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Peru 35-Day 2015

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Thank you so much for your patience with us! We have all made it back safely to the United States. On Sunday morning, we were able to attend a church service of the pastor we mentioned meeting previously. We were so thankful to be able to worship alongside our brothers and sisters in both their language and ours. The students performed their final drama of the summer and were able to share some words of encouragement with the church.

In the afternoon, the team prepared for our overnight bus ride and also had some time where we all shared what the Lord has been doing in each of our hearts the past few weeks. We were so encouraged by how the Lord has worked to make us all more like Him. We are excited for your students to come back home and share with you all that He has done within them. God is so so good.

We cannot express enough how grateful we are to you for all of your prayers and encouragement over the course of the summer. We thank you for trusting us with your children and more importantly, trusting the Lord. It was an honor and privilege to serve alongside them in making Christ known among the nation of Peru. We are humbled to serve such a gracious God.

For His Glory Alone,

Your Leadership Team

Karissa, Jacey, HannahKate, & Kennan (Kawalski, Skipper, Private, & Rico)

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What an awesome summer it has been in Peru. The team closed out their final drama ministry to the people today in the streets of Tingo Maria. God, once again, showed up and blessed this city and the team in so many ways! We are so grateful that He allowed us to be used for the advancement of His Kingdom in this city and this country! We cannot wait to share with all of our friends and family about the great things that the Lord accomplished in and through this team!

Upon enjoying another hearty breakfast, the team headed out into the marketplace to catch the Saturday morning crowds. The Lord was faithful to draw many, many people to see the drama and to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! Once again, our students walked in an obedience and power from God that has been so characteristic of this whole trip. God used them to move in mighty ways and to show many the way to Himself.

After the traditional Awe Star lunch of PB & J and a longer break in the afternoon to beat the jungle heat, the team headed back out to perform the drama on the Plaza de Armas (main plaza of the city). We had an appointment with the local pastor, Jarvis (whom we met on Thursday), to meet people from his church and to work with them to share the Gospel. Unfortunately, the Lord had other plans. It rained on us and we were unable to present at six. Undeterred, we decided to postpone until 8 p.m.

Once we had dinner, we headed back out to the Plaza de Armas. The rain had stopped, and many, many people were walking the Plaza and enjoying the city night. The Lord had made our early disappointment His Divine Appointment!

So many people stopped and gathered to watch, including even some local police! The police approached the leadership and our friend the pastor, and informed us that the government had banned presentations on the Plaza de Armas in this city. We were once again to learn that our God has all authority. Our local pastor spoke with the police for some time while the team began the drama. After many tries, our local pastor was able to get in contact with a friend of his who held a position of authority in the city. With a word on the telephone from whomever this man was, the police dropped their objections, thanked us for coming, and said buenas noches! All glory to God for that man of peace!

After the presentation on the Plaza, our local pastor friend wanted us to do another. Even though it was late and the team had already done four other dramas, they enthusiastically agreed to do just one more.Praise God for their obedience! We headed off the plaza, and went down the main strip a little way until we found another open spot to perform. Again, God drew many and many gave their lives to Him. Our team was able to lead about 100 people to Him after the two dramas tonight. Praise the Lord once again for the obedience of everyone on this team and for the part that He has allowed us to have in the advancement of His Kingdom and the proclamation of His Name in this city!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for the leadership, the students, our country contacts, and the ministry here. We will most likely not be able to post an update until we return to the States due to limited Internet access while traveling. The next few days will be spent traveling, shopping, and preparing for our trip home. Please lift up the health and safety of this team as we head to Lima tomorrow night and the States on Wednesday morning

Please pray for those who found new life today and for those in whom seeds were planted. Pray for the pastor of the local church and for the ministry work that they will continue after we are long gone. Finally, please lift up this team, that God would give them the wisdom and the ability to utilize what they have each learned here and to share the story of what great things God has done in Peru this summer with their churches, family, friends, and communities back home!

We are so grateful for your support and prayers!

For His Kingdom,

Karissa & Jacey



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Hello friends and family!

Today was a very full but sweet day of ministry for the team. With the help of Ana’s (one of our translators) aunt and uncle, we were able to gain access to two different schools this morning. Praise the Lord for the doors that He opened in providing our team with the opportunity to present the Gospel to so many teachers and students, with such short notice!

