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Mexico Christmas 2016/2017

Buenas Noches!

We have just wrapped up our last day of ministry here in Mexico. We performed four dramas today and then came back to Agape church. They held a service and prayed over the team. We are so blessed by all of our wonderful friends here in Mexico!

The students got the opportunity to perform at a plaza this morning and then we attended a local church service. It was a great time of fellowshipping with other believers, knowing that no matter what language we speak, we serve the same God. The students got to perform the drama for the church after worshipping with them.

After this drama we went to a plaza. This plaza is the biggest in the city and it was very busy. At both of our dramas at this plaza we had hundreds of people watching and many of them surrendered their lives to Christ. It was a bittersweet finish as we performed our last drama there.

We are currently preparing to head out early tomorrow morning. We will hopefully be able to post more of an update when we get back to Tulsa. Please pray for the whole team as we travel back to our homes across various states. Pray that we cross the border quickly and with no problems. Pray for our drivers, that they might be awake and alert for the long drive back. Lastly, pray for the ministry done here in Mexico. We know that even though our time here has come to an end, the ministry has not. God is going to continue to do great things here in Mexico, just as he has all week. The students are excited to share their stories with you when we get back.
Pictures will be uploaded when we get back tomorrow.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker & Melanie

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Buenas Tardes!

The students awoke feeling refreshed and ready to begin their fourth day of ministry here in Mexico.

The morning started off with one drama at Pulga los Rieles. Due to the festivities going on to celebrate the new year, the Pulga was not very crowded. Every time we perform the drama, we do it for an audience of One, so the size of the crowd doesn’t matter to the students. After the drama the students went out and did ministry. Many of our ministry teams came back with story after story of the faithfulness of God.

After performing this drama the team went to Centro de Ejecucion de Sancciones (CEDES). This is a maximum security prison located in Nuevo Laredo. This is a prison that Awe Star has been to in previous years. We performed three dramas at this prison, first for the women’s side of the prison and then two for the men’s side. In each of these dramas we witnessed many come to the Lord.

One of our ministry teams in particular got an amazing story. Our three girls in the group began to speak to the women and found out that they attended the local church that was set up in the prison. However, when pressing the women to learn more they found out that none of them were believers. As they got to know them, our students began to weep over their need for the gospel. The Holy Spirit moved and the women began crying, praying with our students to surrender their lives to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Our students knew going into the prison that this was a place where there could be extreme spiritual warfare. However, God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power and of love. That means that we can walk in the full confidence of having Christ with us. We watched our students out in ministry and it was unlike anything we have seen thus far. Our youngest student on the team was going from prisoner to prisoner, sharing his faith with them and leading them to the Lord! Each of our ministry teams were filled with passion for the gospel. Gloria a Dios!

Tonight we will attend a New Years Eve service and then have a dinner with the church after midnight. Since this service will be so late, we are treating the students to some pizza for them to enjoy. They are excited to experience their first Mexican church service. Tomorrow we will have church in the morning and then go on to finish out our time here in Mexico.
Please pray for our last day of ministry tomorrow. The students are sad that their time here in Mexico is almost over, but we know that the work in Mexico will continue. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would burden their hearts for the people of Mexico, Panama, Peru, and the Gambia.
Happy New Year!

Your Country Coordinators,
Walker & Melanie

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Buenas Noches!

Our hearts are so full after a wonderful day of ministry here in Nuevo Laredo. The students had a wonderful nights rest and woke to fresh tortillas, eggs, and potatoes. They are loving eating the authentic Mexican food every day.

Our first ministry site was at a rehabilitation center for juveniles. We are so thankful for the maturity and focus of our team, as we got closer to this site they were praying with their seat partners and preparing their hearts for the ministry. We met the director of the rehabilitation center outside the gates and she told us they only had 11 youth inside and asked if we still wanted to come. Assuring her that we would have wanted to come even if there was only one, we all loaded inside to begin the drama.

Even though our crowd was small, the students gave everything they had. After the drama ended we watched them go out and minister to each of the youth, as well as the security guards and other staff-members. Our hearts rejoiced when we saw three of the men accept Christ. Gloria a Dios!

