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Peru 2013

We have made it safely to Dallas!! Everyone is headed to bed. We have had a long day of travel, but our spirits are high. The students are excited to see everyone and tell their stories. When you meet up with them on Friday they will be full of stories to tell you so come prepared to hear what great things God has done. Tomorrow we will be debriefing the students and teaching them about how to share their stories with friends back home. This is a much needed time for them, and helps them process the things God has done over the summer.

Once again thank you for all of your prayers. They were much needed and the Lord answered them. Please pray that tomorrow will be a great time of sharing stories and encouraging one another. See you soon!

-Tanner and Amy

Hello, we have made it safely to Lima. Everyone is doing great and are excited to head home but is hard at the same time. We will leave Peru early in the morning ans will head to Dallas. 

Saddened,  the team did their final day of ministry in Peru. They are taking the overnight bus to Lima,  will do a little shopping and catch the plane back to the US of A! Pray for the team to have safe travels.

Walker Moore

President/Founder, Awe Star Ministries

Today was very refreshing as the sun came out! We were able to go to church and fellowship with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. It is so amazing to see how different cultures can come together and worship the same God. It is also really neat to see how we can worship in different languages and know that our God understands them all. After this time of worship, we were able to do a drama in a park near the church. This drama site allowed the church members to witness the drama and minister in their own city. God definitely used this congregation to encourage us, and we were able to encourage them as well. 

After lunch, we did the drama in a different park. This park was filled with people and we were able to share the gospel with them. God did amazing things here. One group of students went to talk with a man selling ice cream and he was listening intently. In fact, a woman came up to buy some ice cream and he told her to wait because he wanted to hear what the students had to say. He entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ today! And to top it off, the woman who came to buy the ice cream also surrendered her heart to the Lord. God has been continually working through this team, and we are very excited to continue ministering the gospel!

We will try and get pictures up as soon as possible. The internet keeps going down so it is a little difficult. Thank you for your patience. Please continue praying for more divine encounters. 

– Tanner and Amy 

Greetings from Trujillo! This morning before beginning drama ministry the team enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pancakes and eggs at Tito’s house. Today was our last day with Tito. As we gathered in his home, the team was able to express to him how grateful they are for all the work he has been doing. Tito also thanked the students for their willingness to come and share Christ’s love with the people of Peru. This was a great time of loving and encouraging one another in the faith. We are so thankful for the body of Christ!

Today has been an amazing day of ministry. The students have been in great moods and are really taking advantage of the time we have left to minister in Peru. At our first site the students performed the drama at a marketplace. A group of our students were able to talk with a man who is a believer in Christ. As they prayed for him and encouraged him in his walk with the Lord, he asked if he could share a story. The man told his testimony about how he was once very ill and could not walk. He did not know the Lord and this was a very discouraging time in his life. One day while he was sitting in the hospital another man came to visit him. This man was a believer and prayed for his healing. After this the man began to get better! He knew that it was because of God’s power that he was getting better and he gave his life to the Lord. The students were so encouraged by this man’s testimony and how the Lord is continuing to use him. We rejoice together that we were able to meet and encourage one of our brothers in Christ!

At another drama site the students witnessed the Lord drawing in a crowd. As they set up to perform the drama there were not very many people around. However, as we have graciously seen before the Lord began to draw people in and soon there was a large crowd surrounding the drama. Afterwards, the students went out with a sense of urgency to share the good news of Jesus Christ. We saw many people give their lives to the Lord! We know that in heaven there is a big celebration happening over those who have come to Christ!

Thank you once again for all of your prayers. The Lord is moving in mighty was here in Trujillo and it is evident that He is answering our prayers. Please continue to pray for endurance and strength as our time of departure in drawing near. The Lord has done amazing things in Peru but He is not done working yet! Thank you again for praying for us. Everyone is looking forward to sharing many more of these amazing stories!

Tanner and Amy

Today we were able to catch up on some much-needed rest. We made it to Trujillo early this morning, slept until lunch, and then began drama ministry. God always provides divine encounters and today was no exception. The first drama was done in a marketplace, and there were many broken people who received the joy of salvation! We were also able to do the drama in the middle of a soccer field. Many teenagers gathered around to watch the drama and the Lord worked in a mighty way. After the drama, some students were able to share the gospel with a large group of young adults and 25 of them submitted their life to Jesus Christ! What an amazing God we serve!

