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Mexico Christmas 2015

A new year and a new day of ministry for our Mexico teams! Both teams slept in and got a wonderful breakfast of pancakes made by Gerri, Haley, David, and Colby! After quiet times we had a time of praise and worship that prepared the students for a great last day of ministry.

Team Navidad headed to a supermarket that looked like a miniature mall inside. We sang and danced for the audience and then performed the drama for a large group of children and adults where many people were saved. Our second drama was at a mall where we saw the largest crowd we have seen all week at our drama which was incredible. The third site we went to was called Casa de Amor, which is a house for deported immigrants. We saw many of the same men we saw earlier in the week at a church where we performed the drama, and it was very awesome to see how they still wanted to hear about the love of God. Other men came to the Lord tonight from our drama and it was a great place of Jesus Ministry.

At our last drama site for Team Navidad, we went to an S-Mart and were allowed to perform by the entrance of the store for numerous people to watch. We had some students who saw a woman who began to cry during the drama but left before they could talk to her. The students ran around the store in attempt to find her, and they did. They talked to her about the drama and having a personal relationship with Christ, and she said she wanted to receive that. Our students prayed with her, and she is now our new sister in Christ!

Team Feliz went to several different supermarkets today because the weather was cold and rainy. As we performed the drama several people would stop and watch, and many people came to know Christ. After the supermarkets we went to the mall. The students began to dance to draw a crowd. The next thing we knew, we were surrounded by more than 100 people. One of the people in the crowd was one of our translator’s brothers. This made our translator very happy. One of our students went up to talk to him. As soon as they were done talking, the translator asked what happened. The student explained that the translator’s brother had recognized that he had turned from God and want to get his life back in a right relationship with Him. When we finished at the mall, we went to perform our last drama for the week at an immigrant house.

Both teams came back and had dinner. While we had dinner, a man named Marco shared his testimony with us. He accepted Christ when Awe Star came and presented the drama in March and is now serving in one of the churches we work with.

Now the students are packed up and ready to head out early in the morning so that they can share about the great things that God did this week in their lives and the lives of others. Please pray for safe travels as we head home in a few hours.

Your CCs,

Haley and Colby
Gerri and David

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After the team woke up and had their quiet times and breakfast, we all loaded up to have ministry in the prison. We were originally supposed to go yesterday, but the director of the prison called us and invited us to come today because there would be more people there visiting their families.

Team Feliz went into the women’s side of the prison. We presented the drama out on a court. During the drama it started to rain and the temperature was cold. So after the drama we invited everyone to go inside the church to get out of the rain and cold. Inside the church we presented the gospel, and almost the whole room of around 30 people stood, saying they wanted to receive Christ. The girls on the team then prayed with the ladies in the room. After we were done praying with them, the girls were presented the unique opportunity of being able to enter the living quarters of the ladies in the prison. The prisons here are much different than the ones back home. Several of the women raise their children in the jail from newborn to three years of age. We met two ladies, both named Mary. One hasn’t seen her son for 10 years due to her time in prison. The other Mary has six children. They are all scattered in different cities due to her being in jail. She is every worried about the safety of her children. Please be in prayer for these ladies.

Team Navidad got to share the drama on the men’s side of the prison. After a flawless drama orchestrated by God, we had an altar call with 27 salvations.

One story that affected all of us on team Navidad involved a girl named Samantha who was visiting her dad. She watched the drama alone while her parents visited in the visiting section. Samantha heard the message and wanted to accept Christ. She was actually the first person among all the men to raise her hand to accept Christ and actually started a movement. Before we began the prayer, we watched her as she ran over to her dad and started tugging on his shirt. She wanted her dad to hear the prayer. She wanted her dad to change, and God was starting that change with her. Her dad refused to come over, so without realizing she was about to miss out on a salvation prayer, she ran back over to pray. As we gathered our soon-to-be new believers in a circle where our students could place their hands on them, Samantha’s mom came over and grabbed her out of the middle of the circle. This was heartbreaking for Samantha and heartbreaking for us to watch. After we finished ministry with the men, we asked one of our guides and local pastors about what had occurred. He then proceeded to go share the gospel with the family. Samantha accepted Christ, and seeds were planted in the rest of the family.

After we left the prisons, both teams came back and changed clothes to go out experience the culture by shopping and eating out. The students had fun experiencing the culture and buying some cultural items. When they came back, they spent some time fellowshipping with each other before we got ready to go spend New Year’s with one of the churches we are working with.

We wish all of you a very happy New Year! Please continue to pray for us as we are near the end of our time here for continued ministry, continued health, and safe travels home.

Happy New Year,

Gerri & David

Haley & Colby

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What a day the Lord has blessed us with. We started our day with an early breakfast of huevos and cheese quesadillas.

