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FBC Lebanon 2014

It was with much sadness today that we returned from the mountains and said goodbye to our translators.  The Lord has been moving mightily here, both among the people of Panama and in the hearts of our students.  We are excited to return home and share with you all the stories of the great things our God is doing here!

One story we are excited to share with you concerns the men of our group.  They had an opportunity to encourage and help out a local brother in Christ while we were in the mountain village of Nuevo Renosa.  He had recently suffered a back injury and needed some help with a couple of projects around his house.  Later that day, we were performing the drama in an entirely different village, Nueva Florida, when one of our students had the opportunity to share the Gospel with a local family.  As the ministry team spoke with the father and talked to him about his life and situation, they realized that this man was the father-in-law of the man they had been helping out that morning.  What are the odds of that?  100%!!!! It made a way for a connection between this family and the students who were witnessing to them, and the family was so encouraged by that!

After catching the bus back down the mountain this morning, we returned to Panama City to take some much-needed showers.  This afternoon was our free time, so we were able to spend some time in the Indian Marketplace and in the mall, soaking up the local culture.

So tomorrow we return to you!  There are definitely some mixed feelings among the team about that. Many of us would love to continue our time here, and the ones who do want to return would like to bring some Panamanian children along with them!  We’ve so enjoyed our time here, and we’ve fallen in love with the people and the culture.  There has been some incredible growth in our students, and we are so so excited to share with you what God has been doing in our lives and in the lives of so many of the people here in Panama!

See you soon!


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Just some pictures posted to hold you off until tomorrow when you can hear the stories of what great things God has done through this team.

Oh we have some great stories to tell you about a mighty Savior. One is about two ladies who walked 45 minutes in the dark to hear the students present the Gospel and  in the end gave their lives to Christ. But right now we will take a quick shower, get a few gifts, eat dinner, and come back later tonight. More stories this evening and pictures, too! Everyone is healthy, happy, and sad that it is almost over.

Walker  Moore

As we began our morning, we spent time in prayer for one of our scheduled ministry sites.  The teachers there had been on strike, and we were concerned about getting into the school to do ministry because the students were behind.   But praise the Lord, when we arrived at the school, we were able to go right in!  We spent time playing soccer with the kids (gringos vs. Panamanians, of course!), and performed the Drama in front of all of the students and faculty at the school. 

We took an hour-long bus ride into the countryside of Panama into a Kuna village.  Going from house to house, we spoke to many of the locals in order to invite them to the drama. As we walked through the village, a trail of Kuna children began to follow behind us, and upon our return to the drama site, we had gained quite a crowd!

Please continue to pray for our team!  The Lord is obviously moving among our students, and because of this the enemy has continually been attacking our group. We ask for your prayers in order that we would continue to grow in unity as we minister here.  Tomorrow we head up into the mountains to work in a village that is entirely new to Awe Star!  We are very excited that we have this opportunity, and we can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us there.

Because of our exploration of the mountainside, we won’t be able to give you updates until Friday. Don’t forget us! Ciao Ciao!


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We started out our day with a delicious Panamanian breakfast, and a word from Walker to prepare us for the day.  We began ministry at a center for children with cancer and leukemia – it’s a beautiful campus called Fanlyc, and they bring in low-income families with children in cancer treatments to give them a safe place to stay, kind of like the Ronald McDonald house.  Pastor Luciano has been talking to the staff there for years, and today Awe Star was able to minister there for the first time!!! We were able to spend time with some precious little ones as we did the drama for them, had a birthday party complete with presents and a cake, and loved on the kids!  It was such an encouragement to talk to them and their parents, and we were excited to find out that many of them have put their faith in the Lord!  It was incredible to hear how they have endured through all the adversity that they face, and that they understand that God has a plan for their lives. 

We spend our lunch hour at La Communidad Baptist Church, eating and praying for the family of the pastor there.  Please be in prayer for the Diaz family – their parents were both in the hospital.

Next we headed off to Cinco de Mayo street – the most happening place in Panama City!  We first did the drama in a large park, and were able to proclaim the name of Christ to many who watched! The last drama we performed was in the middle of the street in Cinco de Mayo in the rain – but praise God, He is not hindered by a drizzle!  We had the biggest crowd of the day, and while we don’t know how many decisions were made, many many conversations were had, and the Lord was definitely present and moving!

Today was definitely a day of connections – we were able to spend lots of time with people and really get to know them as we ministered to their hearts.  Many seeds were planted, and although not all the ones that we spoke to chose to make a decision today, there are many people who will be in our prayers for a long time to come.  Please continue to pray for us as we head out tomorrow to continue ministry, and pray for the hearts that were touched today, that God would continue to move in their lives!



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Today we stood in awe as God moved in front of us. We started out this morning at La Comunidad Bible Church. An incredible time of worship with our Panamanian  brothers and sisters in Christ. Walker was also able to tell us all about his trip up Mount Kilimanjaro with the cross. It is amazing what God can do you when you keep your eyes on the cross. We spent a long time reconnecting with members of La Comunidad we had gotten close to last year as we ate our PB & J and Lemon, Mayo, or Chicken chips!

In Panama, today is African Culture Day. Next, we joined a group of Africans for an afternoon celebration at Centro Misionero Jehova. Many of them were dressed in traditional African clothing and were a joy to watch worship. The highlight of the day for many of us was them singing their welcome song to us…several of us were left in tears at their gratitude and graciousness. We presented the drama story to them and then they invited us to stay for lunch (including fried plantains! yum!!). Once again, we were in awe of the generosity and their humility.  It was an amazing time to engage with their culture.

Our final destination for today was to IglesiaVida Nueva. This is a neighborhood/village of Kuna people. It was a packed house and there are no words to describe how the Spirit moved as we worshiped God and then presented the Gospel through our drama. As Pastor Luciano asked for those who wanted to accept Christ to come forward the response was amazing! Many came for prayer and 8 Kuna (MEN and women) accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Walker said this was equivalent to 3000 children coming forward in a VBS! The Kuna are a closed people, and yet God softened their hearts and changed many, many lives!


It was a smooth trip as we flew from Tulsa to Panama. We got to the White House around 10:00 p.m. Everyone is getting to bed and excited about tomorrow. Everyone is healthy and excited! More tomorrow!

Walker Moore and Natasha Olson

Please pray for the safety of the team as they leave Tulsa and head to Panama. Pray for the Holy Spirit to prepare the team for the task ahead. Looking forward to posting what great things God is doing in Panama next week.

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Had lunch with my mission prayer partner. Would you join us in praying for the country of Panama?

We are getting excited as we prepare to lead FBC Lebanon to Panama.