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Cambodia 35-Day

Good day,

Today was our last day of drama ministry here in Kerivong. Tomorrow we get to rest and do Jesus Ministry in a different type of way. But for today, I will tell you of the great things God is doing here. As you may have noticed, this province is very hardened by the effects of the situation in Vietnam as well as the strong ties with family and following Buddha. But praise God that He is bigger!

The team has made this trip go along with the analogy of a game that is broken up into quarters. We just finished our third quarter and are heading into the final stretch. The time in this city seems to have flown by, but we praise Him for what was done as well as what is to come in our final city.

This morning, we went to two schools where the students had many opportunities to speak with teachers as well as those who just wandered in. The Lord was fruitful in many souls, and we rejoice in that, but we pray for the ones who did not receive Him. We could feel the Lord moving in the hearts of the people here and see it in their eyes, but they do not accept for different reasons. This is no surprise to the Lord so we lift them up and pray that others will come and explain more. Knowing this makes it harder to leave this materially and spiritually low province very hard but we know that the Lord remains here when we leave and there are new brothers and sisters in Christ to share His glory.

After lunch, we did the drama in a village. It was raining but the team did the drama without a covering and took it as a refreshing way to spread the News. There was much of the same reaction to us being here as there was this morning but we know seeds were planted and we did the Work we were called to do. After the drama, the rain cleared and we got the chance to see a waterfall. Our beautiful and photogenic team enjoyed the time to see the glory of the Lord in this sense.

While we were on our way to the waterfall, Pastor Mony received a call from a man who is the leader of the first school we went to this morning. The man thanked Pastor Mony for God bringing the rain because they desperately needed it. Of course, the Lord’s timing was perfect. On our last day of ministry, in a city desperately in need of rain, it rains. God showed Himself to the people and all H needed us to do was what He asked. He brought the rain when it was most useful for us (last drama) and for the people of Kerivong!

To finish the evening, we had a worship time and teaching. The team is drawing closer to one another and closer to the Lord. Please continue to pray for focus, divine encounters, and that the Lord reveals Himself in new ways everyday to the people in this wonderful province.

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle

Good evening! Or for most of you good morning! Today we traveled far into more remote areas of Cambodia that we have not been to yet. It was a pretty incredibly day not only because we were able to go to these different areas but also because today it was really encouraging to see how unified the team is becoming and how they are continuing to grow. Please continue to pray that this process of unification and growth would continue.

We had the opportunity to go to another distant village that had never heard of Jesus before. This was an interesting experience because of the response of the crowd today. It seemed as though half of the people eagerly accepted Jesus as their Lord and the other half understood but said that they need some time to think about it since this was the first time that they had ever heard of this. We praise the Lord for the way He Works and for the decisions that were made today. Even though some did not accept Him today, we still praise the Lord because the seed was planted and Pastor Mony will be visiting that village weekly to disciple those who accepted Jesus and minister to those who did not.

The Lord really encouraged the team today. We are all happy, healthy, and hydrated. Continue to pray that that would continue and that we would never grow apathetic towards the salvation of others and the Work that God has called us to.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Chhom Reap Suor (“Hello” in Khmer)!

Work is being continued here in Kirevong! Today brought many more opportunities to share Christ with the beautiful people of Cambodia in nearby villages and markets.

We began ministry this morning by proclaiming the Gospel at a market that was packed with Cambodians purchasing their food and supplies for the day. Our students had the opportunity to bless a fellow believer through the drama. Encouraged and grateful that we are bringing the Gospel to her people, she blessed us in return by giving us some of the food she was selling. During lunch, our students enjoyed the specially-prepared rice she had given us.

After lunch, it looked like rain, but we headed to our next drama site trusting that God would provide a way for us to continue in ministry. At a rural village, God held back the rain while the Gospel was shared! After the drama, one of our students felt called to share Christ with a group of women and children, but our translators were unavailable. She approached them anyway and soon found a teenage girl who was willing to read a card with the Gospel message in Khmer to the small crowd around her. Upon finishing the card, our student asked if she and the rest of those listening desired to pray to receive Jesus. They all emphatically responded, “Ja,” which means “yes” in Khmer. However, the translators were still unavailable, as they were helping other ministry groups. The crowd waited patiently for several minutes in silence until a translator arrived and they were able to pray. They were extremely attentive and excited, and they soaked in all the information about God that they could, asking questions about heaven and other things of the Lord. Praise God for this opportunity!