Team Navidad left at 8 a.m. to share the drama with our sister church, Bethezda. After sharing the drama, we as a team had the opportunity to serve breakfast to homeless immigrants.

After a round of peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat (lunch), we then traveled to a market in a colonia. Our students had an opportunity to share the gospel with Martha, a lady who had been used in human trafficking at a young age. She explained to our students that for her whole life, she was told she was worth nothing. Our students explained that she matters to God and is her Father’s favorite child. Martha accepted Christ and already had plans to start a ministry out of her house. GLORY TO GOD that he placed us there at the moment where our students could speak the love of Christ into sweet Martha.

Next we stopped at an S-Mart (Grocery Store) to use the banos, but the store ended up being where God had placed us to perform our next drama. We got permission from the manager and had many stories of people coming to know the Lord. Colby got to see a man he met six years ago here who was an alcoholic and helped lead to Christ who had been living for the Lord ever since. This was a joyous reunion!

For our last mission site we made our way to a plaza in the middle of Nuevo Laredo, found a beautiful gazebo to perform near, and met a group of newspaper reporters. They interviewed Haley, took pictures of the drama, and will be writing an article in the paper by Saturday. After this drama, our students went out with such heart and power and told people about the gospel. The Lord used their strong hearts to bring many people to His name!

After the other team left, Team Feliz spent time talking about our quiet times in small group. Then we left to go to a pulga. It is always so exciting to see the students’ enthusiasm as they go out and share the gospel with people.  We then went to another spot in the same pulga. As the drama started suddenly several cars started to block many peoples’ view of the drama. However that didn’t stop the people from stopping and watching. Several people even directed the traffic to get the cars out of their view.

We then joined Team Navidad for lunch. It was exciting to fellowship for a few minutes with the other team. After lunch Walker did a quick teaching, and then we were headed out for more ministry.

We went to a small neighborhood where they are working on starting a church. The students went out with their ministry teams to invite people to come. A little while later the students started returning and each group had children following them, then shortly later their parents did also.  God is doing a mighty work in this neighborhood!

Our last drama we went to another neighborhood not very far away. The plaza we went to had a soccer field, basketball court, and playgrounds. After the drama was over and the students were out ministering, one group began talking to a lady. She was a Christian but she was having problems with her arm and couldn’t move it. As the students began to pray for her she slowly had the ability to bend her arm. What a GLORIOUS GOD we serve!

The teams then all joined together for dinner and fellowship, then more teaching from Walker before getting snug in their beds.

Please continue to pray for continued health, that the teams would continue to grow in unity, and that God would continue to do great things.

Thank you for your prayers!

Your CCs,

Colby & Haley

David & Gerri

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This morning both teams woke up to a traditional breakfast of tortas bread filled with chorizo and eggs. After breakfast, the teams split up to start their Jesus Ministry for the day.

Team Feliz took a long van ride to get to the city of Anahuac. We presented the drama in a pulga (flea market). Once the students started dancing a large crowd began and we started the drama. As the drama went on the crowd grew larger and larger. After the drama the students went out in their ministry groups and began talking to the people. Many people stayed as the students worked their way from group to group to talk to everyone. It was about lunchtime, and we found a great spot to do the drama by a taco stand. Once again as the drama was presented, a large crowd grew. People filled the street as God drew people to the drama. Many people thought they were there to just get a taco or maybe some things from the flea market, but they received so much more. They received the hope and joy that only comes from Jesus Christ.

After lunch we thought we were going to another city, but nobody was there. Though we were disappointed we knew that our disappointment was God’s divine appointment. So we decided to continue to our next city.

Once we arrived at the colonia after a long ride, the students enjoyed playing soccer and engaging with kids at the park. They were then able to talk to the kids who they played with at the park after the drama. Many of them decided to have a personal relationship with Christ.

At our last drama site we went to a large plaza. As we set up a TV crew came and interviewed us about why we were there and even recorded part of the drama. While the drama was going on, God placed a group of people on a student’s heart but they started to walk away. The student prayed they came back and eventually they came back and the whole group came to Christ.

After breakfast, Team Navidad had a time of worship with no instruments or lyrics to assist them, just their voices raised to glorify our King! We then left the church and arrived at our first site where we performed the drama three times at different locations within a pulga (flea market). There were many distractions during the drama but that did not phase the students one bit. They pushed through the distractions and still saw many people come to know the Lord.

We then headed back to the church for lunch and a great time of fellowship between our team. After lunch we made our way to our next site that did not work out so we began to pray to see where God wanted us to go. By God’s amazing time and placing, there was a soccer field filled with players close to us. We spoke with the young men that range in ages from 10-28. We convinced them to halt the game long enough to perform the drama. God moved in a mighty way. Ten young men were led to the Lord on that soccer field. Team Navidad’s schedule was set up for us to be at a juvenile detention center. It was humbling for us and a reminder that sometimes our disappointments are God’s divine appointments.