There were also many more stories of how the Lord restored broken hearts. We continually rejoice that we serve the one and only God who is in control of all things. His timing is perfect, and He has placed us in this specific city at this specific time for His specific purpose. We are so excited to see what the Lord has in store here and are looking forward to the days ahead. We are continually learning how to live by John 3:30: “He must increase, but I must decrease.” Pray that this will sink into our hearts and minds and that we will continue to deny ourselves and allow Him to work through us! 

Once again, thank you for all of your prayers. Please continue to pray for focus and energy as we continue the Lord’s work. May He be forever glorified through the hearts of His people. 

P.S. – Happy Birthday, Cathy Moore! 

We just received news from the team in Peru and they made it safely to Trujillo. Everyone is healthy and excited about what God has planned for them. They informed us of the excitement that they experienced in Huamachuco. God is so faithful. They will have some down time today to recoup from the overnight travel.

Please join me as we pray that God will give them supernatural rest and energy for ministry in the final days to come. Pray for the hand of God in the setting up of Divine Encounters as they finish up the final week of ministry in Peru.

Hello family and friends! We are continually blown away by how the Lord moves the hearts of people.  As the team went out to minister one of the dramas was performed on a street corner. As the students set up the drama we looked around and noticed that there were not very many people at the site. Although this was disappointing at first, we were reminded that the drama is an act of worship to our God alone and that we will worship Him whether there is one person or no people at all. As the students started to do the drama for an audience of One a crowd began to gather! Soon there was a large crowd around the students and trucks were passing in front of people, blocking their view of the drama. But our Lord has all authority and can use something as simple as a truck to draw a crowd. One of the trucks stopped and blocked the rest of traffic from passing in front of the people. This allowed many people to hear the gospel and as a result we now have many more brothers and sisters in Christ!

Today we were also able to do the drama at a school. Some of the students noticed a group of kids playing soccer in the distance. Throughout the drama our students prayed diligently that they would come to know the Lord. After the drama, a group of our students went to talk with them. The Holy Spirit moved mightily in their hearts and they each prayed to receive Christ as Lord of their life! Oh how the harvest is plentiful here in Huamachuco!

Please continue to pray that the Lord would draw people to Himself. Tomorrow is our last day of ministry in Huamachuco and we are anticipating all the Lord has in store! Thank you for your prayers! The Lord is good!

Greetings from Huamachuco. Today we began drama ministry and the Lord did mighty things. The Lord has blessed us with energy and unity, which makes ministry very effective. Today we did the drama in some different schools and were able to love on the children, and then we did our last drama in the Plaza. There are so many stories that we could share from the ministry that took place today. 

Yesterday we prayer walked through the plaza and did some ministry there without the drama. This was an amazing time and many people surrendered their hearts to the Lord. One group spoke with a woman about the saving grace of Christ, but she was not ready to make a commitment to Him. However, the Lord did an amazing work and another group saw this same woman today. They began to speak with her and she gave her life to Christ! This is a testimony of how God answers prayers and softens hearts! The seed was planted yesterday and today we were able to reap the harvest. Praise the Lord!

The Lord has been at work in this team and it is evident that He answers prayers. Because of this, we want to say thank you for all of the prayers you have been offering up to the Lord. He is definitely answering them, and we ask that you continue to pray for this team and the hearts of the people that will hear the gospel.

– Tanner and Amy 

Greetings family and friends! We have made it safely to Huamachuco and are getting some rest before we begin ministry. It has been a long couple days of travel, and the team is anxious to get started ministering here. It is a bit chilly, especially in relation to the heat in Bagua, but this gives us a freshness and renews our strength. We know that our God is a consuming fire and that He will bring more people to himself. We are thankful to be a part of what He is about to do here in Huamachuco. 

Please pray for energy and perseverance as we get closer to the end of this trip. We know that the Lord still has a tremendous amount of ministry here in Peru. Also pray for the hearts of the people in Huamachuco. Pray that the Lord would move here and that their hearts would be softened to hear and understand the gospel. Thank you so much for all you are doing. 

– Tanner and Amy