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Mexico Christmas 2013-2014

Awe.  This word describes the feelings of a group of missionaries who left Nuevo
Laredo early this morning to travel back to their homes.  Who would have thought
that at the beginning of the week, it would turn out to be such an AWEsome week
where many gave their hearts to the Lord…..God did.

He orchestrated an incredible week of ministry where the prayers, words, and
actions of ordinary students and adults collided with a hungry community
seeking Hope (Paz) and Peace (Esperanza).

As our teams  have started to settle back into their homes, our prayer is that we will
not be settled in returning to who we used to be before this
experience, but will take the great lessons that were learned in following Jesus to
our friends, families, neighbors, and communities.

This week of stories will continue as we hear of more great things that God is going
to do.

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Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri

Follow me.   These were two words that Jesus spoke to his disciples and were two words we digested through bible study,  Our ministry teams and ministry sites. People’s lives have been changed through the power of the Gospel and the obedience of students and adults.

Ask your student about the incredible things God did in Nuevo Laredo.   You will be amazed of all He has done.  (Today we wanted to post about the prison ministry sites,  orphanage,  and motorcycle rally, but due to the internet cafe being closed and technical difficulties, we were not able to put up a full post. )


Tomorrow we head home early in the morning.   Please pray for our drivers and students.  We are looking forward to trying you all that God has done in Nuevo Laredo!

Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meredith

Mike and Gerri

The team has  had a great day closing out 2013. God has moved in mighty ways.

Many people will start the new year with the hope of Jesus Christ.  The students

spent the evening  with some of the local churches.  It was a great night of worship,

food, and testimonies.

For now we wish you  a happy New Year and a good night.

Please pray we all stay happy and healthy and that peoples lives continue to change.



Country Cordinators

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri

Good evening friends and family!

Even though today our students spent huddled in their ministry teams with their
coats on, it did not stop our students from sharing the Gospel.

Team Esperanza (Hope) had their first scheduled ministry site cancelled which
allowed our students to spend some time in prayer and worship. After forty five
minutes, we were given our next assignment.  The team went to a suburb of
Nuevo Laredo.  When we got there, there was only the pastor so our ministry
teams divided up and went into the community to invite people to the drama.  By
the time the drama started, the team was pleasantly surprised as many people
arrived.  The greatest news was 33 people gave their hearts to Christ.  Needless to
say, the students were extremely excited.

The pastor had been trying to reach this community for quite
some time and the students through their obedience, provided an opportunity
through the Freedom Drama for people in his community to hear the Gospel.

Team Paz (Peace) went to a juvenile delinquent center.  There was a group of
students that arrived to see the drama while there were some that were able to view
the drama from their cells.  After the drama was performed, the students went in
teams to talk with the juveniles.  They shared with the students that just because
they had done bad things, they could still have a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Many prayed to receive Christ.

As the students shared more about what it means to be a follower of Christ, one of
the boys asked, “How can you believe in God when you cannot see him?”  Through
our students explanation, the boy realized that God is real and God is present.  He
prayed and received Christ.

These are just a few of the great things that God has done today!  The teams have
been so grateful for the translator/missionaries and the churches that God has sent
for us to partner with.

We have been told on a few occasions that there are not as many mission teams
coming to Nuevo Laredo and so the churches have been so encouraged to see the
teams of Hope and Peace come to Nuevo Laredo.


Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri

Good evening from Nuevo Laredo!

Stories.  Throughout Scripture we see stories of God doing great things through
ordinary people.  Today, we saw God do great things through ordinary students.  It
was an amazing sight to see our students boldy proclaim the Gospel through the
Freedom Drama in flea markets, plazas, and a church.

