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Mexico Spring Break 2018

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Today, our final day on the mission field, was a bittersweet day. This is Walker’s last Awe Star trip to Mexico as President of ASM, and we did all we could to make it the best day ever. 

We began our day with an extended visit to a drug and alcohol rehab center. Walker started it off by preaching his world renowned “Jesus Plus Nothing is Everything” sermon. Several members of our team shared their testimony, moving many to tears. Not only were our students able to perform the gospel drama for the residents, they were also able to engage with them by playing pick-up basketball, as well as praying for and with them. One of the most moving moments of the entire visit was when Walker went into the area of the center where residents would go during drug and/or alcohol withdrawal. Walker laid hands on and prayed over the only patient present. Several members of the rehab facility came to know the Lord, gloria a dios! 

After we left the rehab facility, we headed back to the church where we have been staying to enjoy lunch, hear another of Walker’s teachings, and to ready the students for an afternoon of souvenir hunting. Then we traveled to the market near where we had presented the drama several days this past week. The students were all very excited to have some free time. 

Following free time, we piled back into the vans, returned to the church, warp speed changed into our costumes to head back out for one last drama performance. Going to a park in the evening was a different experience than all the others, as there were many, many more families there. Lots of children were running and playing, laughing with all of the joy in the world. Inviting the families to watch our drama, the students were excited about having one of the largest audiences of the week! Caleb Vanderzel, Awe Star staffer, drama trainer and Mexico Spring Break 2018 Team Director (who is moving to South Carolina next week) got to glorify the Lord with a final AMAZING Freedom drama performance. We are all better off for having experienced Caleb perform the drama!

The final activity of the day was a celebration for Walker. The team, as well as several pastors and congregants of churches in the area that have worked with Walker over the last 25-44 years spent some time affirming and thanking him. It was a very heartfelt evening full of varying emotions for everyone involved!

The students will spend the night in fellowship, worship, finishing off the open food, and cleaning up the dorms in preparation for an incredibly early morning. The drivers and other adults are headed to bed; see you tomorrow!

We can’t wait to tell you about all of the great things God has done this last week! 

-Awe Star Leadership

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I say “WOW!” in the name of the article because there was sooooo much that happened today that it blows my mind. I might say that mind is small in nature, but I do not want to downplay the glorious works of God. 

I begin with a journey this morning to a rather large “pulga” or what I would call a flea market back in Oklahoma. The students did three dramas there and many people were won to Christ. Today the count was 30. Isn’t that crazy? No, not in God’s Kingdom. I love to see our students presenting the story of Jesus. We should never get tired of that story.

One situation that really caught my attention: The evil knights/demons and the dragon were marching around; they came to a stop and the dragon drew back his sword and then slowly brought the sword forward and stopped a few inches from a little boy’s face. The boy started crying and his mom tried to console him.

Can I bring a truth from this brief picture that is stuck in my mind? The devil is evil and he roars around like a lion. But I say boldly, we are presenting our glorious Savior who can, will and DOES cause the devil to flee!

It says in James 4:7, “Submit therefore to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.” I know you join me in saying that we have a powerful and awesomely faithful God that will never leave us nor forsake us. He can kick the devil’s blessed assurance!!!

I bring up our last stop to present the drama. This was a great way to bring a cap to our day of ministry. We were given the opportunity to visit a zoo, and that was stinking awesome! LOL This day, there happened to be some children and their families that were cancer survivors, some who still bore the scars of treatment. I well up with tears with I look back on the pictures I took. We presented the drama and then had a wonderful time loving on these families and children. This may well be for some, one of the best memories of the Mexico Trip.

My thanks goes out to many for letting us experience the wonderful love of  Christ. This is awesome being back on the mission field.

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-Bill Eubanks and the Awe Star Leadership Team     


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Today after breakfast, the team headed out to do Jesus ministry in a nearby pulga. As the students prayed and worshiped on the way, we knew God was preparing something big, and our hearts were expectant. God was preparing divine encounters before we even arrived. When we got to our first site, we did the drama twice, and many people came to know Christ there! As we were walking to the other side of the pulga, our translator informed us what the bright green building was near the pulga. A brothel on one side and an open market on the other. The wall of the brothel separated light from darkness.  On the door step of hell, our students stood pushing back that darkness.

A trio of men on the roof of the brothel came to the edge of the wall when they heard the music of the gospel drama our students were performing. After the drama, one of our teammates wrapped tracts around a rock and threw it up on the roof. The men grabbed the tracts and began reading about the freedom found in Christ alone. Hell began to shake as God pushed back the smoke of darkness that covered the people’s eyes and hearts, like dust on a gravel road. God showed up. Hearts were transformed and many more came to Christ.

This is a highlight of one of many stories about the things God is doing here. Check out Awe Star Ministries on Facebook to read more!

