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Panama 35-Day

Hi, prayer warriors!

After another great night of rest we woke up to a wonderful breakfast of Pancakes made by the best cook in Panama, Mirna!  We had time to worship, pray, and pour into one another as we  traveled by bus to an area of Panama known as Loma Coba, a predominately Kuna  community. The Kuna are an indigenous group in Panama who still practice their cultural beliefs  that include witch doctors and many rituals. However, this morning we had the opportunity to present the drama to many fellow Kuna believers at their church.

For the remainder of the day, our ministry  was spent with younger generations, and what a blessing that was. There is a reason that the Lord said many times that the kingdom of heaven was meant for little children. We were filled with such joy as they received us and just wanted to be around the group in general. It was a different experience for our students but it was one that was rewarding, for the children were so uplifting to the group’s spirit. Sometimes as we continue to do the work of the Lord we loose sight of how exciting the work we are doing can be. We want to have the same joy to do the work of the kingdom as the children had to interact with us. 

We got to see the Spirit work in abundance as many young children heard the good news through the avenues of the drama and our students. The teachers and directors of the schools were so hospitable and excited to see us, and we were thrilled to show the love of Christ to all of the wonderful children. At one particular school of over 1000 students, we began to communicate with the director asking if we could perform the drama there, but unfortunately they were giving the students their grades for the term that day. They said there was no possible way for us to take up the time needed for that. However, we did have good news come from this story. We scheduled a whole day of drama ministry specifically at that school. This allowed us to do an extra drama at a different school than we planned, and the word is going to be presented more deeply at the school we didn’t get to today. His timing is so much greater than ours! 

The team is continually growing closer not only with each other, but to the Lord as well! We know God designed this team and we love the way He allows us to be part of His work here in Panama. Please pray for many more divine encounters, continued joy while ministering, and continued good health for our team as we enter the last half of our trip. 

Meagann and Dustin, CCs 

Today was another awesome day of ministry for the Panama team! We journeyed an hour and a half away from PC to a city called Colón,  and we were invited to meet the governor of the entire province. We spent some time waiting on him, for he was attending a meeting with the police beforehand. The meeting was to discuss new ideas to help bring peace and tranquility to the province of  Colón. After several long minutes, the governor arrived and for some strange reason, he seemed ecstatic to meet us.

He began to tell us that the architect of the universe had brought us there today and that God was planning to bring His light to this dark province. We were very excited to know that this man walked with the Lord and was greeting us with open arms and excitement. After he spoke, the team gathered around the man and began to pray for his role as a leader and that Christ would completely use him for his Kingdom. Once the team finished, he came and said that he wanted to bring someone else into the room for us to pray with as well. Then, he began to tell us that this person was very special to him, for she was a woman who walked with God. Then she opened the door.

To our surprise, in walked a woman small in stature, and the governor began to explain that we were an answer to this woman’s words. That very morning, the woman told the governor that there were many men surrounding him but none would truly help him in his time of need. She continued to say that even though no one around him would help, the Lord was going to bring a group of foreign people to help bring the area out of darkness. The governor went on to say that he was so excited when he walked into the room because the woman’s words became true that very day. The Lord had sent His people!

Upon hearing this, we became filled with wonder at our God’s power and perfect timing. The governor said that our group was welcome back any time and he wanted every Awe Star group that comes to Panama to help him bring the good news to Colón. The events of this day will not only affect this team but also many groups that will come in the future. How amazing is our God?

We ended the day by doing dramas in the province and adding new members to the kingdom at each site, young and old. We are so excited for the work that is to come there, and we hope that you will pray with us for these new opportunities and for the governor to continue his work for the kingdom! Thank you for your support during our trip here in Panama. All of the prayers that are lifted to the throne are working!

Your CCs,

Dustin and Meagan

We are so excited to share with you what happened in Panama today. We spent the entire day on one of the most busy streets in Panama, Cinco De Mayo. The Lord moved in so many ways it is hard to even think of where to begin.

To start, our team was challenged to focus on The Father’s heart and will all throughout the day during ministry, and everyone stepped up to the challenge mightily. At our first sight we were extremely blessed to meet a crippled man named Fred. He rolled up to us on a wheel chair and began to speak about how he spent the last three years preaching the gospel on the streets. We could not express to him enough how much we appreciated that God was using him to further the Kingdom. We asked him if he would like to come with us for some of our remaining ministry and he said yes. So we were very excited to get to push him to different locations with us and let him enjoy the story of our King, and he was very pleased to see that our students had a love to share the gospel to the people of Panama. 

At the same drama site, some of our students approached a man who is a practicing Muslim and owned his own store. As the students engaged him, they began to speak to him without a translator. When the translator was able to talk to the man, they learned that his name was Aslan and asked if he indeed did practice any religion. He began to explain that he was raised Islam, so the translator began to ask what the man thought of the drama and of Jesus.

