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Kilimanjaro 2013

Kilimanjaro 2013 - At the Top

Kilimanjaro 2013 – At the Top

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On Top of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Baptist General Convention of Ok on Vimeo.

Last steps up

Made it to the top!!!


To all those who have prayed and encouraged me on this journey I am grateful. I felt every prayer with every step and when I didn’t think I could walk one more step your prayers made it possible. I have so much to tell, the journey was way more than I ever thought. I am just beginning to process it right now, it is going to take awhile for me to get my thoughts in order. I am spending a day recovering, my muscles are fatigued, they are spent. It was an extreme physical, emotional and spiritual trip all three combined into one. It was equally demanding in each arena of my life. One thing for sure I will never be the same. So in a few days I will began to post more of my reflections but for now I wanted you to know that I am grateful for my friends. Walker Moore

On the way up

They are getting higher and higher!!

The girl wanted to help, it’s amazing those getting involved.

The text from Walker says: The cross has taken a life of its own. People from all over the world have asked about the cross. Porters from the Tanzania churches have asked if they could join us in taking the cross to the top. Today walked to 15000 feet to prepare for the summit. Sleeping at 13,200. 

He said they have two tough days ahead climbing the Barancho wall and then the summit at midnight. All are doing ok.



Photo: Lord willing all 14 of these men will carry the cross to the top.

Lord willing all 14 of these men will carry the cross to the top.


Photo: Rain ForestImagine everything you own wet!Everybody good God is so gracious to allow each of these men to carry a cross to the top of Kilimanjaro We here two news stations in Oklahoma are picking up story

Taking turns carrying the cross


Photo: Go Walker

Walker taking his turn


Climbing- 10,000 ft


Photo: Happy birthday Jeremy !

Happy birthday Jeremy !


Photo: Mmm good

Mmm good

Check out this link, we were on channel 6 news report, we tried to skype  with them.

you might have to copy this and put it  into your computer.

Strange as it may sound, Kilimanjaro is perhaps one of the most dangerous mountains in the world.

Altitude presents humans with a host of problems. On Kili the combination of cold 0 degrees, dehydration and acute mountain sickness seems to be responsible for turning most people back. 

Lighting strike killed one person earlier this year. 

 Thank You for YOUR Prayers

As we share the story of the CROSS and the Love of Christ
ON THE WAY Up to to 19000 feet  celebrating 40 years of Walker Moore being in ministry and 20 years and thousands of young people's lives that have changed and the impact these young people have made on their parents and people all over the world. 

"I can only imagine" 
The song by Mercy Me 

Reminds me 

What it will be like in Eternity with Christ. with the the lives that have been changed because of AWESTAR and the great ministry WWalker Dean Mooreand Cathy Moore have done over last 40 years 

Thank you from this Father!!It is finish!Ch 6 News station in Tulsa live 
Walker Moore celebrating 40 years of ministry and 20 years at Awestar by carrying a cross to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Made the journey to Arusha, Tanzania. Will have our first meeting with our guide tonight and pack up for the journey…chased a herd of giraffes today.

Just did a live interview from Arusha with Channel 6, Tulsa OK! 

Follow along I’ll try and post info when I have it. 

We have arrived in Nairobi safe and sound! All luggage and the cross has made it. Tomorrow at 9:00 am we will be heading to Arusha where we will begin orientation for our climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. We will try to post pictures tomorrow afternoon African time.

We start climbing on the 3rd. You can also follow along on my facebook Walker Dean Moore or The Baptist Messenger.