-Awe Star Servant Leadership Team

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This morning,the team ate a quick breakfast and jumped straight into ministry. We were expectant and ready to see what God had in store today, and He did not disappoint. We went to a pulga, and it was very busy. At this site, many of our new students led people to Christ for the first time; joy and praises were emanating from the team. At our next site, many shop owners, vendors, and children accepted Christ! One ministry team spoke with a few children who understood the gospel and made Jesus the Lord of their lives. Another ministry team said they talked to a few adults who accepted Christ. As it turns out, those adults were the parents of the children who accepted Christ! How awesome is it to know that several within their household are now led by Christ!

Next, we went to a large park where there were a few families and children playing. After the drama, the students ran out to find the seeking souls, and that is exactly what they found! One of our younger students was drawn to some guys who looked they could be bikers, and they didn’t seem as though they had any interest in hearing the gospel. Our student was very nervous, but we encouraged him to let God speak through him. He approached them and stumbled through his Spanish; by the end of the conversation, two of the three men had accepted Christ. It is so comforting to know that God uses us even when we are scared and in our weakness.

Our last drama site was at the same large plaza where we served yesterday. This is a very popular plaza. with many people strolling around every day. We set up and performed the drama. Afterwards, one of our teammates shared the net (gospel invitation) so passionately, we knew God was working on the hearts of the people. How could He not be? The students went out, and God moved. One of our students was sharing with a group of people who did not seem to understand. Our student was getting discouraged, but God nudged her, and she shared her testimony with them. With that, God began working on the people’s hearts, and many of them accepted Christ. The student who shared with them was very encouraged because she saw that her story was what related to them best. 

Thank you for your prayers and support; we appreciate them more than you know! Continue to pray for the team as they walk boldly among the plazas and pulgas

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–Awe Star Servant Leadership Team

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What an amazing day of ministry! The team woke up this morning eager to go out and reach the people of Mexico! After some teaching, we loaded up the vans and set out to our first site. Today we did ministry in markets known locally as pulgas. We set up our first drama site, and the students went out and began to invite people to come hear the good news! Even in the beginning of our day, we could begin to see God move as He brought a seeking crowd to us. After the drama, the students went out and began to minister to the people individually; before we knew it, many began coming to Christ! 

At one site, we saw an entire family give their lives to Christ! At another ministry site, our students went out to minister to a group of young people; the first ministry team that approached them was met with resistance. They walked away thinking the group did not want or need the gospel. But a few minutes later, another ministry team approached them–without knowing about the team that came before them. As the second team began to share the gospel, hearts began to melt, and each of them gave their lives to Christ. We know people were praying at home for divine encounters! All day we saw things like this. As we head out tomorrow, please continue to pray that God would move in even greater ways than we saw today.

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–Awe Star Servant Leadership Team

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Hola! We have very exciting things happening already! And we are excited to get started this week!

Even before we arrived in Mexico, God was working around us! We had a few delays on the road because of traffic, which caused us to arrive for lunch much later than intended. It was becoming very frustrating that we were not staying on schedule. God was not surprised, and it did not worry Him one bit, because in the midst of our frustrations and worries, He had a plan. As we filed into the restaurant for lunch, one of our teammates began sharing the gospel with another customer. She was very interested and moved by the idea that a group of young students would invest their spring break to go share the gospel with people who aren’t like them. As the conversation continued, she began telling her story to our teammate and was excited for us to go to Mexico to share God’s love. She was obviously passionate about the gospel and she wished she could go with us.

As our teammate finished the conversation, the other customer said, “Wait, I have something I need to give you; promise me you will use it to help the people there.” Our teammate replied, “Yes, of course, whatever you need.” Then she handed him a significant donation and said goodbye. He didn’t even have time to look at it before she was out of sight. He looked down and realized the amount of the donation she gave and couldn’t help but praise the Lord. God was orchestrating everything in that moment. We will be able to use that money to support the local church. Even before crossing the border, we saw that God was working in the midst of our circumstances. Even our “delays” were not actual delays; everything is in His perfect timing. 

Today our team woke up early, ate breakfast, and went right into drama training. They thoroughly enjoyed training in the shade of the building and the breeze God sent our way! The students worked very hard all day and are all excited about how the Lord is going to work this week. They mastered the drama, received their costumes,  and enjoyed dinner, followed by our first teaching. The students are really getting to get to know each other and tomorrow, they will go out as a team, ready to fight for the souls of those we encounter. 

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement; they  mean more to us than you know! Tomorrow we will have a full day of ministry so we ask that you pray for strength, endurance, and divine encounters as we reach out to the people of Mexico. 

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-Awe Star Leadership

This is where the team will post info from each day.  We did receive a message about 7:30 p.m. They were almost to Laredo, Texas. 


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