Because of time constraints, we were not able to go out in our ministry teams as usual at the schools. However, we were still able to love on the kids and teachers and to clearly present the Gospel. Pray that the Lord would bring to fruition the many seeds that were planted this morning.

Yesterday, after we presented at a park, we were approached by a man named Girson. Girson said he was a Christian and really wanted the team to come out to his village, Agua Blanca, to present our drama and share the Gospel with them. Girson said that the people in his village had not been very receptive to the Gospel, but that he hoped that would change if we came and spoke with them.

After lunch, the team had the opportunity to fulfill Girson’s wishes! We headed out to his village, a trip which took about thirty minutes through some very beautiful jungle. Once we arrived, the people of the village so kindly served us chicken soup and juice. It is so humbling for the team to see people who already have so little give of themselves in that way.

After enjoying the meal, the team presented the drama. We were able to tell these people about the Good News, and many opened their hearts and received Christ as their Lord and Savior. Praise Him for the great things He did in Agua Blanca today! The team then had the opportunity to love on the kids and engage in the national sport, futbol. The teams were somewhat mixed, but then the older ladies of the village decided that they wanted to play our students in a 6-vs.-6 match of soccer! The students loved it, and it was a hilarious sight to see as the ladies of the village and our students enjoyed themselves in this friendly competition.

Please continue to lift up Agua Blanca, continue to lift up our team as we finish out our LAST day of drama ministry tomorrow, and as always, pray that the Lord would continue to work in power through the obedience of our team.

That All May Know Him,

Karissa & Jacey


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Hello from the jungle! The team had an awesome first day of ministry in the streets of Tingo Maria! After breakfast, we headed out onto the Plaza de Armas, but it had been raining a lot so the team wasn’t able to get right to the drama. Instead, we got our ponchos and prayer-walked for about 45 minutes and asked the Lord to bless the ministry in this city and to provide us with many opportunities lift His name high in this place!

After about an hour, the rain cleared enough and we were able to grab our ministry tools and head out to the main thoroughfare and marketplace to perform the drama. The Lord gathered a large crowd that only got larger as we continued! Many, many began a new life in Him at that site!

After the performance by the marketplace, we headed to a small park. The Lord heard our prayers about finding ministry sites and answered them there! After the drama, our team was approached by a man who said he was a Christian and that he really wanted us to come out to his village and share the Gospel with the people there! We learned that his village has about 800 people and that others have tried to reach out to it and share the Gospel, but because of some things that had happened in the past, the village was not very receptive. Please pray for us as we travel out to this village, that God would go ahead of us and smooth the path and that He would begin working on people’s hearts even now! We will head that way tomorrow afternoon.

After talking to that man and exchanging contact information, we were then approached by another man who turned out to be the pastor of a local Baptist church! He watched our drama and listened as we explained what we were doing here, offered to help find us ministry sites here, and even offered us the use of his church should we need it for anything! Please be in prayer for this new-found contact, and that that Lord would be at work through it!

Tingo Maria has so far surpassed the team’s expectations, and the Lord is already blessing the ministry here! Please be in prayer for us as we pursue what He has made available to us, and please, as always, continue to life the health, safety, and unity of the team up to the Lord!

Only two more days of drama ministry left! Pray that we would use every opportunity to the fullest!

For His Kingdom,

Karissa & Jacey


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Hello friends and family! We have made it safely to Tingo Maria! This morning, the team said goodbye to our missionary friends and the hotel staff that we have grown close to over the past several weeks and headed down out of the mountains. Tingo Maria is a beautiful city set in the midst of the beginnings of the Amazon rainforest. The team has already settled in and has enjoyed a very good dinner of Chifa.

During our ride to Tingo Maria, not only did the team get to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery that God has created (our bus took us up into the mountains where we were eye level with the clouds), but the Lord also provided for us in other small ways as well. As we were traveling, the bus had to stop at a national police checkpoint for a routine check of travel documents and a luggage search. However, as the police officer got on the bus, asked for our passports, and then inquired as to who we were and what we were doing there, our translator (Marco) explained that we weren’t tourists but a group of Christians headed to Tingo Maria. The police officer heard that, immediately told us to put our passports away (he didn’t even look at them), and waved us through the checkpoint! God has all authority! Praise Him for that man of peace!

