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Peru 35-Day

The Peru team arrived in Lima at about 10am. They will be leaving Peru late tonight and will be back in the USA tomorrow right after lunch. Be praying that God will use them as they travel. Can’t wait to see them and hear about what the Lord has done.

Awe Star Staff

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Hello to all our brothers and sisters in Christ,

Today has been a wonderful day of ministry and we are so energized by the Lord. We began our day with a time of affirmation. What this means is that we were able to begin affirming our fellow teammates and sharing with them the godly characteristics we see in them. This is such a meaningful time and it sparks so much growth and encouragement. We were not able to finish affirming everyone so we will be doing some more in the morning.

After affirmation time, we traveled to the Baptist church we are working with here in Chepen. This was such a fun time as we were able to play with the children and get to know some of the adults a little better. We were even able to do the drama outside of their church which, as usual, attracted more people and thus opened up more opportunities to share the gospel. One of our team members was able to minister to a teenage boy who watched the drama from a second-floor window. Ministering to someone who is standing on the second floor of a building is sometimes challenging, but this time the Lord moved and it was amazing to watch. This young man’s eyes were opened to the truth and he began a relationship with Christ today.

After this drama we went to a nearby plaza that was full of people who were enjoying the beautiful Sunday evening and began proclaiming the Gospel to them. We have been praying that the Lord would work through us and that His Spirit would be evident in our lives, and he has answered these prayers so far. As one of the students began speaking to a group of people, they told her they were Catholic and they wanted to know the difference between what they believed and what we believed. While she was talking, the Lord began to move and He allowed her to speak Spanish in a way that the people understood very clearly. She was aware of what she was saying, but she did not quite understand how she was able to say it in Spanish. This was definitely the Spirit working because the group of people wanted to know about a relationship with Christ and they got to hear the truth which caused them to surrender their hearts to the Lord. Another group felt the Lord tugging their hearts to go and talk to a particular lady and their next heartbeat was a heartbeat of obedience. As they were talking to this lady, more and more people began showing up and they all wanted to ask Christ to be the Lord of their life. This brought so much joy and we were excited to see the Spirit at work.

All we can do is stand in Awe as we think about all that the Lord has done on this trip, and we cannot wait to share all the stories He has given us. We know that we are unworthy of sharing His message, but He chooses us anyway and we are so thankful. Today was our last full day in Chepen, and it was a powerful way to end our stay here. Tomorrow, we will begin our journey back to the airport in Lima. It is crazy to realize that it is already time to go back! We will be stopping in Trujillo to eat dinner tomorrow night, and then our next stop will be Lima. Please pray for safe travel and for people of peace to be placed in our path. Thank you for all you do.


Tanner and Cherish

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The Lord continues to amaze us by giving us more joy every day. Our team has been constantly growing in unity which allows us to be better ministers of the gospel. The Bible says that they will know we are his disciples by the love we have for one another and we are seeing this reign true. Today we did the drama in a small park area where very few people were present. However, after engaging with the people in the surrounding areas and asking them to come watch, we soon had a good size crowd and the Lord was at work. Two people at this site spoke English which opened up the opportunity for us to share the gospel with them and to encourage them to follow Christ. One of them was a Catholic but was very open to what we had to say. Please pray that the Lord will water the seeds that were planted and that He would open this woman’s eyes to see and to follow the truth.

At another site, we met a woman who worked at a large church in the area. She asked us to come and do the drama at her church, which presented the opportunity for more ministry! At this same site, a group of us were able to talk to two young men and teach them about the cost of following Christ. After the conversation, these two young men asked Jesus to come and be in their hearts. Praise the Lord that He is opening hearts and changing lives!

As the day progressed, our team continued to get more joyful. At our last drama site, we were engaging with the people and our joy spread through the crowd. The Spirit was definitely moving at this site, and we were walking in power. One student expressed how amazing it was that she was able to have a full conversation with a lady even though one was speaking English and the other was speaking Spanish. She said that they both understood each other very well and were able to say all that they wanted to say. Some of us were actually praying today that they Lord would move among us and allow us to communicate better with the Peruvian people. The Lord heard our prayers and his Spirit took over! At this same site, another student experienced the power of the Holy Spirit as he was able to share the gospel in a way he had never shared it before and was able to truly impact someone’s life. The Lord is definitely answering prayers and allowing us to walk in His authority and power.

We do not have very many days of drama ministry left so please continue to pray that we will pour ourselves out. Also be praying for people of peace in the bus stations and airports as we travel. We know that the Lord is faithful and He will provide for us so we are not worried about this, but please keep us in your prayers.


