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Panama 14-Day 2015

Good Evening Family and Friends,

We just wanted to update you that our flight from Miami to Dallas/Fort Worth has been delayed to leave @ 9:30 pm Eastern Time (8:30 pm central time) because of a storm coming through this area.

Thank you for checking in with us!

Today has been without difficulty as the team woke up and finished packing. After a delicious Panamanian breakfast the team headed for the airport. They arrived with plenty of time to make their flight without even a rush. They have since then landed in Miami, Florida and will be arriving in Dallas at 10:00 tonight.


We as leadership would once again like to thank you for following our trip and allowing your students to “Go, therefore, and make disciples.” Thank you for your prayers.

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With the rolling mountains on one side and the tall skyscrapers on the other, the team started their day off with an early morning hike up “Ancon Hill.” It was wonderful to see the views of Panama City and the Panama Canal from the top of the hill. After the hike we came back for breakfast and a short rest. With our bodies energized and rested we moved out for our last day of ministry. Because of Panama’s temperatures on the rather warm end of the charts, we decided to do ministry a little differently today. Instead of doing drama ministry, in which we would have to wear hot costumes that would have surly wore us out, we decided to go out in shorts and T-shirts. We did not do the drama but instead spent our time prayer-walking on Cinco de Mayo. Though we had set out to walk and pray, there was not much time for either: as it was clear that God was working. The students went out in all boldness and were sharing the Gospel with anyone they came in contact with. They did not hesitate to walk up to a store owner or a passerby and tell them of what God has done. We were so blessed to be a part of Jesus’ ministry to day on Cinco de Mayo! God moved in mighty ways and many were saved! We then went to the “Indian Market” to finish up souvenir shopping. Finally, having done all our shopping we made our way to Casa Blanca. Upon arrival, we ate a delicious dinner and split off into our “Man Up” and “Reign On” bible studies.

We thank you again for allowing God to use your students in Panama. It has been such a joy to get to know your students. The students are sad to leave Panama, but excited to return home. God worked in mighty ways this trip, both in the students’ lives and in the lives of many who live here.

For a quick side note: students not being picked up on Friday night, when we arrive, will be able to call home Saturday morning.

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Good morning – Thank you for your patience with us as we have internet now! We will be posting again later today, but please enjoy this update from our ministry yesterday. -Becky

Wednesday Update:
After being in the jungle for three nights, coming back to an air-conditioned place was like sleeping at a five-star hotel. With a good night’s rest and breakfast in our bellies we set out for the “Beautiful View” school. Once loaded on the bus, Walker engaged the students with encouragement from the word. All on the bus were encouraged by the truth of Jesus+Nothing=Everything. We then discussed the awe of God based in Acts 2:42-43 “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer. Everyone kept feeling a sense of AWE and many wonders and signs were taking place through the apostles.” Having passed the short bus ride, we arrived at the school focused and ready for ministry. Hundreds of children lined the walls of the schools courtyard. Upon entering the courtyard, the students began to engage the children: dancing and playing games. They then set up for the first drama presentation excited and ready to share the good news. As the first drama began, we realized truly how warm and beautiful day it was. The students drank much water as they performed. They gave all they had as they worshiped God through the chronological bible story telling. Before the school day was over the students had done the drama three times and shared with several hundred students. We were so blessed to receive lunch from the school staff. They had prepared us hamburgers and orange juice. It was delicious! We then returned to “Casa Blanca”, where students and leadership alike relaxed and enjoyed some time together. Tonight, Walker continued teaching about the awe of God and the truth in Matthew 28:18 “Jesus came up to them and spoke to them, saying “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth.” What a wonderful reminder that our Lord has all authority and has control over all things!

Tomorrow is our last full day of ministry and we are looking forward to seeing what God has prepared for us on Cinco de Mayo! We look forward to sharing the many stories He has given us with you, and we are so proud of your students here with us. It has been such an incredible JOY to see their willingness to serve and encourage one another.

Gloria a Dios, siempre! (Glory to God, forever!)
Thank you for checking in with us,

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership
Walker, Becky, Triston, and Bethany

Good Evening Everyone,

We are sorry the update hasn’t come yet as our internet is currently out at the White House. As soon as we can reconnect, we are excited to share with you all!

Thank you!

Panama 14 Day

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We are back! Thank you so much for your prayers! We have made it back safely here to the white house in Panama City and filled with such encouragement and stories. Below is more details of our time in the Darien but this evening, we will be taking the team to Albrook Mall to a eat dinner and enjoy the evening. We are so grateful and overwhelmed by God’s goodness! Thank you so much for reading and staying in touch!

