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Panama 14 2016

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Oh what joy we have had today! As we had a delicious breakfast, we began this morning by worshiping together in spirit and in truth while singing “I will trust in You.” The team has finished their drama training and have gone over sharing their testimonies with each other throughout the day. We are not the same team as we were from the beginning of registration as the Lord has transformed us together to say iTrust!

Today has been a day in learning and completing Drama training, but even until the very end this evening, the team was willing to do it again and again! What strength from the Lord and a reminder of denying ourselves to follow Christ (Luke 9:23) even when we might not want to. What a wonderful day these students have blessed us with! Having all the teams together from Peru, Suriname, and Panama has been such an encouragement as we have dived into the Word together and also in commission tonight as we have prayed for each other.

We leave tomorrow afternoon for Panama City and we are so thrilled to go! Tonight, the students will be praying and packing and trusting the Lord for Jesus’ Ministry in all places we go! We are praying for a good night’s rest after training this week and for continued health. We look forward to what God is going to do in Panama!

Panama 14 Day Leadership

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Wow! We have accomplished so much as a team today!

We began this morning, diving into God’s word in our quiet times about trusting the Lord and being able to learn from Abraham in Genesis, as he goes through different trials. We continued in our teachings this morning with Walker sharing with all of the teams about God’s Authority in our lives. Thankfully we have the Father who is our authority that protects us like an umbrella from many different things. What an awesome protector we can trust in for the authority the Lord has placed over our lives!

After a fulfilling lunch, the teams were ready to hit the field with Day 2 of drama training. The students have been learning about the drama, the Gospel, and what it means in their lives as we have dug deep in learning together. The teams have begun to engage with each other to engage with those who will be watching soon. It is amazing to hear this team worship in song on their break of “How Great Is Our God” as we have been outside, staying hydrated together. Such an encouragement as worship makes us stronger!

Tonight we will be learning more about God’s Authority in our lives and that we can trust Him when other truths try to slide in. Our identity is in the Lord, who has the victory, and we can walk in trust. The Lord is doing a mighty work in this team and we have seen them grow deeper while leaning on each other for encouragement, fellowship, and living life together as the Family of Christ. We are so excited to share the Gospel in Panama and tell you about the great things God has done and is doing!

Would you join with us in praying for the people of Panama as we have one more day of training? We are thankful for you, family and friends, as we look forward to updating you soon!

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership

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Good evening, what a beautiful day this has been!

We have been so blessed by your students today and have been thrilled to see their excitement for training so far! This morning, students were able to learn in teachings about having an AWE of God by allowing the word to take us deeper, that prayer helps us to stay focused, fellowship allows us to grow closer, and that worship of our Lord makes us stronger. As we apply these truths this week, the students are going to continue to learn from God’s Word as they have heard tonight that we go to share the gospel, the wonderful good news of Jesus Christ, wherever we go on the streets and jungles of Panama!

This afternoon, we began Chronological Bible Storytelling (drama training) and the team has united in such a beautiful way. Watching these students take the steps to learn the counts and encourage one another was such a testimony of the family of Christ. The students were encouraged with Proverbs 27:17 “As iron sharpens iron, so man should sharpen one another.” This team has been getting to know each other and have shared many laughs and truths in fellowship today. We are praying for continued unity and fellowship so that we may continue to serve the Lord as an audience of ONE who deserves all of our praise.

We cherish your prayers and we hope you enjoy these pictures! More is to come and we look forward to sharing more with you soon!

Panama 14 Day Leadership

We are excited to say that we now have Text Updates that come right to your phone! Listed below is the information you will need to receive these updates. 

Open your text message to send a text to 84483
In the message box, send this code: PAN14

Greetings from Dallas!

We are so excited that you have joined with us and we are looking forward to keeping you updated this summer. We have enjoyed hearing how the students have worked hard to come and we are thankful for the Lord’s provision in everything. We look forward to joining the work our heavenly Father has begun in Panama.

Our leadership for the team have been meeting all of this past week in Tulsa, Oklahoma for training for the upcoming summer. They have gone through extensive preparation in medical training, teachings in worst-case scenarios, and biblical teachings for the students to come today and join together as a unified team. Yesterday, we traveled down to Awe Star University here in Dallas, Texas to prepare for the awesome week ahead with your student!

Would you join with us in praying for continued unity and for hearts to be prepared for what the Lord has in store? We appreciate you all and we cherish all of your prayers. We walk in the authority of the Lord and we continue to walk in faith.

Excited to serve!
Panama 14-Day Country Coordinators (CCs)

We are excited to say that we now have Text Updates that come right to your phone! Listed below is the information you will need to receive these updates. 

Open your text message to send a text to 84483
In the message box, send this code: PAN14

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We are getting close to the time to head to Panama and we are excited to see what all the Lord is going to do. However there are some things that we need you to do…..

First thing is PRAY!

Pray for the students as they finish up their fundraising, prepare physically and spiritually.  Pray for team unity and that they walk in God’s power. Pray for the people they will come in contact with that God would open their eyes and hearts to what He wants to show them. Pray for the people they will be working with.

Second thing is encourage others to join!

Share with others how they can be a part by joining in prayer and following the blog. Post stories on your Facebook or through email.

The leadership or the office will try everyday to post about what is happening in Panama, as well as pictures. Please be patient, the internet is not always great where the team is, the leadership and staff are doing their best to keep you updated.

You can also reply to the posts by clicking on that day’s title and scrolling down.  Please remember to keep it positive!

If you have any questions please contact our office 1-800-Awe-Star