 4th of July with a talent show. Everyone has prepared a talent or two to present. Some include skits, karate, and singing. We look forward to how the Lord grows us even closer as we continue our day of rest before continuing drama ministry.

Thank God for continued unity and health. Please pray fruitful ministry in the villages and that we are fluid to whatever the Lord has planned.

Internet is very slow. We are trying to post pictures. We can only post them small. Larger ones seem to be impossible with what we have found. Please know that everyone is doing great and working so well as a team. We are so proud of the steps of faith that each of them are taking.

With love, Chad and Danielle

Hello family and friends

Wednesday was a long day of travel but well worth it. We traveled 3 hours by bus to the river, then, 2 ½ hours by boat. Singing was heard as we traveled on the boat. We looked up to see a large group of men, women and children clapping their hands and dancing as we pulled up closer. The faith family from Foetoenakaba sang and danced with smiling faces as we arrived at the village. It was amazing to see how they not only welcomed us but were genuinely excited that we have come.

That night, we were asked to sit with the captain and listen as he shared the plan for us to go and proclaim Jesus to the surrounding villages. He said that 15 days is not enough. He introduced many of the elders and pastors that will go out with us as we do ministry. The team got to play with the children of the village and work on the Saramacaan language. (Pray for us in this. It is very difficult)

We woke up, after a great night of sleep in our hammocks, to the sounds of the village. With the sounds of roosters and the busyness of village life, no alarms are needed. The team performed our first gospel presentation to the village school. We had a blast playing and dancing with the students and teachers.

We loaded the boats after lunch and went to our first non-Christian village. We setup at the school and a large crowd was drawn. Students, teachers, and village residents all gathered as the sounds of the drama began to be projected. The Lord moved in power as many surrendered their lives to Christ. Our students saw the power of our God and how we are here to be used in our weaknesses. The name of Jesus is powerful and deserving of all of our praise. This is why we have come. The gospel is the power onto salvation.

Friday morning has already been an encouragement. The team walked to a nearby village (20 minute walk) made up of over 2000 unbelievers. We walked and asked God to move in a mighty way there. We prayed as the darkness was felt all around and seen in the idols positioned throughout the village.  This afternoon we traveled by boat to a close village. The school let all of the students out so that they could come see our presentation. The Lord continued to be faithful, calling many to follow Him with their lives.

We are ready to continue our ministry and see the Lord move in power.

Chad and Danielle

We just received a text message from the team that they have made it safely to the village. Everything is going very well!  The students are playing with the children and learning so say some words in the native languages.  They will post more as soon as they can get settled in.  Thank you for your prayers thus far.  Please continue to pray for the team’s health and spiritual sensitivity as the begin sharing the gospel in the interior of Suriname.  Pray for the Good News to be received with joy!

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Good Evening Blessed Friends and Family,

Thank you for your patience in the unavailability of our internet. We are thankful for all of your prayers! The Lord is doing a mighty work in Suriname and we are humbled to join Him.

As the last day in the city for awhile, we made the most of our time. We awoke early to go to a school and perform a drama for them. We were again, greeted with smiles and treats. Since they spoke English, we were able to do the drama in English and all worship the Lord together through the performing arts. Many students at the school mentioned they were eager to serve in their church more.

We broke off as males and females this afternoon and began our “Reign On” and “Man Up” teachings for the summer. Awe Star Ministries wants to raise up mighty men and woman of God and these lessons throughout the summer will help us see what that means in our own lives even after we return home. The women learned that they are God’s Masterpiece. They have rarity and value. The men discussed how they can set the tone for the whole team and lead as God has called to by challenging one another and by keeping each other accountable.

This evening we were able to attend a church service where we are becoming like family. We so enjoy being able to worship with our brothers and sisters as one family without restrictions on how we worship.

Continue to thank God for growing unity. Please pray as we journey to the interior of Suriname early tomorrow morning. Just like God gave Moses the 10 Commandments, we have been instructed to go into an nearly unreached people group. We look forward to sharing all the great things God does!

With much love,

Chad and Danielle

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Today was a great day as we were all reunited as one team again. We woke up to a nice breakfast including bread, butter, jam, peanut butter, and coffee before heading off to church. As we were there we were given the opportunity to perform the drama for the very first time, and oh was it exciting! As shown in the pictures below, it was a very interesting service with multiple interpretive dancers. It was a new experience for us all and intriguing to see another countries worship service. After that we sat down for a nice fellowship with a few of the elders from the church. The church provided a wonderful lunch of fried rice, chicken, and cucumbers with a nice glass of orange juice to top it off.

