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Peru 2013

Hello all! We have just finished our last dinner here in Bagua, and it was delicious! We have grown to love white rice, chicken, and papas fritas. The people who own the restaurant where we have been eating at are very friendly, and we have enjoyed spending time with them. 

Today the students learned about how we are the light of the world, and how we should let that light shine. We studied how light always defeats the darkness and keeps us from stumbling. This is very important to remember because when we are focused on Jesus (Who is the light) then we do not stumble over the things that are in the darkness. The students have really taken hold of this teaching and we have seen them shine the light of Christ here in Peru. Today we were doing the drama in a crowded parking lot and a taxi driver and his son watched the entire drama. Afterwards all of the teams went out to minister and no one went to talk to this man. As he tried to leave a bus stopped directly behind him long enough to keep him there until a group came and talked to him. He asked Jesus into his heart! This is what we call a divine encounter! The Lord knew that this man was to hear the gospel today, and we know that His will is perfect. 

Tomorrow we will be traveling  to our next city Huamachuco. Please be praying for safe travel and more divine encounters! The students are excited to minister in this city, and we know that the Lord is going to do a mighty work. We are hoping to let the students call soon, and they are very excited to share their stories. Thank you for all the prayers. 

– Tanner and Amy 

Hola family and friends! Today has been a great day of ministry. We have seen many give their hearts to the Lord! Today after presenting the drama on a street corner, a group of our students felt the Lord leading them to share the gospel with a man looking down out of a high window. The man came down from the building to talk with the students and they began to share with him the good news of Jesus Christ. When they asked him if he wanted to have a personal relationship with Jesus the man emphatically answered yes! It was a joyful time of celebration as we witnessed this man give his life to the Lord.

This evening we had the opportunity to perform the drama once again in the main plaza. As our students gathered around one another to tell stories after ministering there was a student whose heart was broken for a man who tonight did not accept the Lord as his Savior. As a team, we prayed that the Lord would reveal truth and that His Spirit would draw the man into a relationship with Christ. We rejoice because a seed was planted, and we trust that God will continue to work in this man’s life. We were also giving thanks to God because although it is hard to see someone reject the gospel and Christ’s love, the Lord is breaking our hearts over what breaks His. 

We ask that prayers would be lifted up for this man that he would one day come to know the Lord. Thank you for all the prayers! They are greatly appreciated! Please pray for the Lord of the harvest to send more workers into His fields.

-Tanner and Amy (CCs) 

Oh how the Lord is good, He has moved in mighty ways through the team and the people of Bagua! Yesterday, we were able to share our struggles with one another and build each other up through prayer just like the scriptures say in James 5:16. As we entered into this time, it was amazing to see the Lord move as the students shared what was on their hearts. We rejoice continually for the body of Christ and how the Lord is growing our hearts together in love. 

This morning our students had the opportunity to minister in schools where there were many students and teachers to share the gospel with. After the joyful time of sharing the good news in the schools, we went out to minister in the marketplace. A man came to us who seemed very interested in what we were doing. As we shared with him why we are here in Bagua, he asked if he could film the drama. Later we found out that this man was a reporter and the drama was going to be shown on the 7:00 news! The gospel will now be proclaimed in more places than we can travel to in person. The Lord is so good and has all authority! We are praising Him for using us as He continues to draw many people to Himself! 

Thank you for all your prayers. They are being answered and God is doing a mighty work! Please continue to pray for focus and perseverance as the team continues to share the gospel. We know that our time here is nearing its end, but the Lord is not done working. Please pray that we will make each second count and take no opportunity to share about Christ’s love for granted! 

– Tanner and Amy (CCs)

Hello everyone, today was a great day of ministry! The Lord allowed us to share His truth with many people today. As we walked down the muddy paths, we began to hear the sound of rushing water. We crossed the river in a cable car  where we were greeted on the other side by many happy and smiling children. Our team’s hearts immediately melted as they loved on the children and the people of this village.

After the drama, some of our students felt the Lord leading them to share the good news with a young mother. As the team shared their hearts and the love of Christ the woman’s face began to change. She was very intrigued by what the students were saying, and it was evident that the Lord was speaking to her heart. This woman prayed to accept Christ, and her life has been transformed by His power and grace.  Because of this, there is great hope that her young child will also come to know the Lord someday. 

Thank you once again for all the prayers that have been lifted up. Please continue to pray for unity and a love for one another that can only come through Christ. We apologize about the pictures, we are still trying to upload them and will put more up when we can. Thank you again, prayer warriors. 

– Tanner and Amy (CCs)

Today has been amazing! When we first arrived early this morning we got a few hours of rest and then ate some lunch together (the famous peanut butter and jelly). After this we enjoyed an intimate time of worship and fellowship with one another. We planned on doing a drama in a plaza this evening, and the Lord had much more planned than we expected! It so happens that there is a large fiesta going on in Bagua right now and so there are numerous people walking the streets and listening to music.

We began to do the drama on the back side of the plaza and had a decent crowd, but the noise from the fiesta was very strong and it was difficult to do ministry. The Lord led us to talk to the boss of the entire fiesta and ask if we could do the drama for all of the people. To make a long story short, he allowed us to do the drama in front of more than 800 people! The Lord did a mighty work. We were told that it was not possible to do the drama in this area because it is the biggest Catholic fiesta all year long here in Bague. However, the Lord answers prayers and we were the opening act of the entire Fiesta! What are the odds of that? 100%. God is definitely in control and many came to know the Lord tonight! 

Please pray for safe travels tomorrow as we go to the jungle to present the gospel! We will continue to update you all on the stories that the Lord provides. 