Also, praise the Lord for His sovereignty! Throughout our last two dramas, our speaker system was running on low battery. Usually, when it is on low battery, it only lasts for a few minutes, but today it lasted through two twenty-minute dramas. We know that our God has authority over all things, even electronics. It is His will for His story to be shared, and no low battery can stand in the way!

We are so thrilled to see what God has in store for us as we continue His work in Kirevong. Pray for continued opportunities to share the love of Christ in this Oriental country!

Your loving Team Directors,

Nick and Allison

Hey guys! Today we continued ministry in Kirevong! We are so humbled at what God is doing and how He is using us. Today we started off by going to a large school. We were very excited when we got there because our stage to do the drama was the unfinished structure of a Buddhist temple that was under construction. We were so amazed that God allowed us to proclaim His truth on this dark ground and claim it for Him instead of Buddha. We have many amazing stories of men and women coming to know Him. There was even a man who was a professed Buddhist, but he knew all about Jesus. Even though it seemed like he believed that all religions were right and that we would get nowhere with him, he surprisingly said yes when we reluctantly asked him if he wanted to accept Christ. Praise God that He can move and change people’s hearts and give hope to hopeless situations.

After this we were blessed to be able to go to a local church building briefly. Some of the young Bible students sang some beautiful songs to us about living for Jesus. They were then nice enough to lead us up a long and beautiful trail to the top of a mountain to adore God’s perfect creation. We had such a wonderful time adoring and worshipping the Lord as we looked at His beauty.

This afternoon we got to share the Gospel with a small group of people from a tiny village who have never heard of Jesus before. What a joy it is to serve the Lord and to be His instruments. It is so encouraging to the entire team that He has counted us worthy to join in His ministry and to use us even though He doesn’t need us to accomplish His Work. It is truly amazing to see God’s power work through the students and we still have a lot of Work to do.

Please continue to be praying that our team would continue to rely on God’s strength especially in our weaknesses because that is when He is strongest. Today was a great reminder of that and we want to make sure we are continually operating out of His strength and not our own.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Good evening,
The team has enjoyed their time so far hear in Kerivong where the lizards are many and the rice is on the streets. We are all so grateful to serve the Lord in such a rural city that is incredibly impoverished and still has many wounds from Vietnam. The students saw many of these today as we began our first full day of ministry.
The morning consisted of two dramas, both at schools that American money helped build. While these children bring a smile to the teams face, it is never easy to hear our Savior rejected. As many groups went to speak with teachers and principals, they were told that Buddha is who they follow and are not ready to follow Christ. The students took some time at lunch to refocus and feel encouraged. They knew they had planted the seed but after refocusing, they were ready to plant more and do whatever it takes to spread His name in this dark land.
We then went to a newer village where many people live that have never even heard the name of Jesus. The land they lived in was Cambodia until it was taken by Vietnam. After shootings in Vietnam, they ran back to Cambodia and landed where we saw them today. Pastor Mony has tried talking with the main men of this village but he wanted them to see the drama as a picture. Other than the few men Mony had spoken with, this was the first time they had heard of Jesus and what He did. The students were eager to bring His name fame and were realizing that they would be planting more seeds here. At both drama sites, there were many questions and good conversations so we praise the Lord for His guidance and wisdom and pray for more missionaries to come and share.
The students enjoyed a time of fellowship with dinner as well as getting to try new fruit. Our loving Pastor contact had bought a little yellow fruit for everyone to try at a school but many spat it out in disgust. so, when presented with a new fruit, some were hesitant but embraced the culture. Bearded fruit, the strawberry looking fruit that tastes like cross between and apple and a grape, were liked by all and became our dessert!
As we prepare for tomorrow and another full day of His work, please be praying for focus, a diligence to serve in seed planting territory, and a deeper knowledge of how to love these beautiful people who follow a fallen man.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Hello from Kerivong!

This morning, we headed from Takeo to Kerivong. Thank you for your prayers on safe travels. Even though the van rides are cramped, we all enjoy the time to get to know one another better and pray about what God has done in the city we leave while also lifting up the city to come. What a blessing it is to see an eager team continue in ministry.

After we arrived in Kerivong, we all had our delicious peanut butter and jelly sanwiches, which you can see a picture of in our photos. The team is so servant-hearted that they are always asking to be the group that makes the sandwiches or cleans up afterward. When lunch was done, the students put on their now clean(er) “work” clothes and we loaded up to share the gospel with the people of Kerivong.

Our first site this afternoon was in a village that the 2011 Awe Star team had visited. The students saw time and time again that while our words are few in Khmer, the Lord knows all languages and He is greater. We got to have an encounter with a man who was saved last year and is now attending Bible School to teach the Bible. We are all seeing the significance of what we have been sent to do.

