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Suriname 2016

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And now, with the evening news, we come to you live from Paramaribo!

Today was an awesome day! After a hearty breakfast of egg sandwiches, the team went to a local school where we presented two dramas. The first one was for younger kids at the school, the second was for the older kids.
Not only did over 150 people hear the message of the Gospel, but a national television station for Suriname showed up to record our drama and interview us! All glory to God! We were on ATV, during the evening news. The Awe Star ministries Facebook page has been tagged in a video of the broadcast! We pray that God uses this to move obstacles, to plant many seeds, and to open the doors that we might life His name high in this city!

After a PB&J lunch, the team headed out to a local mall to see who we could find! The first stop proved unfruitful, as not very many people were out shopping. However, the team did get to drive in old Paramaribo, including by the President of Paramaribo’s mansion.

We headed to a second mall, which had many more people at it. We played a few songs to attract a crowd, and then shared the Gospel! We were able to pray for and encourage many there!

We ended the night with a great night of worship and testimonies. The team continues to get closer together and walking as one body in Christ!

Pray that God would continue to open doors and use our team to lift up His name and proclaim His Lordship in Suriname! Please continue to lift up our team that we would walk in the power of the Spirit and in love for one another.
Signing off from the Bible College,
Jacey & Caitlyn

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This is the day that the Lord has made!
We hope you all have had a wonderful Sunday! After breakfast, our team headed out to a local church where we had the privilege of joining them in worship. Our team then presented the drama, and Jacey gave a short message.

The church service lasted three hours, and then we all went to the riverside where we presented the Gospel to those who had come out to enjoy their Sunday afternoon. Many seeds were planted!

The students all called home this evening and then we had a time of fellowship and worship. We are all feeling rejuvenated and ready to start ministry again tomorrow!

Please continue to lift our team up in prayer as we walk in the power of the Spirit and seek to find where God is leading us! Pray for continued good health, and that many seeking souls would be encountered tomorrow!

Your C.C’s
Jacey & Caitlyn

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Good evening friends & family!

What an awesome time of ministry we had in Paramaribo today! The team started off with a wonderful breakfast, prepared by some of the awesome students at Hebron Bible College. Not only are these ladies preparing and serving us food, but they are also traveling with us as translators. God has blessed us with their willing service.
As we entered the city, we began to take in its sights, smells, and sounds. Many people were out shopping at the local marketplaces, so we found a few spots to present the drama there. Our students preached the Gospel and many accepted Christ as their Savior. Praise the Lord!

The marketplace ministry took all morning, after which we had the Awe Star traditional lunch of PB&J. We then went to a Christian drug rehab center where we were able to be blessed and to encourage the men there who are overcoming by the power of God. Please say a pray for those men and that ministry.

After the rehab center, we went to a local church. Our students were asked to walk the neighborhood surrounding the church to present the Gospel, and they did so boldly. Several people were led to new life in the Lord.

For our final activity, we went to church of the assistant principal of the Bible college. We joined in a time of worship with the local believers, presented the drama, and drew strength from their encouragement. We prayed for them in return, and then headed back to the Bible college for a well-deserved dinner.

Please continue to lift up our team as we minister to the people of Suriname. Pray that God would go before us and open hearts to be receptive. Pray for the continued health of our students, and that God would do a mighty work in and through us.

From Suriname,

Jacey & Caitlyn

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Hallo van Paramaribo!

We have all arrived safely at the Hebron Bible College outside of Paramaribo. We have spent the past day getting rested and ready for the ministry that starts in the city tomorrow!

The team had an excellent day travelling on the 23rd. All of our luggage arrived and we had smooth sailing all the way from Dallas to Paramaribo with no hang-ups or delays! We appreciate your prayers for that on our behalf and praise God that He provided many people of peace!

After brunch, we spent time prayerwalking around the Bible college and touring it at the same time. We are all very excited to stay in this beautiful place. The students and faculty here have been so warm and welcoming. We thank the Lord for their hearts and obedience!

After some rest time, the students had dinner, worship, and a time of teaching. We were all challenged to place our trust in the Lord, in His purposes, in His plan, and in His knowledge for this summer.

We ask that you continue to go before the Lord on our behalf and lift up our team that we might bring down the strongholds of darkness within this place. We ask that pray for continued good health, for energy, and that God would continue to teach us to walk in His way.

Uw Land Coӧrdinatoren

Jacey and Caitlyn

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Good evening friends and family!

Your students had a long, but awesome, day today! They spent almost the whole time after breakfast getting their costumes and perfecting their parts in the drama.

They did a great job! We (Jacey, Caitlyn, Steen, and Megan). Your (Country Coordinators and Team Directors) cannot wait to see how God uses their hard work to advance His Kingdom and bring the Gospel to the nation of Suriname!