After this, we headed to the Pulga Plaza de Toros. This site is one Awe Star has been to many times, but thankfully the crowds change every day. There were so many people at our first drama we performed another. Both times we witnessed the power of God move in the lives of the people of Mexico.
Because this weekend is the New Year, many shops and restaurants will be closed. After our third drama the students got the opportunity to do some souvenir shopping and eat at local restaurants.

Once done shopping we headed to our last drama of the day, which ended up being at the same plaza we performed at yesterday! There was somehow an even bigger crowd tonight. One of the best things about our students is their willingness to always engage with the crowd. Their joy, enthusiasm, and love for one another draws many over to watch our drama.

Tonight we had a fantastic meal brought to us by our lovely cooks. After that the students got to listen to Walker teach on Proverbs 31, teaching our men to affirm the women.

Tomorrow we will have another full day of ministry, and will participate in a late night New Years Eve service. Pray for strength for our students and leadership and joy in all circumstances. We are looking forward to the great things God is going to do tomorrow. Thank you for your prayers!

Your Country Coordinators,
Walker & Melanie

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Feliz Segundo Dia de Ministerio!

Today we are thankful for the victory we have found in Jesus. One of the best parts of the performing our drama is that we get to publicly declare over and over that we have overcome through Christ. Praise the Lord!

Today we got to witness many souls surrender their lives to the Lord. In the morning we performed three dramas at Pulga Frente de Chedragui. This Pulga was very big and has huge waves of people going in and out. Today we had several students who had never shared the gospel before lead someone to Christ. They shared their stories with such enthusiasm and joy, truly excited to see many lives forever changed.

One of the coolest parts about being in Mexico is our ability to work so closely with the nationals. It is heartwarming to watch them share the gospel with their own people with so much eagerness. They always notice those in the crowd who might not have been seen by others and are quick to go over and share the love of Christ with them. One of Awe Star’s favorite verses is John 13:35, which states, “By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” Our team displayed this love towards one another and to the people of Mexico.

After we ate our traditional peanut butter and jelly, the students got the oppportunity to assist in helping with some construction work. All of our students participated in carrying cement blocks to help some men directly across from the church. We love seeing the serving hearts of our students.

We then drov to a church called Bethesda. This church is located in a neighborhood, but it is a recent church plant and is still relatively small. Thankfully we were able to perform the drama for them.

After the drama ended, one of our ministry teams didn’t have anyone to talk to, as everyone else seemed to already have someone sharing the gospel with them. They immediately began to pray for the other ministry groups. As soon as they started to pray, a family walked up to our site. They hadn’t seen the drama, but the students went over to speak to them anyways. This family used to go to church but because of various situations in their life, they felt like they had fallen away from their faith. The Lord spoke through our students and everyone in the family ended up rededicating their lives to a relationship with Christ. Gloria a Dios!

We performed one last drama at Plaza de las Banderas. Although this was a very large Plaza, it didn’t seem as though a lot of people were there. Our students went out to invite people to come watch the drama but it still seemed as though no one was coming. Thankfully, we know that no matter how many people are watching our drama, we are only doing it for The Lord. Our students eagerly began the gospel presentation. By the end of the drama, a huge crowd had gathered and many were saved.

God is doing great things in Mexico! Please pray for our ministry tomorrow, pray that the team will stay focused on our ministry and that the enemy will not let anything distract them from their work. We are excited for what is God is going to do in our remaining time in Mexico!

“Expect great things from God. Attempt great things for God.” –William Carey

Your Country Coordinators
Walker & Melanie

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Buenas Noches!

The students awoke this morning and had a traditional Mexican breakfast with freshly made breakfast tacos. After breakfast we prayed and prepared our hearts for ministry.

The students loaded the bus and headed out to our first ministry site at Pulga Solidaridad. A Pulga is a big market similar to what a flea market in America would be. Once we arrived the students broke out into their ministry teams and began to invite the crowd to come watch the drama. A ministry team is the tool that Awe Star uses to evangelize. There are three roles in the ministry team; a ministry team leader, a prayer person, and a distracter. Each of these roles will be assigned daily.