On the way back from church we had the opportunity to look through and discuss our quiet time together as a team. Through the quiet time “I am Not my Own” by the lovely Mrs. Marti Pieper, we were able to have many Godly discussions that spurred from the passage in 1 Corinthians 6.

The whole time that we have been here, the Bible school we are staying at has provided so much for us. Just as God provided Manna for the Israelites while they were lost in the desert, the Lord has used the Bible school to provide so much for us such as food, housing, and so much more.

God is so good and we cannot wait to see what else He has in store for our team as the summer is only just beginning. Please be in prayer as we prepare for our first full day of ministry tomorrow. We cannot wait the see what the Lord has in store.

Our internet connection has hit and miss.  We will be doing the best that we can to post pictures.

Monday- Today we got to go to the market and to a drug rehab. We had great ministry and the team is doing really well. We just finished a service for a church across the street from where we are staying. We had such an amazing but tiring day.

For His Kingdom,

Tyler & Crystal  (TDs)

GROUP 2 has landed in Suriname!

Everyone is doing really well. We are excited about all that the Lord has planned.

Group 1 got to get started with ministry today. They were able to lead a youth service that was made up of 6 different churches. There were around 90-100 people. We had most of this group stand on stage and either share their testimony or share from the word of God.

We challenged and encouraged the believers to be obedient to the commands of Christ. I am pretty sure  that we received the greater  encouragememt by the worship and praise that we got to participate in.

Tomorrow the team will perform the drama and preach the message at a very large church in the city. We are praying that God will use this time to strengthen the believers. We will start public ministry by Monday.

Chad and Danielle


Group 1 has made it to Suriname! We have been very blessed with an overwhelming hospitality. Everyone got a great night sleep and will be getting things ready for ministry.

We will have an amazing opportunity to lead a youth service tonight at 7pm. Many different churches will come together and worship together. Our students will get to encourage the believers and share about the great things that God is doing.

We are anxiously waiting for group 2 to join us here in Suriname. They will be flying out of Miami tonight at 5:30pm. Will you join us in asking the Lord to pour out His Spirit here in Suriname? Also we will be praying for safe travel and a person of peace at every turn.

From here in Suriname,


Hello friends and family. Group 1 has made it on the plane headed to Suriname. The team is doing well. We will get some rest on the plane and look forward to seeing the country when our Father turns on the lights.

Today (Friday) we all woke up and spent some time before the throne. We were reminded in this morning’s quiet time that we are not weak. Too many times we see weakness as a problem but God wants to use it to bring glory to Himself.

We received such a blessing today when Pastor Lyndol Williams came and encouraged us this morning after breakfast. He shared about how the Lord has been working in Suriname. Brother Williams told us many stories that greatly excited our team about the powerful possibilities and openness of the Gospel. He has served as a missionary in Suriname for over 30 years. He gave us great insight and helped each of us feel more prepared for the task ahead.  He taught us some greetings in Saramaccaan and in Sranan Tongo that we cannot wait to use.

Brother Lyndol prayed for us in the Suriname language. While listening to the language, we couldn’t help but look forward to the day when every tribe, nation, and tongue are gathered together before the throne of God.

Tomorrow (Saturday) Group 1 will be getting things ready in Suriname so that when we are a complete team again, we will be able to hit the ground running on Sunday.

Please be praying as we travel. We are looking for devine encounters at every turn. Group 2 will be flying out of Miami tomorrow at 5:30pm.

Country Coordinators,

Chad and Danielle

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As God’s chosen people, we have been given a great responsibility to follow and be obedient to all that He has called us to do. With that said, we must trust His plan and be ready to realign our plans to His.

The team is safe and sound in Miami. We will stay the night here and get some much needed rest. Today has been filled with travel and time getting to know each other better. We were able to take a shuttle to Miami Beach today. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed some time hanging out. For at least one of our team members, today was their first time to ever see the ocean.

Today proved to be a confirmation that God is in control and that He has placed us exactly where He wants us. A few of our missionaries were able to have some great conversations with people on the airplane and in the airports. The gospel was shared and many were encouraged. We are praying for more opportunities to Make His name great.

Tomorrow the teams will get to meet and hear from Lyndol Williams. Brother Lyndol has been a missionary to Suriname for many years. He is currently living in Miami and will be coming tomorrow to share with our team. He will be able to answer cultural questions and speak to us about the history of the Saramaccaan people group. He has been used in mighty ways over the years and was one of the first to reach out to this group. We are really looking forward to hearing about all that God has been doing.

The first group will be leaving Miami and flying to Suriname at 3:15pm tomorrow. Group 2 will be seeking opportunities to make Christ known here in Miami and will be Flying out Saturday at 3:15pm.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. They are definitely being felt.

Chad and Danielle