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Suriname 2016

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Hello friends & family,

Today we performed our last drama at a church service, in the town of Brownsweg. The team poured their hearts into the presentation and had a blast. We are all excited about what the Lord has done in and through this team, and we cannot wait to come home so that we might tell you of the great things God has done!

We leave for the airport at 5 a.m tomorrow and will be travelling all day. We will do our best to keep you informed of the whereabouts of the team via text alerts.

Please lift us up as we travel, that God would place men and women of peace in our path, and that He would even provide seeking souls so that we might have more divine encounters!

Please continue to lift this place and the ministry here up in prayer.

What an awesome summer we have had in Suriname. We serve an awesome God.

See you soon!

Jacey & Caitlyn

Hello everyone!

The team had a good day of shopping inside of Paramaribo today. We also had a good end-of-trip dinner at a local restaurant. We discussed our ManUp and ReignOn lessons, which the students have done over the course of the trip, and we reflected on all of the great things that God has done in and through this team.

We have one more drama tomorrow at a local church. Please continue to lift u up in prayer as we complete our final day of ministry in Suriname and begin to travel back to the States!

All For the Glory of God,

Jacey & Caitlyn

Hello all!

We had a great day of fellowship and rest at Hebron Bible College. We had plans to perform a drama near the school this evening, but a thunderstorm rolled in and cancelled the evening’s events.

We will be heading into Paramaribo for a day of shopping tomorrow!

Please continue to lift us up in your prayers!

He is Worthy,

Jacey & Caitlyn

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Good Morning!

We apologize once again for the lack of updates. We do not have easy access to Wi-Fi in most places in Suriname. We arrived safely back at Hebron Bible College late last night and are enjoying some much-needed rest time today!

Over the past three days the team headed to the east of the country, staying one night in Moengo, then taking a day trip to the border town of Albina. In both cities we partnered with a local church and were able to bring the gospel to many people.

In Albina, the team performed the drama four times: once in the morning for a school, twice by the river which forms the border between Suriname and French Guiana and once for a local church.

One of the drama spots was on a prime piece of river-front property, directly in front of a supermarket and boat filling station. The team performed the drama and then went out to explain it to the people. The local youth helped translate, and several people found new life in Christ.

We were once again encouraged that the local church, and especially the local youth, boldly stepped out and brought the gospel to their community. We were able to be a part of and witness how we are all united under the lordship of one God, united by one Spirit, and drawn together by a common purpose, which is the purpose of Christ!

As our time draws to a close here in Suriname, we can definitely see the hand of God at work in and through this team; we expect Him to continue to move while we are gone. Please be in prayer for the nation of Suriname, that God would bring missionaries and local believers alongside those who have a new-found faith in Christ. Pray that He would bless and multiply the local ministries here, so that many would hear of the love of Christ.

Pray for the team, that we would remain focused to the end. Pray that God would continue to work in a mighty way in and through us. He is not finished with us yet!

Your CCs,

Jacey & Caitlyn

The team had an awesome day of ministry in Moengo yesterday! We got to present the gospel to the local community, and many came to know Jesus as their Savior! Many of the local Surinamese youth came out to help translate, and we were able to experience how God unites people in a common cause, giving glory to the Creator of all.  The team is excited about sharing with you the incredible stories of what God is doing in Suriname. We will have Internet tonight, so we will post pictures and an extended update tomorrow morning. Continue to pray that we will end strong and have a safe journey back to the USA.

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Hello friends & family!

We have all safely returned from our stay in the jungle! We are all happy, healthy, and taking some much-needed rest at Hebron Bible College. We apologize for the break in updates, but none of the villages that we visited had Wi-Fi. In fact, the majority of them do not even have consistent electricity! The only source of power in the jungle is from a generator, and we only had electricity for about three hours per night, from 7 – 10 p.m.

What an amazing time we have had! Our base camp was made in a village called Foetoenakaba (which the locals shorten to and pronounce as “Futana”). The story of this village is in itself an amazing testament to the power and working of God. You will have to ask your students to tell you the story of Paul Anake when they return!

From this village, which has recently built living quarters, kitchen, and a nice church, we advanced into the interior and brought the Light! We took a boat all up and down the river, going as far south as Godo. In all, we visited over 16 villages along the Suriname River, bringing the good news of the gospel to thousands. Many people over the course of the past ten days have found new life, purpose, and liberation in Christ!

In one village in particular, we were given the opportunity to present the gospel at a local “community center.” We arrived at the appointed time of 5:30 p.m. to begin our drama presentation, but we were told we had to “wait and see” because some of the local people were still busy praying inside a local “temple” that housed some idols. Worship of different spirits and even ancestors is prevalent in this area.