We are praying for and expecting great things from this team! They continue to learn to walk together in love one for another, to work hard despite the warm weather, and cannot wait to go to Suriname!

Our team departs for the airport at 3:30AM. Because tomorrow is a travel day, we might be out of contact until the 24th or 25th, depending on how internet service is in Suriname. We will let you all know as soon as possible that we have arrived safely! We are all ready to be in Suriname!

Please continue to lift us up as we travel, that God would prepare the way for our team, that He would draw us close to Him, that we would be empowered by His Spirit, that the nation of Suriname would not be the same because we walked in obedience to God, and that God would do a life-changing work in the lives of our students!

With joy and great expectation,

Jacey & Caitlyn


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Greetings from ASU!

The team had an excellent day! This morning kicked off with breakfast, followed by a teaching about how our authority comes from God, and that we must learn to trust in Him for that!

After the teaching, the ladies and the guys split up. The ladies were challenged to become women of God this summer and Reign On, while the men were called to become men of God this summer and Man Up!

The team headed to a wonderful lunch, and then on to drama training! Even though it was a little warm at times, the team persevered and learned all of the parts of the drama. Tomorrow, we will put the whole thing together and prepare for departure to Suriname!

All of our team members are doing great and are excited to see how God is going to move this summer! We, (Caitlyn, Jacey, Megan, and Steen) are praying for and expecting that God will do a mighty work in the nation of Suriname, and in the lives of our students.

Tonight, Walker will be talking about the three voices, and how we must listen to the voice of God in order to have life.

Please continue to pray for the team’s health and safety, pray that God would go before us to prepare the way, pray that He would continue to bind us together in love, and pray that the nation of Suriname would be changed as we walk in obedience to the Lord.

Regards, Your Country Coordinators

Jacey & Caitlyn

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Hello from Dallas!

Today the team began with a wonderful breakfast, followed immediately by worship, and then a teaching on the Jesus that our team needs to trust with their lives this summer and beyond. We learned that we don’t need the Santa Claus Jesus, we don’t need the Hipster Jesus, but we need the Lord Jesus. The Lord Jesus can take care of the things in our lives and we can trust Him to do what He promised!

After lunch, the team was cast into their roles in the drama for the summer and began to learn their parts! They did an excellent job, and we look forward to how God will use them in Suriname this summer!

After dinner, the students learned how to S.H.A.R.R.E the Gospel: Sin separates, He loves us, A way has been provided, Repent/Receive, and Encourage. This is a tool that they will use to share the Good News with the people of Suriname this summer!

They are all beginning the process of bonding together and learning to walk together in love and unity. We ask that you would continue to pray for their health, for our upcoming travel, that the team would continue to grow in unity and love, and that we would walk in the Spirit of God in a mighty way!

Your CCs,

Jacey & Caitlyn

Happy Father’s Day!

We are all now safely in Dallas and have enjoyed our time getting to know one another! Over the past week the leadership teams have been busy learning everything from first aid and CPR to how to be servant leaders this summer!

We have had an incredible time learning from Walker, Peggy, and many others as they shared their wisdom with us. We are excited and ready to take the gospel to Suriname!

This morning we had a time of worship and then had a teaching on being a keeper this summer, which came from 1 Samuel 17. In that passage we see that when David went out to fight Goliath, he left the sheep to a person the Bible names as the keeper. We are all focused on being the keeper from our team, giving all glory to God, and letting Him be our keeper for the things in our lives.

We are all doing great and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our team! We cannot be more excited about what God is going to do in and through us in the country of Suriname this summer!

Please be praying for safety in travel, strength, patience, and that we would unite together in love as a team that we might walk in the power of the Spirit this summer!

Your Country Coordinators,

Jacey & Caitlyn


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We are getting close to the time to head to Suriname and we are excited to see what all the Lord is going to do. However there are some things that we need you to do…..

First thing is PRAY!

Pray for the students as they finish up their fundraising, prepare physically and spiritually.  Pray for team unity and that they walk in God’s power. Pray for the people they will come in contact with that God would open their eyes and hearts to what He wants to show them. Pray for the people they will be working with.

Second thing is encourage others to join!

Share with others how they can be a part by joining in prayer and following the blog. Post stories on your Facebook or through email.

The leadership or the office will try everyday to post about what is happening in Suriname, as well as pictures. Please be patient, the internet is not always great where the team is, the leadership and staff are doing their best to keep you updated.

You can also reply to the posts by clicking on that day’s title and scrolling down.  Please remember to keep it positive!

If you have any questions please contact our office 1-800-Awe-Star