– Tanner and Amy (CCs)

We arrived in Bagua safely early this morning. The Lord has definitely provided people of peace in every bus station which has been a blessing. Today the students were able to spend a good time in the word and share with each other what they are learning. One student already led the hotel manager to the Lord! It is amazing to see how willing our students are to share the gospel! We will be doing a drama this evening in the park so please pray for divine encounters. Tomorrow we will be traveling into the jungle to bring the good news to a couple different villages. Thank you for praying for safe travels, the Lord definitely answers prayers! 

Please continue to pray for the unity in our team and spiritual growth as the summer progresses. The students are excited to share their stories with each of you. We will be uploading pictures as soon as possible.

– Tanner and Amy (CCs)

Hola prayer warriors! Today has been filled with so many amazing stories of how the Lord worked that it is difficult to know where to begin. The Lord is good and has moved in mighty ways here in Huancabamba. Today as we set out for drama ministry in the vans, we sang praises to the Lord and asked that He would bring many people into the family. As we approached our first sight (The Landing) we looked out the windows of the vans and were amazed by the swarms of children and adults. One student saw three men watching the drama from the distance and the Lord moved his heart to go and talk with them. All three of them came to know the Lord!

We had the opportunity to go back to a school that we had previously done ministry in. Here we saw a teacher who had come to know the Lord two days before and as we walked through the door the excitement on her face was overwhelming. After the drama was performed she pulled one of our students aside because she wanted them to go and share the gospel with some of her friends. These friends came to know Christ as well! Discipleship is already taking place in the new believer’s lives.

Tomorrow we will be traveling to Bagua. We are thankful for what the Lord has done here and are greatly anticipating what He has in store for our next city! Please pray that during the travel our students will continue to bond closer together. We are learning more about love each day and we hope this will continue! We thank the Lord for your faithfulness in praying for us.

Tanner and Amy (CCs) 

WOW! What an incredible day full mountains, valleys, rivers, the Lord’s goodness and restoration. Today we travelled outside of Huancabamba to a few surrounding mountain villages where the pastor has been laying groundwork.

As we looked out to the mountains we saw many fields ready to be reaped. And yet, we saw no workers. The Lord impressed upon our hearts that the Peruvian Harvest of souls is more than ready to be reaped, that is why we are here and they are so receptive to The Truth and Good News of a personal relationship with Christ.

After our first drama of the day at a school, we began to load up the vans. One bus’ driver opened the van door and one of our students was astounded, “Is that our bus driver?!” Yes, indeed. That student rejoiced as they relayed that they had just led him to the Lord. God continued to open doors and allowed us to share at two more schools. Three teachers came to know the joy of having Christ in their hearts. At our last school, another campus of students joined to watch the drama. The Lord truly gives abundantly!

Tonight we praised God for all the mighty and awesome works He has done through worship and going deeper in His word. We feasted not only on a delicious meal, but also upon what He has been teaching us individually and as a team. The students shared their hearts and began to reveal how influential and transforming the Word has been thus far as they spoke of the passages that have been impacting them.

Please continue in prayer as we seek the Lord for all He has in store through worship, scripture, and evangelism. We greatly look forward to all He has planned, for we rejoice in all He has done! Pray for continued health and receptive hearts of the Peruvian people. We appreciate you prayer warriors on the home front!

Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep us from loving Peru!

Rasheed and Meridith (Team Directors)



Hello friends and family. We are so thankful for all the Lord is doing here! He is continually growing each and every one of us. Our students have been asking the Lord to break their hearts for what breaks His. He is doing this and drawing us closer to himself. Today as the team was enjoying breakfast, a group of our students felt the Lord leading them to share the gospel with a man sitting in the restaurant. As they shared with the man, they found out that he is a believer in Christ. These students were able to encourage him and his walk with Christ. 

Another time while back at the hotel we overheard some of our students reading from the Spanish cards. They were sharing the good news of Christ with a woman who works in the hotel where we are staying. This woman accepted Christ into her life and is now a part of our family. It is amazing that our students are realizing that ministry is not just at drama sites, but ministry is everywhere we go! It has been a great joy to see these willing witnesses serve the Lord as they diligently look for divine encounters.

Thank you for praying; the Lord is not done working in Huancabamba! Please continue to pray for our team and the people the Lord places in front of us. 

– Tanner and Amy (CCs)

Today has been filled with divine encounters! We have seen countless people open their hearts to the gospel. We have also seen broken lives transformed into new creations because of the saving grace of Jesus Christ! Today we were presenting the gospel to many small children who were sitting in the street watching intently. After the drama some students noticed a couple of ladies in the upstairs of a building. They had been watching the drama through the window! The Lord led this group of students to go and talk to these ladies and they came to Christ! Also at this same sight, a group of students talked with a teacher. Our translator gave these students the opportunity to share their hearts, and the teacher entered into a relationship with Christ.

The Lord has really been moving in the hearts of the teachers here in Huancabamba. At our first drama site, we saw six teachers surrender their hearts to the Lord! This is amazing because they will now be able to share this with all of the students and teachers they are around. 

One thing that always brings joy to the students is playing with the children, and it also is a way to show the love of Christ! Today the students were able to play soccer with a group of kids. They had a great time but also used this as a ministry. This team is very loving and God is using us to accomplish His will in Peru. 

Thank you so much for your prayers. It is obvious that the Lord is answering them and the team is very encouraged by this. Please pray for energy and perseverance as we continue to share the gospel. Thank you for all of the comments, the students are very encouraged by your words! 

– Tanner and Amy