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Mexico Spring Break 2015

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Last night we were taught what godly manhood and womanhood looks like. This morning the students got in groups and prayed over living out a true godly lifestyle. Transformation is a beautiful thing!

Team Amor started the morning off in Plaza Juarez with a beautiful fountain flowing, a sturdy gazebo, and people mingling. The students spoke with many people with whom they were able to engage  after performing the drama. One group went over to three young men and began to pour into them. All three of them gave their lives to Christ! It was incredible to watch the joy of the Lord fill them! We then headed to a large pulga (marketplace). We trudged through the mud and found a great place to perform the drama. People watched from their booths, and some stopped in the middle of the road. The Lord led one of the ministry teams to a man with tattoos all over his face. One of his tattoos said “666.” As the group shared with him the true love of Christ, he began to open up. He is now our brother in Christ! Satan no longer has a hold on him! This afternoon we met up at the Green Pastures Church. Their members greeted us with open arms and warm smiles. We all went out and invited people to come. As time went on, more and more people filled the churchyard. After the drama, one of the ministry teams went and talked with a large group of women. In this group, we met Evangelina. She received Christ today! Her friend had invited her to come see the drama, and she finally agreed. As the group talked  to her, they found out that this was the third time she had seen the drama. Today, she finally understood and surrendered her life to Christ. We went to Plaza Hidalgo for our last site. And what a great way to end the dramas for today! One of the ministry teams went over to a group sitting on the steps of the clock tower. As they engaged the group, they encountered a man who said he brought his friend as soon as he saw us performing the drama. This man had seen the drama in the jail over Christmas and has been telling his friend all about it since then. His friend kept rejecting the good news. As the group shared and explained the Gospel, his friend said, “I am ready” and gave his heart to Jesus!

Today Team Esperanza started at Plaza Hidalgo. Once the drama was finished, the students went out to share in their ministry teams. One team encountered a man who had just been deported from the United States. He was a believer but he was unable to find a place to worship due to his newness to the area. Our students were able to introduce him to the pastor with us, who took him to a nearby church where he could become a part of the body of believers here in Nuevo Laredo. Afterwards we went to Pulga Chedraui. Here, one of our groups encountered two men who were eating nearby and went to speak with them. All of the translators were with other groups, so the students were prepared to rely on God to break down the language barrier. He is always faithful! One of the men spoke English. As the students shared with the man, he began translating for his friend, and both gave their lives to Christ. The team also went to Iglesia Ebenezer. At this church, our team was able to do more Jesus’ Ministry by sharing the Gospel through our drama. As we went out to share, many there were already believers but the Lord used our team to encourage them. We finished out our day at another pulga where we performed the drama twice. However, before we even performed the first drama, two women gave their lives to Jesus as our team ministered to them. The team is in such awe of what God has done not only through them but also in them. As the week comes nearer to an end, the team has adopted an even greater since of urgency to further the Gospel here in Nuevo Laredo!

We are so grateful and humbled. The Lord is moving in a mighty way! We so appreciate your prayers! Please continue to pray for the Gospel to be shared, continued health, and that we would sense the spirit of urgency as the trip comes to an end. Gloria a Dios!

By His Grace,


Gerri & Mike

Rex & Meridith


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Our morning began with sweet fellowship over breakfast and then a time of worship. We are so thankful for the unity the Lord has given between the teams and as one team!

This morning, the Lord opened the door for Team Amor to present at two supermarkets. At the first , one of our ministry teams was able to talk with a Mormon man. They explained the Gospel, answered his questions, and encouraged him. Will you join us in praying for his salvation? Many came to know the Lord at this site! At the second supermarket, the Lord opened hearts like none other. Multiple ministry teams talked with large groups of young people who came to know Jesus! One young man who gave his life to Christ used to be a Catholic and was thrilled about starting a personal relationship with Christ. This afternoon we went to “Barrio para Cristo,” a rehab center for people who are dealing with drug and alcohol addictions. We presented the drama right outside the center. The team went out and invited people, and a crowd started to form. After an incredible performance of the drama, the team went out and shared. One ministry team met a man named David who said he could never be good enough for Jesus and His salvation. He said he has done so many bad things that God never love him. The students encouraged him and explained to him that God loves us so much that while we were yet still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). They prayed over him and gave him a tract. Will you join us in praying for David that he will come to know the love of Christ? Another ministry team met a man, Jose, who used to live in Dallas. One of the students shared his testimony with Jose, and he came to know Christ! At our last site, a large group of children prayed to surrender his life to Christ. Hearing their sweet and genuine prayers was such a beautiful glimpse of heaven. What a blessed day! He is mighty to save!