We have been very blessed by having several translators and members of the local church that travel with us to ministry sites. These people have been gracious enough to assist the students in inviting and in sharing the gospel. The students performed the drama at this first Pulga to a large crowd, and many were saved. It was exciting to see several students who had never shared the gospel before getting the opportunity to lead someone to Christ.

After finishing our ministry at this first site we went to a second site called Pulga Voluntad. Prior to the beginning of the drama, the students got the opportunity to prayer-walk the Pulga in their ministry teams. One of the most important core values of our team is to pray without ceasing. The students performed the drama to a huge crowd and were so excited to get to have one-on-one with the people of Mexico. We were thrilled to see many come to know the Lord at this site.

Once finished with our ministry at this Pulga, we all headed back for lunch to the church we are staying at. The joy of the gospel and of salvation was evident on our students faces as they shared stories with one another. After finishing lunch, we got to hear from Walker about the importance of having all of your hope in Christ. Walker taught the students the true meaning of contentment; that if Christ is all you have than you have all you need.

The students got to perform three more dramas in the afternoon. At each of these dramas we presented to multitudes of people, and saw many come to know the Lord. The last drama we performed was in the middle of a Pulga. Pulga’s are very busy places with many people and vehicles going in and out. As the students performed and a crowd began to form, we watched traffic literally stop so that people could hear the gospel. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow we have another full day of ministry planned. Please continue to pray for our work here and the people we will meet tomorrow. We want the gospel to be evident in everything we do. Pray for the health, hydration and safety of our team. They are enjoying getting to know one another and doing ministry here in Mexico. Gloria a Dios!

We will be posting updates throughout the trip which you can receive immediate notifications on your phone for by texting mex16 to 84483. This new feature will keep you up to date on travel updates as well as when the website will be updated.

Your Country Coordinators,
Walker & Melanie

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Buenas Dias!

The students awoke this morning rested and re-energized, excited to begin our day of drama training. Although the drama is only an eighteen minute presentation, it takes all day to learn. Thankfully the students quick learners and picked up their parts with enthusiasm. The drama goes from the creation of the world through the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Each of the parts in the drama represents an aspect of the gospel.

The leaders were very impressed with how quickly the students finished the drama. After having a delicious lunch of Awe Star traditional peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, the students finished learning every scene in the drama. We decided to reward them by allowing them to walk to the store to buy a snack. The students were so intrigued by all the Mexican items the store had, as well as watching their money convert from dollars to Pesos.

One interesting aspect of this team is a number of youth from Mexico are joining us to perform the drama. We are so excited to be able to share in ministry with the nationals of this country. One student came all the way from Monterrey to join our team. We are very blessed by their presence.

The students finished up their training and got to enjoy a delicious dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. Afterwards they got to sit and listen to the testimony of a local pastor named Cuberto. Pastor Cuberto shared his story of all the sacrifices he and his family have made so that the gospel might be spread here in Nuevo Laredo. The students hearts were moved and encouraged by his testimony.

Tomorrow we will be heading out first thing in the morning to begin ministry. Continue to pray for the health and safety of the students. We pray that we will see many divine encounters both tomorrow and for the rest of our week here in Mexico.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker and Melanie

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Buenas Noches from Agape Church in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico!

Our team gathered early this morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma to begin the journey to Mexico. With various stops along the way to pick up more team members our team was complete about four hours outside of Mexico. We filled up on delicious pizza before loading up and crossing the border into Mexico around 6:30 p.m.

The team immediately worked well together to unload our luggage and supplies for the week. After room assignments were given the students gathered to be cast into their roles for our drama. This drama, also known as “Freedom,” will be the main tool we use to present the gospel this week.

Once cast, the students relished sitting under the teachings of Awe Star President, Walker Moore. Walker taught out of the second chapter of Luke. The students were challenged with laying down their adolescence and stepping into their adulthood, and many of our students took on the adult responsibility with joy. We are excited to see them develop and grow more in the coming week.

Tomorrow we will spend the day in drama training and preparing our hearts for ministry. Please join us in prayer for the team, for the ministry, and for the Mexican people that we will be sharing the gospel with this week.

Your Country Coordinators,

Walker & Melanie

The days are counting down as we prepare to head to Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Pray for the team to have safe travel, divine encounters and good health. We will begin updating daily on December 26th. Merry Christmas!