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Ethiopia 35-Day

I just talked to Jesse and Danielle. They were both very excited about what God has been doing while out making the Gospel known. Internet has been very down for the last few days.  The most recent days of ministry are ready to update as soon as internet is available.  The team is doing very good. They cannot wait to share all about the great things that God has done.

Sorry for the delay.

Awe Star office

Good evening!

Today we had a road trip to two separate towns. It was quite a drive but it was definitely worth it as many people heard the Gospel proclaimed. The first town we went to was Ejersa. Ejersa was a very small town, but it still had an Addis Kiddan church. We met the pastor of this church and he was only 21 years old. Although he was young, he had such a vision for the church in this town; he also had great faith that the Lord would grow this church greatly. When we arrived in Ejersa the pastor led us to a site under a huge tree to do our drama. He told us that some people in the town worshipped this tree, as well as some of the other natural features such as rivers in the area. Although we were burdened about this, it was so awesome to proclaim the King of kings underneath this local idol and see many come to know the Lord!

After this site we were able to go to the actual church in Ejersa to present the drama. We were able to have a crowd of people follow us there. Even though we presented the drama at a church, there were many who showed up who were not a part of the church and accepted the Lord. Afterwards, the pastor of the church showed some the inside of the church and presented his vision for the church. We are excited for what the Lord is doing and going to do in Ejersa and its church.

Later in the day we went to a local church in the town of Mojo. When we had arrived at this site there was not a soul in sight. Even though there was no one there at the time we went ahead and set up our things, believing that if we present ourselves then the people will show. People did indeed show up. After awhile we had a small crowd gathered to see what the funny white people were doing. When we were able to go out into ministry teams, some people heard the Gospel for the first time and accepted, others that were a part of the church were encouraged in their faith.

Country Coordinators

Jesse & Danielle

Greetings dear friends!

Today we had the great privilege of going to another church to perform the drama and to preach. This church was an Addis Kiddan church, this is one the churches that has been working closely with us this summer. The Addis Kiddan church was started about 25 years ago by the IMB. There are currently over 100 Addis Kiddan churches now in Ethiopia and 25 church plants. This church was so energetic and excited that we came to their church to share our drama and preach. The message that we brought was that we have been given a command to go and this calling is one that will cost us and can produce opposition. During the drama the crowd cheered at all of the right places, especially when our Jesus character arose from the grave. The whole team was greatly encouraged and touched by the crowd’s excitement and response to the drama.

This afternoon we were able to serve the Learning Village (the school/village that houses us) by helping them paint some of their classrooms. We were all more than willing to help with this task because of all that the Learning Village has done for us. We never felt like the work at hand was wearisome because of how much we wanted to serve them.

While we were painting a huge storm filled with tons of rain and hail began to fall. This drove us inside to have a great evening of fellowship that was filled with homemade grilled cheese sandwiches and soup, games, and lots of laughter.

Tomorrow we will make a trip some distance away to the town of Mojo. Please pray for safe and healthy travel, and that we would be able to do a lot of ministry there.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Good evening from Addis Ababa (New Flower)!

Today was a rest day for our team. We spent the morning in an extended time of reading the Word and in fellowship. In the afternoon we had the opportunity to go into the city and experience the culture a little more. The afternoon consisted of picking what they wanted for lunch, going into an Ethiopian mall, stocking up on snacks, and having great coffee and fellowship at a coffee shop.

While we were at the coffee shop we had the pleasure of meeting two Ethiopian teenagers who were Christians. Their names were Addis and Derek. During our time there we were able to fellowship and play cards with these two and also be encouraged by the brothers in Christ that we found.

This evening the team continued to rest and then had a great teaching by Zach, our male Team Director. Also this evening one of our beloved translators, Samson, graduated from high school and we had the pleasure of celebrating his accomplishment with him. We have been so grateful for all that he has done for us, so it was a joy to be able to bless him back. Next semester he plans to attend a university here in the city to study engineering.

We have a little over a week left of ministry here in Ethiopia and we all have expectant hearts for what the Lord is going to do in that time. Pray for us as we continue to share the Gospel in Ethiopia. Pray that we can finish strong and be obedient to whatever the Lord calls us to.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Hello wonderful people,

This morning the team woke up early again to head to the outer limits of Addis Ababa. We arrived at a place where children around the area can go during the rainy season when they don’t have school. We were all eagerly greeted by children of all ages ready for attention. The team got to share the drama with the children as well as the workers. One student got asked by the workers if she would pray for them. The student asked what they needed prayer for to specifically pray for them. One said that her leg has been messed up and hurting for some time and the other told her story of not being able to have children and how desperate she was for a child. Our student began praying over them with faith that God can heal and provide. We may never know how the Lord answers these prayers but we must be obedient and trust.