After we settled in and had lunch, the team walked out to the Plaza de Armas (right outside the front door of our hotel) and received a teaching on why Jesus spit (found in John 9). The team learned about how Christ gave a spit for the world and asks us, as the Body of Christ, to get our hands dirty in His work and for His Kingdom. After the teaching, the students each made a mud-and-spit ball of their own to take home and remind them of what Christ did for us and what He asks of us. Christ did the blood so we can go through the mud.

We thank you for the prayers you have prayed on the team’s behalf and all of your encouraging comments. We ask that you continue praying for us as we close out our time here in Peru! Please pray for focus, for the team’s safety and health, that God would provide many ministry sites and opportunities in this city, and that the people would be open and receptive to the Gospel!

For His Glory Alone,

Your CCs,

Karissa & Jacey

P.S. We apologize for the lack of pictures; we didn’t take very many today.

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Hola a Todos!

This morning, we woke up energized and refreshed for the last day of drama ministry in Huanuco. Not only was it the last day of ministry in Huanuco, but it was also the last day we have the privilege to work with Pastor Tito. After Tito said a few words, the team got an opportunity to pray over him and for his family. We were also able to present him with a love offering. We are all very thankful for Tito and all the hard work he did before and during the trip to help us out.

After the team said our goodbyes, we left for the first drama site. At that site, one of the ministry teams played volleyball with several young girls. When they had finished their game, they invited them to the drama. All of the girls came, got to hear the Gospel, and all of them decided to start a relationship with God! This was an incredible example of “engaging” with the people, which the students have been working on all summer. It was also an incredible example of the way God draws people to Himself.

At the final site, one of the ministry teams was sharing with a group after the drama, and a man who was off to the side got the attention of one of the students. One of the missionaries had given the man a tract, and he had read it. When the student approached him, he had tears rolling down his face and was pointing to a phrase in the tract that talked about hope. He so desperately wanted hope, but not just any hope–only the hope that Jesus can give.

We arrived back at the hotel to spend some time in fellowship. We also gave the students time to pack so they will be ready for the journey we have to Tingo Maria tomorrow morning. The team is excited to move to a new place and do some more ministry. Please be praying for safe travel and for the ministry that God has for us there.

Your TDs,

HannahKate & Kennan


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What a bittersweet day! Our team had its last full day of ministry in the parks and plazas of Huánuco today. Once again, the Lord used us to both encourage fellow believers and to gain new brothers and sisters in Christ. Even though all of our dramas were at familiar locations again, the Lord was faithful to draw new crowds and to provide new seeking souls for us to witness to. Praise Him for all that He has done and will do through the obedience of this team in this city and for the work that our missionary friends will carry out long after we are gone.

At our first drama site, which was a familiar one, not only did the Lord draw many to hear the Good News and to enter into His Kingdom, but He also provided our team with a way to (once again) tell many others about Him. A reporter from the newspaper Correo saw the drama and came up to our team to interview us. She was very curious as to what we were doing and why. Reporters always ask the best questions! She asked where we were from, why we were doing this in the city of Huánuco, how our students raised the financial means to come, and what motivated them to give up their summers to tell other about Christ (she had no idea how perfect her questions were).

Through answering these questions, we were able to share that our students come to Peru (and we also mentioned the other teams in Panama and Suriname) because they felt called by the Lord. We went on to explain that each student is responsible for raising their own support, and that we do this solely because Christ loves us and that love compels us to share with others. The woman was overjoyed at our answers and told us to look for the interview in tomorrow’s newspaper. Praise God for the opportunities that He gives us and the ways that He moves!

Tomorrow, the team will only be performing dramas in the morning and will then use the rest of the day to prepare for the bus ride to Tingo Maria.

Please lift up the final day of ministry in this city, that God would allow us to be used by Him to in a mighty way again Please pray for our safety in travel, for our health, and that God would open many doors in the city of Tingo Maria for the spread of His Gospel and His Kingdom. Continue to pray for focus, for strength, and for perseverance.

Until All Have Heard,

Your CCs,

Karissa & Jacey

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What a beautiful Sunday in Huánuco! The team once again joined our missionaries this morning for church. It was again an awesome time of cross-cultural teaching and worship!

After church, the team had time to walk around and do some snack-shopping again. We went to a local mall, and the students were able to eat at different restaurants such as Pizza Hut and KFC. In the afternoon, several of our students again joined several of the local Peruvian kids for pick-up soccer at a local field.

