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Spring Break Mexico 2013

As the teams awoke this morning it was a biter sweet day. All were so excited to get back out and do ministry, but in the back of our minds we knew soon we would be packing up to head home. After a nice breakfast the teams loaded up to have another day of Jesus Ministry.

One of the teams went into an area where a new mission is going to be started. As the team went out to invite, a crowd of young children followed them. They were so excited to see what would happen. Soon followed their parents to see why their kids were so excited. Let me tell you what happened, Salvation! Many of the mothers came to know Christ. Ooo how our God reigns!!!

The other team got to spend some time engageing with the culture as they helped a group of children make kites. Joy filled the students and the childrens faces as they were able to spend some time together. For the last drama of the week both teams came together as one sat and watched the other presented. At the end it was a sight to see as Americans flooded the street making sure every one was spoken to. Once again salvation reigned!

Soon we will start the long trip home, but the journey continues. You see just because we leave here doesn’t mean we stop sharing. So please be in prayer as we travel tomorrow that we would have a safe trip and that we would continue to see people as Christ sees them and share Christ’s love with them. Please also pray that as we return to school, work and to our families we would continue to share the love of Christ with everyone. We look forward to returning home and sharing with you the great things God has done here in Piedras Negras!

There has been a cool morning wind to chase away the heat of Mexico. For most of us, it is welcome, though I know there are several who prefer the heat.

We are most thankful that the Spirit of the Lord breathes freshness into each of our lives in a similar way. The teams are out doing Jesus’ ministry right now, and seeking to lead many into a place where they can be refreshed in this life.

We had teaching this morning, reminding us of our need to have compassion for the lost. Many of us say we do, but few of us demontrate with action. We are learning that what we practice on the field needs to be translated back at home. The students have new confidence in their ability to step out of their places of ease, to engage for their Savior!

After breakfast, each team headed out to ministry. They will be back for lunch and they we will have dinner at another church, tonight. We have found a rhythm that works here, and we are enjoying His presence.

Tomorrow will be our last day of ministry and our last update. Please pray we finish strong, that we do not get weary, and that we remain surrendered for the duration. Please pray for safe travel as well. We miss you, and will see you soon!

Brent Higgins CC

Another amazing day serving our Savior! The two teams completed 10 dramas today, before hundreds of people. The result is that there are just so many new brothers and sisters in Christ who have now been connected to local churches are will be part of new church plants! We praise God for His amazing Grace!

The teams arose, shared breakfast, then headed their separate ways. Both headed to schools initially, both encountered horseback riders and witnessed to them, and both came back with incredible stories of how the Lord overcame difficult circomstances, to win new souls for His glory!

Our students have really slipped into ministry minded mode.  They understand what it means to be a willing witness. They understand the need to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him. They are doing these things now. Its amazing what He can accomplish in our lives when we put away our routines, and just serve.

Another church hosted us for dinner, with more amazing food! We had soft shell tortillas with beans, rice and cake! Well, we didn’t put the cake in the tacos, but we did have cake. We are spoiled with this authentic Mexican food.

We are so excited about all He is doing in us and through us. We look forward to telling you the stories in person.

Please pray that we finish strong, remain healthy, and serve Him with our all. We’ll see you before you know it (and we don’t want to leave!).

Brent Higgins CC

You know you should really be here! Sometimes words don’t begin to paint the appropriate picture! We have experienced one amazing day. He has been so faithful to draw so many to Him!

‘Team Cathy’ began in a public school. By the time they left, it was a Christian School! So many students came for ward and accepted Christ as their Savior! “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few’,” we praise the Lord of the harvest! They had multiple ministry opportunities as this school, and He just kept them coming to His feet! Thanks for your prayer support!