After a lovely lunch of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, the students got to live out the gospel. We went to an area just outside where we are living (within walking distance) where we have been before. We began to build relationships with the people around by playing soccer, letting the nationals braid hair, and simply talking. We are each called to share the gospel but since we cannot do the drama by ourselves at home, we are learning what it looks like to share without the tool of the drama.

Tonight we had homemade grilled cheese and chicken noodle soup for dinner. It’s always nice to have a small taste of home. We concluded the night with some worship and a time of teaching on our deep idols. We learned that each small idol we have stems from a larger idol that is deeply rooted in each of us that pulls away from God. Identifying this idol can help us prevent in clinging to that idol and running towards the only One who is worthy of being worshipped and can satisfy the desires of our hearts.

Tomorrow we take a rest day to reflect on all that the Lord has done and prepare for our last full week of ministry. We are so grateful for all the prayer warriors that can pray while we sleep. Continue to thank Him for unity and strength. Also pray that we would have ample opportunities to share the drama.

Country Coordinators

Jesse & Danielle

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Greetings Earthlings

We’ve been blessed with another wonderful day of ministry here in Ethiopia. The day started off with an early bus ride to a neighboring city called Deberzeit on which the students spent a large portion of getting into the word and having their quiet times as they prepared to go and do Jesus ministry. We arrived at the local church where we were greeted by an eager church staff and family that were ready to partner with us as we ministered the gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone God had appointed for us to speak to.

There, as always, were numerous incredible stories of God’s great power, sovereignty, and grace but one in particular really stood out that we’d love to share with you.  As we began our second drama of the day there were many men napping under a tree that was adjacent to our drama site. Some of these men left the shade of the tree to come watch the drama, but one man decided to stay. At the end of our drama, one of our students got up and shared his testimony, which included a heartbreaking story of him losing his mother at a young age. After sharing, this same young man felt burdened to go and share the gospel with the aforementioned man and as he started the discussion the man began sharing how his testimony greatly touched his heart due to the fact that he too had lost his parents at a young age and had now been homeless for twenty-two years. Through a moving heart to heart between the two men our homeless friend became our brother in Christ. This student was able to share the Father attribute of our great God and share how this man was now one of his children and more than that that we are his brothers and sisters. Our team was greatly moved by this encounter and it was extremely encouraging to see the man reach out to the pastors, interested in becoming a member of their faith family. We serve an amazing God!

The students are eager to continue sharing this gospel that sets free and adopts orphans into the family, and they are all extremely excited to get to share all the great stories of the things our wonderful Savior has done through them while here. We would ask that you be praying for the people we’ve gotten to minister to, those who have come into relationship with Christ and those who haven’t. We pray that the people of Ethiopia would become broken for their sin and come to a saving relationship with this Jesus we’re all so passionate to share. Thank you all and God bless.

Your Team Directors

HannahKate and Zach (JP)

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This morning we got to spend some extended time in prayer and sharing the Gospel to ourselves. It is important to remind ourselves of the Gospel that we seek to proclaim in Ethiopia. We are all becoming more and more aware of the Sovereignty of God and therefore more excited to lead people to Him. We prayed for continued health and unity as we have been so blessed by what God has been doing in and through our team. Thanking Him for all He has used us to do in this country as well as what He will do in the future. The ladies got a chance to pray over the men and vice versa as we are to guard one another and lift one another up.

In the afternoon, we traveled to the outer side of Addis Ababa to meet some pastors. They are in the process of building a new church building for them to meet in. They have been in their church for almost 10 years and the rent price keeps rising. They can only build as much as funds will provide so we were able to pray for them and do the drama on the hillside where they are building the church. Since many that came to see the drama were believers, we were able to encourage them. There were also some people from surrounding houses that came and were lead the Lord through one of the students.