Team Esperanza had the opportunity to go to the prison today.  We were able to present the drama three times, and many men surrendered their lives to Jesus.  During our second drama after the invitation, one man came forward to surrender to Christ out of the many who watched.  The students watched in anticipation for other men to step forward, yet a minute went by with this one man standing alone.  By the time we were finished giving the net (explanation of the Gospel), other men stepped forward.  The students were encouraged by this one man as he was willing to stand alone for Jesus. Thankfully, others followed his lead. The prisoners were challenged afterwards to share their decision with other inmates.  We were proud of our young men on our team as they boldly encouraged, challenged, and ministered to the men. Today, freedom through Christ came to the prison in Nuevo Laredo.

We also met a young man, Angel, and were able to pray over him.  Angel grew up in the ministry of our local contact in Nuevo Laredo.  Angel was sent to prison, and there is a great possibility that he could spend many years behind bars.  Our team surrounded him with encouragement and prayer. He had surrendered his life to Christ only two weeks earlier. Would you please pray with us for Angel?

Many more stories could be told of all that God has done today.  Your students are anxiously waiting to share their stories with you.  Some of them have led someone to Jesus for the first time ever on this trip.  Thank you for sending your students to be the salt and light to the community of Nuevo Laredo.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker, Mike, and Gerri

Rex and Meridith



Both teams woke up this morning eager for another day of ministry. After breakfast, Team Amor loaded up to go to the prison, while Team Esperanza spent some much needed time in worship before heading out.

Team Esperanza went to a pulga (flea market) and presented the drama several times. God moved in mighty ways. A few of the students went and talked to a lady who was selling things out of the back of her van. As they began to share the gospel, the lady knew what the students were telling her was very important. It was so important to her she turned away costumers so nothing would distract her. By the time they were done sharing the gospel she had tears in her eyes, and she prayed to except Christ.

Team Amor had the opportunity to minister in the prison today. Oh how the Lord moved! We first presented on the far side of the prison to a group of men inmates. It was incredible to watch the Holy Spirit work on their hearts as the drama went on. One of our guy students gave a powerful net. Many men raised their hands, came to the front, prayed and asked Jesus to be their Lord and Savior! Then we headed to another area of the men’s side of the prison and presented the drama again. More and more men came and watched as the drama unfolded. Another one of our guy students gave the net. Oh how the Lord spoke through him! Many men came forward and surrendered their life to Christ! Finally we headed to the women’s side. The girls began to engage with the women and pour out love. It was such a blessing seeing the Lord move in their hearts. it definitely showed on their faces. One of our girl students gave such a passionate net. A group of nearly ten women came and surrendered their life to Christ. The student who gave the net then began to pour into the women their worth, value, identity, and beauty in Christ. Tears began to flow as the truth began to resonate even deeper in their hearts. What a divine encounter! Chains were broken today! We are so humbled!

This afternoon we all went to the market and shopped. What fun afternoon it was engaging in Mexican culture. This evening the team began debriefing and learned how to tell their stories. As it is very hard and sad for the team to say goodbye, they are looking forward to continuing to minister at home and sharing all the great things God has done.

Tonight we had a beautiful last supper with the church. Such sweet fellowship! Many tears were shed and many hug given. What a blessing it was rejoicing with them one last time.

Thank you for your steadfastness in prayer for us this week. Oh how the Lord has answered them! Please be praying for safety as we travel home soon and for the Lord to continue to develop the students ability to express what the Lord has done this week.