The evening came to a close with both teams arriving back to Agape and enjoying a feast that was prepared for us followed by a great teaching from Walker.

In Christ,


Gerri and David

Haley and Colby

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Today we got up and spent some time in the Word. We then ate breakfast and the teams split up to begin today’s ministry.

Team Navidad left at 8:00 to head toward the city of Nuevo Leon to our first mission stop which was at a ]plaza. We found a beautiful gazebo at the plaza to perform the drama. The crowd was overwhelming, but the response was even more overwhelming.

We ate lunch at a beautiful park in the city and had a wonderful time full of laughter and telling amazing stories from previous trips.  After lunch we began our long drive back to Nuevo Laredo where we had the opportunity to share the drama at the Pulga J Longoria (Flea Market).

We saw many people come to know Christ today and the students had numerous stories to share with us, but there was one in particular that stood out. At our last drama site, a man named Javier came up to a group of students, explaining to them that he had seen the drama eight years ago at a market down the street. Javier began to tell the students that when he saw the drama the first time he was not a Christian and didn’t accept Christ after the drama, but that three years ago, he made a decision to follow Christ! This greatly encouraged the students because it opened their eyes to seeing the seeds that are planted by the drama are growing after we leave Mexico.


Team Feliz didn’t need to leave as early as Team Navidad, so we enjoyed a teaching called ENGAGE which helps encourage the students things to remember as we do Jesus Ministry. Soon after we left to go to our first ministry site.

For our first ministry site we went to a pulga ( flea market). As we entered we found an open place among all the people selling their goods. The students were able to talk to many people. We then moved into the middle of the pulga to present the drama. After the drama the students were once again enthusiastic to get out and talk to the people. There were many people who were walking around and buying things at the booths, and many people selling things. The students divided into their ministry groups and began sharing with all of them. The Lord used all of them in a mighty way. God used some to encourage other believers, and some were able to help lead others to Christ.

One of the ladies the students shared with had come up to the leaders at the first drama as the students were getting ready to move to the next site. She was very intrigued at why we were there and wanted to see what we were doing. The leaders encouraged her to follow us and we would show her. This went right along with a teaching Walker did earlier about a Willing Witness (the students) + Seeking Soul (the lady) = Divine Encounter!  It never grows old when you see God drawing people to Him!

We then had lunch and did some worship before heading back out.

Next we went to an orphanage where we not only presented the drama but enjoyed playing with the kids. The students loved spending time with them. After the orphanage we went to another pulga where there were once again several people whom the students ministered to.

Both teams then arrived back at Agape to enjoy a delicious meal made by our lovely nationals. After a great evening of worship and a teaching from Walker, the students are wrapped snug in their cots.

Continue praying for Team Navidad, Team Feliz, and the Jesus ministry we will be doing tomorrow.

Your CCs,

Haley & Colby

Gerri & David



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Today was an incredible day of training. The students did an amazing job at picking up the drama so quickly, and we had a fun day growing closer to one another.

Continue to be in prayer for both teams as we go to our ministry sites tomorrow to do Jesus Ministry. Pray for safety as we travel from each site, continued healthy bodies, the students as they speak to nationals about the Lord, and the many people that God will place in our path to share His love with.

Much love,

Team Feliz (Gerri and David) & Team Navidad (Haley and Colby)

We received a call today from the Mexico team.  All is going well, except no Internet, so no update from them or pictures but hopefully they will get it going.  They have learned the drama and were going to go to the plaza to perform it tonight.

Continue to pray for them that they will have many opportunities to share the gospel and lives can be changed forever.

Awe Star Staff

We received a call from the team that all are well and ready to rest for the night. They will work on the drama tomorrow so they can be ready to do ministry the rest of the week. Thank you for your prayers and continue to watch this blog for updates and pictures if they are able to post them.

What a great week it is going to be! I can’t wait to hear how God is working.

Awe Star Staff

As many are counting down the days and hours until Christmas there is a group of almost 50 that have a slightly different countdown. It’s the countdown to the Mexico Christmas Trip! On Dec 26, while many of you are sleeping, we will begin traveling to Mexico and picking up more students along the way. We are so excited about what the Lord has in store for us in Mexico and in each of the students lives. We will do our best to daily share some of the things the Lord is doing while we are in Mexico! So please feel free to share this blog with all your family and friends and church family so they can be praying as well.

Please remember that we try our very best to post a blog and pictures every day, however sometimes internet can be difficult to get even in Mexico. We appreciate all of you praying, we know that our prayer partners are a very important part of this team.

Please be in prayer as everyone is preparing spiritually, mentally and physically for Mexico. Pray for safe travels, we have people flying in and driving even on Christmas day. Team unity, the people we come in contact with, and lives to be changed. The message of HOPE to be shared and received.

Thank you for being an important part of this team!

Awe Star