We were finally given permission to present the drama by the local village chief and his advisor. Until that time, we were waiting near the river, and even though all we were doing was sitting around and praying and singing, a crowd of over one hundred people had gathered! If they had waited any longer to allow us to come in, the village would have come to us!

After our presentation, our students went out and began talking with the people about the meaning of the drama and about the Lord who wants to have a relationship with us. One of our ministry teams approached the village chief and his advisor in order to present the gospel. After explaining it, the team leader asked if the chief would like to accept Christ as his Savior. The village chief said yes! Not only that, but his advisor did as well! Please pray for these men that God would send someone to disciple them. Pray that through them the darkness would be lifted and the people in that village would have a church established!

Our time in the interior has been one of advancing the Kingdom of God where the enemy yet reigns. We have made progress, but there is still so much to do. Most villages do not have a church, and some do not even have any local believers.

Please pray for this place, that God would raise up missionaries to send here. Pray that God would place people of peace so that the gospel can be freely proclaimed. Pray that the people here would know the peace of God in their lives and the freedom that He brings.

Please continue to lift our team up as we finish our last week in Suriname. The time has flown by! Even though we are soon to leave, God still has things to accomplish in and through us. Pray that we would continue to love one another and to walk in obedience to the calling that God has placed in our lives. Pray for our continued good health and that God would continue to use us in a mighty way.

Recently Returned,

Jacey & Caitlyn

We have heard from the Suriname Team. “We have moved down the river to the next place we are staying until July 12. We did the drama twice in this village, and we have seen around 20 people come to Christ today! On July 12, we will be moving back to the city and will have telephone and Wi-Fi. Everyone is doing well and this team is working hard to serve the Lord. Keep on praying for the gospel to spread throughout this part of the world. We will have pictures and more details of our journey in a few days.”

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The Awe Star office has heard from the Suriname team that the ministry in Suriname is going very well. All of them are healthy and doing fine. They spent a lot of time yesterday traveling up the river and doing Jesus ministry. Today they had a great time with the Lord. They asked us to pray with them for some of the village members who lost a loved one.They have been doing the drama in several schools as well as in the village. God is working. Please keep praying for the message of salvation to continue going forth.

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Hello friends and family!

We began today thinking that our only activity would be preparing for the jungle, but God opened the door for us to go to a high school at the last minute! As John was on the way to pick us up, a local school director called him and asked if we would be available (which, of course, we were!). We were given a 30-minute slot to present our drama in between other performances in what appeared to be a talent show competition, and God used that to plant many seeds. Praise Him for the opportunity!

After the school, we had an excellent day of purchasing food, packing, and preparing for our time in the interior. For the next ten days we will be using the village of Futana as our basecamp and will be taking boats up and down the Suriname River to visit many different villages. We are all doing well and extremely excited to begin this part of our ministry here!

Because we will be staying out in the jungle, access to WiFi will be nonexistent. We will try to post updates and photos, but we do not expect to be able to. However, we should be able to get a few text messages through to let you all know that things are going well.

Please continue to pray for our safety, pray that God would open many doors for the advance of the gospel among the native peoples, and pray that God would continue to use our team to do a mighty work.

Signing off from Suriname,
Jacey & Caitlyn

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Apologies for the interruption in coverage…

We have found some good WiFi and are back! Yesterday the team visited several schools where we were able to present the Gospel and encourage local believers. After visiting the first school, the team went on a prayer walk around Brokopondo and asked that God would do a mighty work in that place.

Brokopondo is the area where our country contact, John, is from. After the first school and the prayer walk around Brokopondo proper, we went to the second school were we once again brought the Good News of Jesus Christ. Many seeds were planted and the teachers were extremely grateful for our visit.

John then drove us to his house and village, where we once again asked for God to move and to break the strongholds of darkness in this nation. We asked that God would bring many to know Him.

We took a break at John’s church in the afternoon, and the local ladies graciously fed us! After the needed rest, the team presented the drama for John’s church and encouraged the believers there to continue growing in their faith.

Today, the team once again had the opportunity to go to several local schools to present the Gospel! Several people were brought into the Kingdom today! Praise the Lord!

We also went on another prayer walk near the school, and then stopped at a local church for lunch. The ladies had prepared a meal of fried plaintains, cucumbers, and fish. It was delicious!

The team is doing great and cannot wait to continue the ministry here in Suriname! We are going to be packing up tomorrow and doing some shopping for food before heading to the interior. Our access to WiFi will be extremely limited, if not non-existent. Please bear with us. We will likely be able to send the Awe Star office a text every day or every other day to let you all know that everything is going well!

Please continue to lift us up to God, that His hand would be on us, that He would prepare the way before us, that the travel to the interior would go smoothly, and that the team would continue to walk in the power of the Spirit and in unity.

Country Coordinators,

Jacey & Caitlyn