By His Grace,

Walker, Mike, Gerri, Rex and Meridith


After waking and spending time in the Word this morning, Walker did a teaching about our disappointment is God’s divine appointment. We ate breakfast and got ready for the wonderful day.

Team Esperanza started the morning by spending time in fellowship. After that, we headed to our first ministry site. This morning’s teaching was immediately put into practice as our plans had to change due to weather. We began to go to grocery stores and ask if we could have permission to do the drama. The Lord began to line things up so we could present “Freedom” in several stores. The team then had lunch, and the translators working with us had to leave. After lunch we went back out to do ministry. We went to another grocery store and tried to get permission to do the drama. However, the person who grants the permission wasn’t there, and we were told to return later, so we went to the mall. There, they told us we could present the drama but couldn’t share the Gospel. We reminded the students that God’s Word doesn’t return void, and the drama is God’s Word. The students were still able to talk and love on the people. We then went to a church, but due to the weather, not very many people came. The students spent time in worship, and then we reminded them that this drama isn’t for people but is done to worship our Lord. Many students said this was their favorite drama so far. Afterwards we returned to the grocery store that had told us to return later. They granted us permission to perform! After the drama, while the students where talking to the people, one of the leaders noticed a man leaving who had been very interested in the drama. We grabbed a student and sent them after this man. They began to talk, and he started asking questions. Soon the questions were about the differences in religions. A translator whom we picked up at lunch had been studying that exact topic and knew how to answer the man’s questions. Our disappointment of the rain, not getting permission the first time, and losing translators led to our being able to help this man. What are the odds of that? With God, 100%!

Team Amor had one incredible and full day! We traveled an hour outside of Nuevo Laredo to Anahuac. As we drove into Anahuac, one of the secondary schools was just letting out. We set up to perform the drama and those students who had just been released from school came over. What a crowd! His perfect timing! One of the ministry teams talked with three girls, shared the Gospel, and the girls came to know Christ, beginning relationships with Him. Then the Lord opened the door to announce our second drama over the radio! Not very many people came, but those who did hear were very responsive. One of the groups met the secretary of the plaza amphitheater. She connected us in such a way that now, whenever a team comes to Anahuac, she will promote and publicize the performances all over town. Praise the Lord! Then we traveled back into Nuevo Laredo where we met up with Pastor Ruban. What a heart he has! We presented to a small crowd  on a small basketball court. Here, the Lord used one of the students to lead an 85-year-old man, Victor, to the Lord. Then we headed to a mission church that Ruban has also been pastoring. The rain continued to pour, and we got before the Throne. As we worshiped and shared Scripture, the presence of the Lord showed up. As the presentation progressed, more and more people came into the church. It was so refreshing to see people coming despite the rain. Three people gave their hearts to the Lord afterwards! We have many more stories from today, so be ready to hear about more of the great things God has done once your students return home.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Oh how the Lord is answering them! Please continue to lift up more opportunities to share the Gospel, furthered unity, continued health, and for the churches in Nuevo Laredo.

By His Grace,

Walker, Mike, and Gerri (Team Esperanza)
Rex and Meridith (Team Amor)

What a fantastic first day of ministry! We are started out with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and then talked about how Jesus + nothing = everything. Then we were joined by our incredible translators. Because we have worked with many of them before, it was such a sweet reunion!

Team Amor (Love) ministered in a packed pulga (marketplace) this morning. Many people heard, and many people accepted! After our first drama, one of the ministry groups met a woman who was overjoyed with the message of Christ. She too was a believer and was thrilled for what we were doing in her city. At the second drama site within the pulga, a sweet older woman in a wheelchair came to know Christ. Oh, what goodness! From there we headed to a home where we were asked to pray over a sick woman. When we walked in, we saw that she was in a wheelchair. As we prayed for her, she began to weep. She has been sick for so long but was so thankful for our prayers. She didn’t want us to leave.

This afternoon, we traveled a little ways to a colonia. We prayerwalked and invited people to come to the drama. As we performed, more and more people came to see. As the students were out ministering, more people came, so we ended up performing in that same place once again! One of the people that came to know Christ at this site was Lupita. The translator came over and said “She wants to open her heart to Jesus.”