The man went on to express that he very much enjoyed the drama but the story was different than what he had been raised to believe. He went on to explain that he had been raised to know Jesus as simply a prophet and not as the son of God. One of the students began to explain that Christ is indeed much more than just a prophet, and He came and declared himself as the Son of God. Around this time many customers began approaching Aslan, but he ignored all of them on account of how interested he was to hear what we had to tell him of Jesus. At one point, he even had to leave for a moment and begged the students not to leave so they could finish the discussion. The occurrence did not end in salvation, but as we were leaving he expressed that he can’t change how he was raised and that it would be hard to change his heart. He admitted that if what we told him was indeed true, then he believed God could change his heart and his mind.  Then the rain began to pour.

As we continue to say here at Awe Star, our disappointment is God’s divine appointment. A torrential downpour caused our team to take refuge in a breezeway, so we decided that God just wanted us to perform the drama there, and we did. This was a perfect opportunity because there were several people who were passing by that also took shelter from the storm. Because of the obedience of the team, several people were added to the kingdom there. We all knew that the angels were having a huge party in heaven on their behalf.

Today was completely filled with the Spirit, and we were so proud of our team for the focus and obedience they displayed. Tomorrow we travel to a city called Colón, and we ask that you pray for our team and the people of the town as we share the greatest story ever told. Also, continue to pray for our friends Fred and Aslan. Fred will need all the prayer we can muster to continue the good work in this country, and our students planted a seed in the life of Aslan that we hope will continue to grow. 

Your CCs,

Meagann and Dustin

We are so excited to tell you about our time in the mountains of Panama. We started the week off in Calabazo serving with Pastor Corerra. He is a Kuna Indian who has been a missionary in the mountains for the last 10 years. He and his wife, Tina, are so blessed to have teams come join them in their ministry. Chad wrote on Tuesday about our work in Calabazo carrying stones and sand to help with some much needed repairs to the small church building. Also, we were able to perform two Bible story skits for the children. We developed strong bonds with the people and children in Calabazo and were sad to go on Tuesday.

We traveled 6 KM higher into the mountains in the back of trucks…who needs Six Flags when you can ride through the curvy roads of the mountains? Baja Grande is the community we arrived in, which has some of the most beautiful views you can imagine. We were welcomed on the top of the hill by a man and his wife, Maria, who graciously offered their tiny home and land to all 23 of us! In front of their house stands four poles and a tin roof for their church. They are working with Pastor Corerra and Pastor Carlos, from the town Cope, trying to grow and disciple the people of Baja Grande. One way our team could serve them was to dig two holes for outhouses closer to the house and church. To most people this task would seem very daunting, however, our team has such servant hearts for the Lord they were full of joy to get started!

We reminded ourselves what Matthew 5:16 says “In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven”. The team was actually saddened when torrential rain fall came on Wednesday and delayed our progress on the holes. We didn’t allow the rain to stand in the way because we woke up extra early and finished the job before we had to leave Baja Grande later on that day. Not only did we get to serve these fellow believers, but we had great fellowship along the way. When we were saying goodbye, the man of the house, who appears to have a very hard exterior, broke down into tears because of the amount of love we had showed them. Our team is learning this summer during their quiet times how to truly love the way God intends us to love. We, as a team, felt so much love from Maria and her husband, it deepened the lessons we have already been learning.

Due to all of the rain we were not able to go further into the mountains as originally scheduled, but we all know here at Awe Star we say “Our disappointments are God’s divine appointments” and that definitely was the case! While we were in Baja Grande, we met Pastor Carlos, who has a church in the town Cope at the bottom of the mountains. He was very encouraged by the ministry we were doing and wanted us to come to his town and perform the drama. At the time, we were not sure if and how we could make that happen but all we actually needed to do was wait and let God orchestrate the whole thing.

When our original plans changed, we had the perfect opportunity to spend Friday doing drama ministry in Cope. We only had one scheduled drama at a school and then were relying on the Holy Spirit to lead the rest of the day. We found a grocery store that had several people sitting outside waiting for taxis, so we not only performed it once, but twice to a completely different audience. The second crowd was mainly high school students who were just getting out of school and waiting on buses to take them home.

After the drama, one of our ministry teams was talking to a group of students who were all laughing and joking except for one boy named Fernando. He wanted to ask more questions but the group had to wait for our translator to finish with another group. Fernando waited patiently for 15 minutes before he was able to ask the student, “Where do you actually go when you die?” Fernando was hungry for information about the afterlife. The student allowed the Holy Spirit to do His work, and he began to tell Fernando about the free gift of eternal life that Christ promises if we worship and proclaim Him as Lord. The young boy desired this greatly and asked how he could do so. The student shared that He needed only to pray to the Father and ask him to come into his life. The student very wisely told Fernando, “The words of this prayer do not matter. The only thing that matters is what is in your heart.” Then, he told him to pray in his own language to our Savior. A student who was translating was moved by how Fernando not only prayed for himself but also that the Lord would be present in the hearts of his family. Later during dinner the team collectively prayed for Fernando and his family. We hope that the Righteous King will allow Fernando to continue to grow and be a light for his family and friends that surround him. Our Father is so mighty to use us in our weakness.