One of our students got to speak to a believer who said he “understood what Jesus did more since he was able to see the drama.” This student then got to talk to the believer’s friend who was Muslim and reveal scripture to him. Another student was talking to a man who spoke Oromo (the second main language in Ethiopia). This student had to use 2 translators to present the Gospel because his translator didn’t know Oromo. So the student would speak in English, the first translator in Amharic (the main language), the second translator in Oromo and then reverse to get a response back to our student. Praise the Lord languages are not a problem for Him and this man prayed to receive Christ!

We are all very encouraged by what the Lord is using us for in Ethiopia. Please pray for blessed rest as we travel early tomorrow for more ministry and that doors would continue to be opened. We will call home as soon.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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Good evening friends and family!

Today we were able to travel to a new city of Nazreth. This is near a port city so the traffic was backed up most of the way with many cars and large trucks and the crowds of people were quite dense. Once we had arrived at Nazreth we had the privilege of meeting and working with some of the pastors of the local church. They took us to a large soccer field in the city. The team was overjoyed to hang out with some of the kids there and play an exciting game of soccer before we performed the drama. Once we drew in a crowd, we began to perform the drama. There were people scattered all over the soccer field intently watching what this group of eccentric Americans had to show them.

After we performed the drama many people had questions. Some said that they were so thankful that we came to show them this very important story. We knew the Lord was working greatly in Nazreth because we had so many cards filled out and given back to us so that the local church can contact them to answer any questions, get them plugged into a church, and disciple them. One of our students was very encouraged by this site because she was able to lead someone to the Lord for the first time.

We believe that God has so much more in store for us in Ethiopia. Please pray that He will lead us to many seeking souls and that we would be obedient to do His will.

Country Coordinators

Jesse & Danielle

Salaam! (Hello!)
Today was a wonderful day of Jesus ministry. We began the day by performing our drama for students and parents in the Learning Village. It was a wonderful opportunity to see some familiar children but especially to share the Gospel with their parents for the first time.
Afterwards we went to the same church we went to last Sunday. We were able to lead the church in worship, perform the drama, and preach for this church. It was a wonderful time of fellowship and many were encouraged by what the Lord has brought us to do in Ethiopia and by the Gospel presentation through the drama and preaching. After the service we were invited to join them in fellowship over Ethiopian snacks. We look forward to working more closely with this church later in the trip.
In the afternoon we found a patch of dirt in a busy area of Addis to perform our drama. The crowd that came to watch turned out to be largely Muslim. Some of them were upset that we came to share Jesus with them but others greatly embraced it. One of our students was able to share the Gospel with a young man. While our student was sharing many of the Muslim men around them began talking and shouting at the young man. Our student told the young man just to remain attentive and listen. Despite all of the distractions around him the young man remained attentive and accepted Jesus.
After this we went to another site similar to the previous one to perform our drama. During this site there were many people who were driving by that came to a complete stop and created such a traffic jam. All who drove by wanted to see the drama that we presented. The Gospel is attractive. However, the Gospel is also offensive and there was a man there who wanted us to leave. Even though the one man was adamant about us leaving, the rest of the crowd greatly defended us and drove the man off. Then a local pastor was able to talk to the crowd and give them Gospel tracts.
Today we were greatly encouraged by the response to the Gospel in spite of distractions and people opposed to it. Pray that this response continues throughout the week and that we will have many opportunities to present the Gospel.
Country Coordinators
Jesse & Danielle


As mentioned yesterday, today was our day of rest. This morning we all had an extended time of rest, Jesus time, and fellowship. Around lunch time we went out into the city and all of the students were able to go to a restaurant and order what they wanted to eat rather than what we ordered for them. After this, we were able to ride in motorcycle taxis and see the city a little bit more. We were very thankful to get to experience the culture in such a way and it gave us even more of a passion for the people in it.

After all of the time spent in the city we came back to the Learning Village to rest more, fellowship, and have our talent show. The talent show was very impressive. The prize for the first place winner/s was the ability to choose what they ate for dinner this evening, so everyone was highly motivated by the prize. We had a few original songs performed, poetry, funny skits, and more. This time was filled with much laughter. Ultimately the prize went to the men on our team who added rap lyrics, spoken word, and Scripture in their own remix of the song “Forever” by Kari Jobe.

We are all rested now and very excited for the ministry to come this week. Tomorrow we will perform our drama for students and parents in the learning village. Then after that we will go to a church in the area to perform the drama, lead worship, and preach, and then we plan to have a full afternoon of more Jesus ministry.

Pray that we can start the week strong and that we will have many opportunities this week to share the Gospel.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

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