All in all, the Lord provided the time with a great day of relaxation, reenergizing,  and refocusing. Please continue to life the team up in your prayers as we come into our last week of drama ministry. Time has flown by SO quickly! Pray that the Lord would use our team to the fullest in these final five days of ministry. Pray that our team would continue to be bold and to seize every opportunity. And as always, continue to pray for the team’s health and safety.

For His Kingdom,

Karissa and Jacey

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Another busy day in Huánuco! Today the team headed out to what looked like a Farmer’s Market first thing in the morning. We set up for the drama, and the Lord quickly drew a large crowd. One student in particular felt called to talk to two people and was unsure of whom to approach. The student decided to talk to the woman closest to her. The Lord knew just who was seeking, and brought the women who was farther away straight to our student after the drama, so the student was able to share with both of them. After out student explained the drama and the way to salvation, we gained two new sisters in Christ. The Lord is good!

After the Farmer’s Market, we went to a different market, though this one was already familiar to us. We had already been there three other times, but the Lord still drew many at that site and many gave their lives to Him! Even though some of the people in this city have seen the drama a few times now, many of them are believers and they rejoice with us as we witness what God can do when we walk in obedience. Praise Him!

In the afternoon, the team once again returned to familiar spots. One was a park, and the other was the island in the middle of a pond by the Estadio Municipalidad Huánuco (City Stadium of Huánuco).

Despite the somewhat isolated location of the island, the Lord still brought many across the bridges to hear the Gospel. Again, the Kingdom gained many new brothers and sisters because of the obedience of this team!

Please continue to lift this team up to the Lord, that we would surrender all to Him, that we would continue to walk in His power and strength, that He would continue to keep us safe and healthy, and that He would give us the strength to persevere!

Your CCs,

Karissa & Jacey

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What an amazing day that the team had! We did a record (for this trip) six dramas today, four in the morning and two in the afternoon. We performed at three schools and one park, and then at the Plaza de Armas and our usual spot in downtown Huánuco! How God MOVED in this city today! Our God does indeed have ALL authority!

The first drama was bright and early at 8:30. We went to an escuela primario (an elementary school) and presented to the kids and teachers in the school. Unfortunately, we were not able to speak to the students individually afterwards, but the way to Salvation was shown and many of the teachers were so grateful that we came!

After presenting at the elementary school, we had some time before our next appointment at a different school. We utilized that time to present at a small park in front of a very large Catholic church. After presenting, our team witnessed to many! Many came to saving faith! Some of our students were also able to encourage and pray for a Peruvian believer that they found. It is so awesome to see the unity that the Blood of the Lamb brings in the Body of Christ! It reaches across all man-made barriers and thoughts and draws all believers together to uplift and support one another! God has been teaching our team this truth!

Once the team finished at the park, we headed to an escuela secundario (high school). Again, we were unable to speak to the students individually because of time constraints, but the Lord used the team to plant seeds of the Gospel in hundreds of students!

For the fourth, and final, drama of the morning, the team headed back to a school where we had already presented. The first time we were there, however, it was just to present to older people in the technological institute that is adjoined to an escuela primario. The director at the elementary school had seen us presenting and asked us to come back at a later time to tell the younger kids about Christ! We gladly obliged the director today, and showed the Plan of Salvation to many younger kids and their teachers! Many seeds of faith were planted!

After lunch, the Peru leadership, our translators (Marco and Anna), and Pastor Tito decided to take the team to the Plaza de Armas (the main and largest Plaza in each city is usually called the Plaza de Armas). Our missionary friends had previously asked the mayor of Huánuco for permission to present our drama in the Plaza. However, because of a municipal code that prevents anyone from using sound equipment or presenting anything political or religious on the Plaza, the mayor denied permission at that time. We collectively decided to try again today.

When we got to the Plaza, we instructed the team to prayer-walk while we attempted to get permission to present our drama. Let me tell you, our God is an awesome God! He has ALL authority! After thirty minutes of prayer-walking, God granted us permission to present our drama! Even though the team was not able to do our usual introduction and testimony, we were still allowed to explain the drama and what it meant to the gathered people afterwards!

More than 50 people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior after He opened the door there for us to share! All glory to God for what He has done and continues to do through this team!

Please continue to lift this team up in prayer and to lift up some praise to the Lord for what He allowed us to be a part of today! Pray that He would give us strength to persevere and to seize every opportunity that He grants us! Pray that we would continue to walk in unity and in obedience to Him!

That all may know Him,

Karissa & Jacey