Finally, we headed to a church where we set up to perform the drama outside. During the drama, a man in a blue T-shirt drove up on a bike. Later, after talking and rejoicing with him, we found out that ten years ago, he saw the “Freedom” drama while he was in prison.  Now he has a relationship with Christ and is serving in his local church! One of our ministry teams talked with a woman on a bench. At first she was very hesitant, but as the Gospel was shared further and deeper she came to complete openness. She accepted Christ with all genuineness.

Team Esperanza (Hope) had a great day. After breakfast this morning we loaded up and traveled about an hour and a half away to another town. When we arrived we had the opportunity to present the drama twice in a pulga. The Lord drew many people to himself as the students shared to the people watching the drama.

A group of our students was led to talk to a group of four ladies. Halfway through the conversation, they stopped the team and said they wanted to ask Christ into their lives. They didn’t need any further explanation–they knew their need for a Savior. Once the group finished leading these ladies to Christ, one of the ladies explained that she knew the mayor of the city and could help get further drama sites and help the team move further into the city to share the Gospel.  What an amazing experience!

Another group went and talked with a lady in a wheelchair.  She has had three heart attacks, is paralyzed, and cannot speak.  Her family members take care of her 24/7.  She cannot do anything for herself.  She gave her life to Christ, and the students encouraged her and prayed over her for healing with the hope that there will be a day where there will be no more paralysis and no more pain.  She wept for joy and had such an incredible faith.

Please continue to pray that the teams would have continued unity, health, and that the Lord would continue to draw people to Himself.

Your Team Leaders,

Mike & Gerri

Rex & Meridith

“Be strong and courageous…”  Three times in a matter of three verses, these four words are spoken.  These four words were spoken to our students as they read during their morning quiet times.  These four words are also our prayer for this week–our prayer for the churches here in Nuevo Laredo and our prayer for us as we bring the message of hope to a city in need of Jesus.

Today, our students spent the day practicing for the drama and did such a great job.  Sprinkled throughout the practice were times of praying, worshiping, and encouraging one another.  A hearty lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches was enjoyed midway through our day of practice.

They are eager to bring the story of freedom to the people of Nuevo Laredo tomorrow.  Please be praying as they get a good night’s rest and prepare to see many come to know Christ tomorrow.

Your Country Coordinators,

Rex and Meridith

Mike and Gerri


Praise the Lord! We made it safely across the border and to our home church, Agape. We were greeted by many familiar faces and here and have already made many new friends. We cast the drama tonight and are looking forward to a full day of drama training tomorrow.

We are overwhelmed by how the team(s) are already coming together in such unity! Our prayer is that Nuevo Laredo would know us by our love for one another.

Please be praying for continued strength to train the drama, unity of heart, continued health and joy, and for gospel to be shared.

Humbling Servinng,

your Country Coordinators

Walker Moore

Mike Lehew & Gerri Smith

Rex Roberts & Meridith Ingram

Our hearts are so expectant for what the Lord is going to do in Mexico. For many years we have seen the Lord move in mighty ways as we follow Him to reach the nations. We are crying out for Him to do the same as we head out for Nuevo Laredo tomorrow. We appreciate you being a vital part of this team as you pray for us.

You can look here daily to see how your loved ones are doing and to see how the Lord is moving in mighty ways. We will do our best to post lots of pictures and updates every night. However, please know sometimes the internet is not the best and makes this hard.

Underneath each post you should see pictures. Click on the picture and it will pop up on your screen. There will be arrows on the left and the right side so you can scroll through all the pictures in the gallery.

We appreciate you preparing the way through prayer. Here are a few things you can pray for… Safety traveling, Open Hearts and Minds for us and the people we come in contact with, Unity among the team, Health, Salvation, and that we would all hear what the Lord is trying to teach us.

We can not wait to get to know your loved ones more and serve beside them! We look forward to sharing the great things that God is going to do in Mexico!


Your Mexico Leadership

Walker Moore

Meridith Ingram & Rex Roberts

Gerri Smith & Mike Lehew