 Today, we traveled back to Panama City. Our team is very much looking forward to a day of rest before we continue to do Jesus ministry full time in locations around the city. Prayers would be appreciated for the Spirit to refill the team in this time of rest so that they may continue to pour out his love to others from the overflow. We look forward to sharing more stories with you in the future

 God Bless!

 Your CCs,


Meagann and Dustin

Hello Everyone,

We just made it back into Panama City and are settling in and resting up. We had an amazing trip and cannot wait to tell all about the ministry we were able to do. Stories and pictures will be coming tonight! 

Dustin & Meagann

For the past few days our team has been staying in the beautiful mountains of western Panama. We have had the honor of working with Pastor Corerra. We traveled all morning Saturday, winding through the mountains up and down monstrous hills and valleys. This area is eye candy to us gringos. This is such a lush and fruitful place. Mangos and bananas are everywhere. 

We were able to serve the church Sunday morning. We split up into 2 teams (one group took the children while the other took the adults). After church we ate lunch and began the hard, back-wrenching work of carrying rocks from the river. These rocks will be used for construction. That night we got to do the drama for the community and the missionaries did such a great job. God drew many to himself as the gospel was shared. He is so faithful

Today, we were awakened to the sound of roosters (actually numerous times through out the night). We were greeted by fresh mangos and bananas by a neighbor. We ate and got ready for the day of Jesus Ministry. We then walked to a nearby school (actually it was about a 15-minute walk up hill both ways). The drama went great. God moved in a mighty way. Much of our team hated to leave the school after  having such a great morning with them.

The plan for the rest of the day is to pack sand from the river in bags (about 1/2 mile walk). We plan to do the drama again tonight as well. We will be in the mountains till Saturday. Chad (Awe Star’s VP of international operations) came and spent the first few days with our team. He left today and was able to do an update. 

Please continue to pray for divine encounters,


We had a very smooth day of traveling and were able to talk to many people along the way about the work God has called us to do in Panama. One student even sat beside another missionary headed to Germany and the two were able to lift each other up in prayer! We were greeted in Panama by smiling faces and big hugs from two of our amazing translators, David and Eduardo.

This morning, we rested up, spent time worshiping, and dived into the word. After our famous Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches for lunch, we began our drama ministry on the bustling street of Cinco De Mayo. The street is lined with stores, vendors, and people for as far as you can see. Cinco De Mayo is a place where God can reach the masses, just like Paul did in Acts.

We were able to perform 3 dramas and many people came to know the Lord today! Even in the midst of an afternoon rain storm people huddled around to see the drama and hear God’s message. Everyone on the team rejoiced and gave all the glory to God.

Tonight, we are preparing for a seven day trip to the mountain village of Calabazo. This is a beautiful part of Panama and while we are there, we will be helping with some maintenance of a church, relationship building, and drama ministry. There will be no Internet while we are there, but we will be very excited to tell all of the stories when we return on Saturday.  

Please pray for:

Continued good health/safety

Safe travel tomorrow

Holy Spirit’s direction throughout ministry

People of Calabazo

The Country Coordinators have reported the team is excited about putting their feet on Panamanian soil. Heading to the White House for a good night sleep. Everyone is healthy,happy and ready to go to work.  More to come tomorrow!

Walker Moore

President/Awe Star

The Lord provided great rest last night so we were ready for another day of teaching and drama training. Thanfully, God turned on the air conditioner (wind) outside during drama training. Everyone is continuing to work hard at learning their new roles in the drama. We are very excited to see the whole product come together. Tomorrow, we will spend the day continuing to practice and practice and practice. Prayers for the students strength and patience during these final hours of training will be very appreciated.

After all of the preparation the Lord has given us, we will fly to Panama on Thursday. We are all eager to arrive and begin our first day of ministry! Pictures of training have been uploaded in the gallery if you would like to take a look at your missionaries.

Prayer Requests:

Strength during the rest of training

Safe travels on Thursday

Divine encounters during the travel days

Unity amoung the team


Your CC’s,

Meagann and Dustin

The whole team had safe travels to Dallas, Texas and were welcomed by many members of the Awe Star family. After sharing a good meal and getting to know eachother, we had a great time of worship and a teaching from Brent Higgins.

We had a good night of a rest, and then the students learned how Christ calls them to be adults and many accepted this new role and responsibility in their life. This afternoon, the students began to learn our ministry tool that we will be using in Panama, the drama, “Freedom.” Everyone was able to get a good start on their parts and they are beginning to build new friendships with their team members. We look forward to another great day of learning about Jesus ministry. Thank you for all of the prayers that we have received up to this point. Pictures of the team will be coming tomorrow!

Please join us in prayer for the following:

Health and safety of the team while training

Unity among team members and leadership

The preparation of the people in Panama to hear God’s word.

Your Country Cordinators, (CC)
Meagann and Dustin