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership,
Walker, Becky, Triston, and Bethany



Hallelujah! Gloria a Dios! Wow! Our time in the Darien has been amazing: we have enjoyed such a wonderful time. We traveled to the Darien Jungles of Panama with the Emberu Tribe. Once we bought all of our supplies, we traveled out of Panama City. With a short bus ride under our belts we came to a rocky road; tall green trees, and homes filled with hospitable people lined the road and filled the village. After we set up our hammocks and nets we joined the children of the village whom were playing duck, duck, goose and other fun games. It was humbling to see the team jump in and engage with the families here. We have encountered many joyous times filled with smiles. One of which being inviting people from all over the village to church. The team of translators helped us invite the surrounding homes to come see the gospel presentation for the evening. They came and filled the church shouting “Hallelujah, Glory to Christ resurrection’” greatly encouraging all of us during the drama presentation. We enjoyed the cooking from the local church members, and being a part of their home, here in the jungle. As we encouraged the church and prayed for those around us, we were blessed to finish the night listening to the local musicians practice for Sunday service.



After a wonderful nights rest in hammocks, the team enjoyed fried Panamanian Plantains and Huevos (eggs). The team was encouraged by Walker’s speaking on the orphan heart to the church of Ipeti. The students were able to engage in Panamanian music on Sunday and hear Pastor Julio talk about praise. Filled with the joy of the Lord, the students presented the drama for the crowded church and watched as God spoke to those around them: all were encouraged by the presence of God in the church service.  We then ate a full lunch of PB&J’s and snacks in preparation for the walk to another village, Ipeti Kuna, to share the Gospel. Upon arrival in the village, we received news that the adults were in a meeting, however, this opened up an opportunity for us to share the drama with the children of the village. Our last 2 dramas of the evening were at the local school, first sharing with the adults of the village and then for other children in the area. As we came back from the school, the team enjoyed a wonderful dinner of chicken and rice. After this, the team spent the evening introducing the new “Man Up” and “Reign On” studies for the men/ladies. It was neat to see the students spend time with each other and encourage one another in the attributes that God has given them!  After the studies we spent time in music worship before going to bed to get a good night’s rest. It has been incredible to see these students’ willingness to praise, serve, and share!



Our last day with the Ipeti, we woke up early to go back to the school: as the Lord had given us a person of peace to speak with the principal about coming to share with all the students in the school. What are the odds? 100%! The Lord is faithful and gave us another opportunity to go to a village a few miles away to share with another school, before coming back to the church. As we were preparing to go, Pastor Luciano shared his testimony and how God called him to go. At one point, the town he was staying in came to him for help. Pastor Luciano shared, he had nothing to give but his knees in prayer for them. Wow! What a humbling reminder of the power of prayer in Jesus’s name! Monday evening was spent in spending time in fellowship and remembrance of God’s faithfulness, while spending one last evening with the families of Ipeti. Many of the people here have prayed over us, and likewise we prayed over them, and for those who have not received Christ. Even as the team shared drama one last time, God moved in the lives of the people here: “Today is the day of Salvation!” We saw many people of all ages come to know and trust in Jesus. With all of the great news thus far, we desire for you to join along with us in prayer for the church in Ipeti and Pastor Julio as he continues to Shepard the church here in Ipeti.

What an amazing time we are having in Ipeti and we have had such wonderful hospitality here with Pastor Julio and their church. We have one more full day before coming back to the city and we wanted to give you an update and also to tell you we have so many wonderful pictures and stories to share with you!

Walker, Becky, Triston and Bethany

(received in a text message)

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Good Morning Family and Friends!

Today we will begin our travels to the jungle and will be leaving later this morning. We will be traveling by bus and we will be in an area that we may not be able to update in. While we are off the grid, we know that the Lord has gone before us and we are willing to join Him in where He is already working.

We cherish your prayers and will update when we are on our way back!

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership,

Walker, Becky, Triston, and Bethany


Also – if you only see 12 pictures at a time from each update, you can click “See all pictures” below them to see all of our pictures from the trip thus far!

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Hola todos! (Hello Everyone!)

Wow! Today has been a day filled with excitement and readiness to go and share with the people of Panama. We were able to get a great nights rest here at the White House in Panama City last night and a good breakfast this morning. As we were preparing to go and do Jesus’s Ministry, Pastor Luciano spoke encouragement to the team through God’s word and prayed over their ministry today.

The team explored the streets of Cinco de Mayo as they were placed in divine encounters by God’s grace! One of our students began to tell us that they were speaking to a man in bondage to alcohol. The man refused to hear about the freedom Christ brings, but the student was reminded of one of their family members that have gone through a similar situation. As the man continued to listen, the tears came forth as he realized he was not far from the gift Christ gives us and surrendered his life to Christ! Gloria a Dios!

Tonight as we prepare for dinner, the team over and over again has expressed the amazing stories that God has shown them today as people have been encouraged and many now are welcomed in the family of God! The students have been thrilled to go and share with everyone they come in contact with and love being able to be a part of ministry!

Tomorrow we will be leaving the Jungles of Ipeti and will be there until Tuesday morning. We are excited to go and serve the Darien Tribe and share many stories! We cherish your prayers and encouragements, they are definitely being felt.

We look forward to telling you all that God is doing in Panama!

Your Panama 14 Day CC’s
Walker and Becky

Dear Family and Friends,

We have made it safely here in Panama to the “white house” (our hotel) and we are moving in! We are so thankful to be here and we will be able to give another update later this evening as we get settled in.

Thankful for your prayers and will update you soon!

Your Panama 14 Day CC’s

Walker and Becky