–          Tanner and Cherish

Greetings from Chepen,
We are continuing to see the Lord break down walls here in Peru. The people are usually very open to what we have to say, and they are very interested in the gospel. This morning we started off the day by doing a drama in the plaza. To our surprise, there was already a large group of people there when we showed up. We were able to go out and minster to them and see the Lord work. One student spoke to a woman who was so happy to hear about Christ and they formed a bond very quickly.
At another site, we had even more people show up. This large group of people fueled our energy as we continued the drama. One group got to talk to some teenagers who did not see the drama. This opened up the opportunity for them to share what the drama was about and many of them came to know the Lord because of this.
This evening we did the drama in the plaza once again and the crowd was even bigger! We are amazed to see how the Lord just continues to bring more people to hear His message. One of the students was sharing the gospel and it was evident that the Spirit was moving. This student was preaching with power and authority, and the people were understanding what he was trying to say. After a long time of presenting the gospel, the student offered an invitation to enter into a relationship with Jesus Christ. At this moment, one man stood to his feet which started a chain reaction of people standing up to show their desire for Christ. This was awesome to see how much they wanted to enter into a relationship with Him and live their lives differently. Another group began talking to some men and found out that one of them spoke English. This man began translating the gospel for us, and seeds were planted in the hearts of the men. The Lord definitely provided this unexpected translator, and it helped tremendously.
Once again, thank you for your prayers. Please be patient as we are having difficulties with putting pictures up at the moment. We will be putting them up as soon as possible. Please keep us in your prayers as we finish up the last couple days of ministry.

In Christ,
Tanner and Cherish

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Today we have seen the Lord work in mighty ways! As we traveled to a nearby city called Pacasmayo, we spent time asking the Father to work through us and to fill us with His Spirit. When we first arrived there, we did the drama in a plaza which caught the attention of a few walkers in the area. At this site, we were able to see people trust in the Lord for their salvation. One group of young men came to know Christ and were very interested in what the next steps of the Christian faith looks like. These men desired to change the way they were living and wanted to surrender their old way of life which is exactly what Christ desires from us. A man who was with these young men told us that he had just given his life to the Lord yesterday! This was so cool because we were able to encourage him to walk out his relationship with Christ and he was very encouraged by the conversation.

Before going to our next drama site, we stopped for a bathroom break and we never would have guessed what came next. While the girls were in the bathroom they entered into a conversation with a woman and found out she was a believer. When this woman found out what we were doing here, she was so excited and she encouraged our young ladies to walk out their faith. From this point, she began to preach to them about their need to read the word and do what it says. She told them that they must read the word, live it out, and tell people about it. One of our teammates was very moved by this because she had just been praying this morning that the Lord would teach her about staying in the word! It was awesome to see the Lord’s timing and how he put both the woman and our teammates in the bathroom at the same time even when both parties were just passing through. This was a huge encouragement for our whole team as we reflected on what God had done.

After ministering for a while, we took a break for lunch. Our lunch was spent overlooking the Pacific Ocean and it was one of the most memorable experiences we have ever had. Not only was the sight beautiful, but we got to grow closer to one another in fellowship. This will definitely be a lunch we will remember for a long time.

At our last site, we met a woman who wanted to read the Bible but could not afford one. It is no coincidence that one of the students happened to be carrying a Spanish Bible and was able to give it to this woman. This brought joy to the woman’s face and she immediately began reading it and studying what it said. Another group met some men at this site who came to know the Lord and were challenged to go back to share Christ with their families. This brought joy to our hearts to see that they were interested in doing this.

We were very encouraged today by all the people who sincerely wanted to follow Christ and who trusted Him as their savior today! Please continue to pray for the people we will be ministering to and for us as we seek to deny ourselves and follow the Spirit’s guidance.

~Cherish and Tanner

What a full day we have had! And our hearts are overflowing because of the Lord’s faithfulness!

This morning we went to two schools. The first was an elementary school. As we walked in we were greeted with many hugs and smiles. Some of the students we recognized from the church, which was a sweet surprise. After the drama, one of our ministry groups went to a group of adults. As one of our students finished sharing the gospel, an adult spoke up and said she spoke English. She became our impromptu translator! The gospel was shared again more clearly and deeply. Four adults received Christ! Another ministry group went and shared with a large group of kids. Amidst that group of kids was a teacher. As the good news was explained, the kids became more excited and enthusiastic. It was so evident that the Holy Spirit was working on the teacher’s heart as well. She and many of the kids came to know Christ! It was such a beautiful time!