‘Team Walker’ also saw many come to Him! They began in a plaza. Few were present until the ministry began. Then many came by. We saw Him begin a work that would continue through the day. The next site was a mission where children were being fed. A man came by who was at his breaking point. He had been deported from the USA. His mohter had moved him there at his age of 7. She had applied for legal paperwork in 2000. He graduated from high school and started his own business. A routine traffic stop resulted in his deportation, as his case had drug out. His wife and five daughters were left behind in Dallas. He has no family here. However, he had a date with a Holy God who reached out and save his soul! He met with the pastor, was encouraged, and left with a hopeful heart!

Praise God!

The final site was out in the countryside. Men on horseback came by as ministry unfolded. So many came to this oasis. So many divine encounters! So many new believers!

How amazing is our God!

When ministry was complete a local church hosted us for an unbelievable dinner. Oh my are we enjoying this food! The team is healthy, happy and right now are in teaching.

Please pray for continued stamina, health, and unity! We are so thankful that you are lifting us up! We feel your prayer support! God Bless!

Brent Higgins CC

Our first day of ministry was not without challenges; however, our students were prepared and overcame anything that the enemy threw at them. One of our teams had no translator, so one of our members met the challenge and trried to do her best. Her best was filled with the Holy Spirit and she did beautifully! Salvation came to many as a result!

Students who are here for their first time were anxious to get busy. And they did! They did not hesitate or let the language barrier be an issue. They forged ahead in doing their best to speak a language they do not know, and made clear His desires and sacrifice. The result was that many came to know Jesus today!

We could not be more proud of the efforts of these two teams. They worked in 95+ degree temperatures, and did not complain. They are learning from the teachings. Today was on the Awe Factors. We could see them assimliate the teaching and immediately begin to use them. What incredible students!

They will have so much to tell you! Thank you for your continued prayer support.

They ate nachos for dinner. Huge plates full! Nachos originated here in Piedras Negras, so they are well prepared. We loved them! And yes, we are very full AGAIN! (We know you are jealous!)

Tonight, Walker and Cathy Moore surprised the teams and flew down to spend time with us!!! What a great day!

Please pray for continued great attitudes and health. Ask the Lord to continue to draw in a harvest as your loved ones spend themselves for His kingdom! Thank you so much!

Brent Higgins CC

What an incredible God we serve!

The teams are doing wonderfully! Today, they were challenged with a Rite of Passage story complete with the opportunity to take on a significant task and to begin to walk through life as adults. Many responded and are now walking fully surrendered. It was  a great morning!

Next, they headed out into the pleasant sun and chill of a cool Mexican morning. It would heat up quickly, but it didn’t dampen the spirits of these two teams. They have worked hard all day in learning the details of the vehicle they will use to share Christ with Piedres Negras and the surrounding communities.

Leadership met with the local pastors and got the schedules set for the week. Excitement among the studetns is at a high level as they are excited to begin ministry in the morning.

We have eaten well today, but most exciting was our tamale dinner hosted by a nearby church. We ate until we were overfull! Everyone left happy and ready to tackle the evening. When we arrived back at our base, we began to polish our drama in preparation for tomorrows first full day of ministry.

Please pray for the students as they work outside of their comfort zones to share Christ. Pray for ever increasing unity among the teams as they continue to get to know each other! Pray for continued rest and hydration as we face the heat of this land while being loved on by her people. We are so very thankful!

Brent Higgins CC

After a long journey the team has crossed safely over into Piedras Niegras. The excitement was building all day long as the students worked on their testimonies and learn how to share the gospel. Pray for the team as they prepare to learn the drama “Freedom”…pray for the harvest.

Walker Moore

Well here we are, just a day or so before we leave on our journey to Piedras Negras! We have a team of 55 heading south to share the Gospel with those in the border town across from Eagle Pass, Texas. We are very excited about our opportunity and cannot wait to see what he Lord has in store! We will spend time studying the Word, training, teaching, praying and in fellowship! Please lift this team up as we go, and remember us throughout the week. We want to see Him move in power, and are anxious to be conduits of change from darkness to Light!

It’s about to happen!!!


Brent Higgins

Country Coordinator

Don’t forget to be at the Awe Star office at 4:00 AM to head to Mexico.