Team Esperanza (Hope) was greeted by a large crowd at the flea market in Nuevo Laredo.
What turned out  to be a positively overwhelming situation as people responded to
the Gospel, they faced a shortage of interpreters.   Out of the crowd, came a
missionary from San Antonio who came and helped them  translate the Gospel.
This missionary had a heartbeat of obedience as he went with one of our ministry
teams and they saw four people come to know Christ!  To even further testify of
God’s greatness, God provided four more translators for the rest of the day.
Many people came to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Team Paz (Peace) went to four different sites with their last stop being at a church
plant outside of Nuevo Laredo.  One of our students shared their testimony of how
they grew up in church and was a good kid, yet still was not saved.   After the drama
was performed, the pastor of the church  asked again for this student to come up
and share his testimony again to relate to some of his congregation.  God used this
students testimony to speak to the church and encourage them to not just attend
church but BE the church.

One of the greatest aspects of an Awe Star mission trip is seeing the body of Christ
come together in unity.  God has brought students and adults from across the
United States for one common purpose-to proclaim the Good News.  Through the
common bond of Christ, salvation has come to Nuevo Laredo.

These  stories testify to God’s amazing creativity as he brings brothers and
sisters in Christ from all walks of  life to build His kingdom.  Today, we saw this
through a missionary from San Antonio, a new church start in Nuevo Laredo, and
in the obedience of students from across the United States.

Tonight, our students  just finished a great meal at one of our host churches and are
now spending some time in the Word after a great day of ministry.  In the morning,
the two teams will be going to two different churches to worship and present the
Freedom Drama.

One thing that you could pray with us about is the churches here in Nuevo Laredo
as they do the follow up.  As we sat last night hearing the hearts of these pastors, we
were encouraged to see their hearts for the lost here in Nuevo Laredo.

Click on the link below for pictures from today.

Thank you for praying!

Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith

Mike and Gerri


Good Morning friends and family!

Hope and Peace….this is our prayer this week as we bring the Good News of the Gospel
to Nuevo Laredo this week.  With this purpose we have two teams–Team Paz (Peace) and
Team Esperanza (Hope) that will go into all parts of Nuevo Laredo to share this peace and
hope through Jesus Christ.

Our students woke up this morning in ancipation of doing Jesus Ministry through
the Freedom Drama.  They ate a healthy breakfast followed by an incredible message by
Chad Thompson in Luke 2 on laying down their adolescence and taking up there purpose
of being young adults who will take the Gospel to Nuevo Laredo and back home.

Please pray for our teams as they learn the Freedom Drama today.  Tonight, we will be
going to a local church for dinner.

To view today´s pictures, click on the link below

Your Country Coordinators,

Colby and Meridith (Team Esperanza)

Mike and Gerri (Team Paz)

After many hours of travel we have finally arrived in Nuevo Laredo! We are praising Jesus for his traveling mercies and then warm welcoming spirit of the nation of Mexico.

Tomorrow we will begin drama training and everyone is filed with excitement for the ministry ahead. Please pray for team unity to continue to form and for minds to learn the drama. Thank you for being prayer warriors!

With thankful and expectant hearts,

Mike Lehew, Gerri Smith, Colby Gniech, and Meridith Ingram country coordinators

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Hello and Merry Christmas!!!

We are so thankful you have obeyed Christ’s call to “Follow Me.” This call will take you to places God has ordained from before the foundation of the world. He has chosen you because He has uniquely equipped and gifted you for the work He has called you to do. If you are willing to follow Him step by step, He will lead you on toward the divine encounters He has already set up.

You will experience significant growth as you surrender and yield your heart to His service. You will spend a great deal of time in His Word and in His presence. This will teach you to rely on Him in prayer and focus on the mission for which He has called and prepared you.

You will experience His faithfulness and power. As you surrender to the will and plan of God, He will take you to places you would never have known otherwise. You will experience a deeper understanding of the ministry and purpose of your life.

What an amazing responsibility He has given us to make Him known to the ends of the earth! I am proud of your commitment to take on this responsibility and to pick up your cross and follow Him. We will help prepare you, and together, we will serve side by side for the Gospel.

I pray that you will give yourself completely to Him and not be afraid to do everything He asks.

Your partner in Ministry,