The second school we went to this morning was a technical school. The audience was much older. Our team was able to connect with these students as the related to their stages of life. One of our ministry teams felt led to go over to a group of guys in white jackets. As they began conversing with them, they soon found out that they were in training to be dentists. They were so attentive and interested in what we were sharing. They too all accepted the Lord! We are so thankful to be reaping the Harvest. We know that it’s an honor to be a part of so many salvations. We are humbled because He doesn’t need us, but chooses us. All Glory be to Him to is more than able!

We traveled to Chepen this afternoon and had a delicious dinner of chicken and fries. We are very excited to start drama ministry here and in the surrounding areas! Please join us in prayer for endurance and perseverance to finish strong as this is our last drama ministry city, for continued health, deeper growth, transformations, and selfless faith. Thank you for your persistent prayers! We are thrilled at the thought that we have so many people rejoicing with us! For greater things are yet to come!

By His Grace,

Tyler & Meridith

Team Directors

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Dear Family and Friends,

This morning we had a delicious breakfast to start off our day. We enjoyed bread, avocados, and homemade pineapple juice. Afterwards, we came back to our hotel for a time of rest and rejuvenation. Our team has been so positive and excited about doing ministry; we knew a time of rest was needed before traveling tomorrow. I know we have prayed for endurance and we are definitely seeing the Lord provide times of rest so that we can put forth our best.

After resting for a little while, we were able to have some team time where we had some good laughter and time of fellowship. This continually brings our team closer and we love to get to know each other more.

This evening, we enjoyed a special meal at Tito’s house called Chifa. This is a delicious dish of fried rice with chicken and vegetables. Once again, Tito’s wife is an amazing cook so we have been spoiled this week. After dinner, we gathered for some precious time in the word. Studying the word of God always grows us deeper and challenges us to grow in our faith. We learned tonight about discipleship and how we see three levels of discipleship in 2 Timothy 1:3-12. In this passage, we see the importance of discipleship in the home (v. 5), with a mentor (v. 3-4), and with those we pour in to (v. 6-9). Jesus spent most of his time pouring truth into the 12 disciples and he did this as he lived life with them. He shows us the importance of discipleship and how this can glorify God. Furthermore, Paul took time to disciple a couple of men as well. He did go around to many churches proclaiming the gospel, but we see him take special time to spend with a couple men like Timothy and Titus. It is cool to see in this passage Paul’s love for Timothy and his desire to see him again. Something that really stands out in this passage is the need for discipleship in the home, and we see this as Paul mentions the faith of Timothy’s grandmother and mother. This shows us that it is important to be involved in discipleship in the home! We must not act one way when we are at church and then act totally different when we get home with our family. So many children have rebelled from the Church because they have seen their parents do this. We realize that we must make it a point to pass on the truth in our own families and allow God to develop Godly men and women in our homes. In order to do this, we must live out the gospel and be the example especially in our home.

Thank you for your prayers, please pray for safe travels tomorrow as we travel to Chepen and that the Lord would open up opportunities to share the gospel everywhere we go. We challenge you to be making disciples in your homes and in the places you work.


In His name,

Tanner and Cherish

Today has been one of the best days so far! We have seen the Lord provide us with energy to continue doing His work which has been very important because of the long day we experienced. This morning we started off our day with some delicious food prepared by Tito’s wife. While we were eating, we took some time to spend with the Lord and asked Him to help us crucify our flesh and live for Him. This set the standard for the day and it is evident it made a difference.

After breakfast, we set out for a small city just outside Trujillo and began drama ministry. We performed our first drama for a school and the students were very interested in what we had to say. After this, we moved to a plaza and did the drama again. It is very clear that the Lord is using us to teach His gospel because the Lord is giving more confidence to each member of the team as they share with the Peruvian people. One student began proclaiming the gospel to a group of men without holding anything back. He shared with these men the cost of following Christ without watering down the truth. After speaking with them, the men wanted a relationship with Christ and they asked Him to be the Lord of their life! What a joy that the Lord is using us to share His truth and that we are getting to see Him work before our very eyes.

In the evening, we were able to go back to the same school from the morning and do the drama for the parents. This was a very unique experience because the owner of the school was a Christian and he wanted to make sure all of the students and parents knew this. Before the drama, a man spoke to them about how to raise a healthy family, and we could tell that he was passionate about sharing the truth of Jesus Christ. After the drama, many of them came to know the Lord! It was amazing seeing the passion of the owner and how he desired for his students and their parents to come to begin a relationship with Christ.

Please join us in praying for the owner of this school as he continues to tell the people about Jesus. It is a blessing for him to be in a position of influence, and we know that the Lord can use it for his glory. We hope that all of the parents will come to know the Lord and that the gospel will spread rapidly in that area. Also be in prayer for us as we begin our last day of ministry in Trujillo tomorrow. We want to tell as many people as we can about Christ before we leave for our next city, and we need to be walking in the power of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your prayers, may God bless you!


-Tanner and Cherish

Hello to all our friends and families,

We are still in the beautiful city of Trujillo doing Jesus ministry. We started off the day meeting for worship at Pastor Tito’s church, which was a wonderful time of fellowship that was full of joy. It is amazing to see how worship draws us closer no matter what language we speak. This gives us a glimpse of what it will be like in heaven when people from every tribe and every language will bow down and worship Christ, and we are privileged to be able to get a taste of that now.

After being strengthened in worship, we headed for the streets to begin drama ministry. Our first drama took place on a small grassy area facing the sidewalk which really caught the attention of those walking by. It seemed as if more and more people showed up as the drama progressed which brought encouragement to our hearts. One student in particular was drawn to talk to a woman who watched the drama from her balcony above us. This student and her ministry team walked over and asked the woman if she would come down and talk to them and she did! At first this woman was asking a lot of questions about what religion we were, but our students shared with her that we are more interested in a relationship with Jesus Christ rather than focusing on a religion. Because of this conversation, the woman came to know the Lord today! It is so cool to see how the people of Peru have responded to us sharing the gospel in this way.  Many of them have been bound up in the Catholic religion, which focuses on works, and they are happy to discover the freedom that comes in a relationship with Christ. We are reminded of the Pharisees in the Bible and how they were constantly worried about Jesus obeying the commandments and how they never realized that the Son of God was right before their very eyes. We desire for these people in Peru (who have been chained by a religion that says they must work their way to heaven) to experience a personal relationship with Christ.

At another drama site, we unloaded the bus to a busy street where people were buying fruit and bread from a nearby market. Before starting, we went out to invite people to come see the drama, but hardly anybody came. We knew that we must be faithful to the Lord so we began the drama anyway, and before long we had drawn a decent size crowd in front of us. Our students were able to share the gospel with many people and we saw Him open their eyes and change their hearts. Many of them were eager to find out where the church was so they could get plugged which really showed us that they desired to learn more about the gospel. At this site, we also met a woman who was a believer and she told us how happy she was that we were there and how this encouraged her. It is always refreshing to hear the hearts of believers and to encourage them in their faith.

This evening we learned about the five love languages. This time allowed us to see how each member on our team likes to receive and give love. This is very important because sometimes we try and show somebody that we care about them, but they may not receive it that way. Learning others love languages allows us to practice denying ourselves and teaches us to think of others first. This lesson also will help our team grow in unity as we continue our journey.

It is crazy how fast time is going by while we are here in Peru. Please pray that we can have strength to endure and that we will not grow weary of doing the Lord’s work. We must rely on His strength to carry us through. We are continuing to pray for our friends and family and we hope you all are sharing Christ wherever you are. May we all walk in His authority and His power.


-Tanner and Cherish

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Today was an awesome first day of drama ministry in Trujillo! We started our morning off with a breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then we headed to a neighborhood on the outskirts of Trujillo. Here we performed the drama, played soccer with kids, and shared the Gospel with many families. There were three women in particular who were so excited to receive the genuine gift of salvation. We then headed to another neighborhood and performed in the plaza. While we were performing the drama, a taxi stopped in the middle of the road and many people peeked their heads out of the window to watch. It was here where we saw our bus driver witness to many people. We are so thankful for such an evangelistic bus driver. One of the groups ministered to a father and his children. Once the Gospel was shared, the father shared it more clearly and in depth for his children. We love seeing truth passed on! We then went further outside of Trujillo. Dirt. Flies. A bare field. There was no one to be seen. As soon as we got off the bus, our students went to the surrounding houses and knocked on their doors to invite them to the drama. As we performed, a crowd started to form. After the drama while a student was explaining the second story, a new wave of people came and watched. So we did it again! And the people who saw it the first time stayed! After the drama the students spent quite a bit of time ministering. There were so many people to share with! Here is where we met Rosa and Julia, two elderly sisters who came to know the Lord today. One of the students asked them why they were crying. They said they were overjoyed and overcome with peace by this gift of eternal life. They said they would have their grandkids read their tracks to them. They gave countless hugs to our team and couldn’t stop expressing their gratitude. We praise Jesus for today!

Please pray for endurance, continued health, eyes to be opened, and for our team to glorify Him the best way possible. Thank you for your consistent prayers, love, and support!

By His Grace,

Tyler & Meridith

Team  Directors

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