We then revisited a school near another village. This school is within a few miles of the Vietnam border and is surrounded by village people who have never heard the name of Jesus. Our team shared the gospel at the school and prayed for the salvation of Vietnam as well as these that live so close. We have a great opportunity in being so close to a closed country because we may not be able to get into Vietnam, but the people of Cambodia can, and do everyday. Our prayer is that salvation spreads throughout both lands!

Dinner came with a great view of the mountains and a cold breeze as we all took time to thank the Lord for His beautiful creations, man and land. As the team prepares for a week full of Work, please be praying for continued strength in heat, the people of Vietnam, and rejuvenating sleep.

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle

Hello folks! Today was our rest day in Takeo. We took this time to get enough sleep, rejuvenate our bodies, and experience the Khmer culture a little more. This afternoon our students got the opportunity to see Cambodia from a different perspective and to try new things. We got to embrace the Khmer culture by exchanging and then using their money, eating local foods, and just having a perspective that wasn’t so constrained by schedules and moving on to the next drama site.

 While the students were out today, one of the groups decided to take a walk through the Buddhist temple that we had prayer walked through before. As they were walking along they saw some monks and were invited to come sit on the porch with them. They accepted the invitation and ended up talking to them for about an hour. They shared Jesus with the monks and although none accepted Jesus they definitely knew more about Him and a seed was planted.

The team reconvened this evening for a time of worship. The whole team knows that God has used our ministry here in a great way. We know that our time here is done and it is time to move on to the next town. Please pray for safe travel and focus as we make our way to Kerivong tomorrow and start ministry the same afternoon.


Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Jesus. He is at work here. Today was the last day in Takeo, and He moved in mighty ways. We traveled to some schools again to perform the drama. After the drama, one group went to talk to a group of women, but the women didn’t want to hear what they were saying. However, a man came up to them and started asking questions. There was very little understanding in the beginning of their conversation, but our group did the best that they could, and the man remained attentive. Then, when a translator was available, they were able to talk more in depth. The man was so thirsty spiritually and physically. He clung to every word that was said, and when asked if he wanted to pray to receive Jesus, he eagerly said yes. Today we had that opportunity to quench his thirsts by God’s grace and strength alone.

We had many dramas scheduled for the day, but one drama site changed that. We arrived at a house with a covering and set up our stage under the covering for the people there. While most of the team was worshipping, Pastor Mony, our country contact, took a couple of us down a small road behind the house and showed us a small church where he teaches. On the way, Mony was telling us that this small village hadn’t received rain for over 13 days. This is a long time since it is the wet season here, and they desperately need rain for growing rice. Recently some of the people of the village paid some Buddhist monks to say a ritual to bring the rain, but nothing happened. When Mony heard that this happened, on the way back to house he quickly and simply said, ‘No, we will pray to God’. A couple of steps after he said this we felt a couple of drops of rain. The drops started to increase, and by the time we reached the covering of the house it was an all out torrential pour. We continued to worship, and it continued to rain hard for well over an hour. After no sign of it letting up, we decided to do go ahead and start the drama. Within the first couple of minutes the rain completely stopped, we had a huge crowd including men on an elephant, and we got soo muddy. Compared to all God had already done, getting muddy was the least of our worries; we were willing to get dirty for our Lord. Even though the Lord brought the rain and the crowd in an amazing way, He didn’t stop there. We developed a great bond with the children and one of our women led two elderly women to the Lord who didn’t want to hear about Jesus before the drama.

We are so overwhelmed at how God has moved and at how God has used us at our very first city, and we are ready to continue to do the Lord’s Work. Pray that God would continue to establish His reign in this country and that He would continue to use us to do so. Also pray for all of the new believers in Takeo and for the ministry at our next town, Kirivong.

Thank you for all of your support and prayers,

Jesse and Danielle

Country Coordinators

What a day! We had another full day of ministry and the Lord continued to move in mighty ways. Today we went to many schools again, but we never get tired of the beautiful children. I wish I could tell you all of the amazing stories that God keeps giving us but I’ll only elaborate on a few.

At one of the schools where we ministered, God laid a man and his son on one of our student’s hearts. The son was in a small wooden wheelchair and couldn’t walk. All the father did was push his son around every day. This student was moved at the compassion the father had for his son and he shared the Gospel with this man and led him to the Lord! After this, our student knew he wanted to give something to the little boy but didn’t know what until he glanced down at his own watch and knew. He strapped his watch to the boy’s wrist and the boy reached out and grabbed the student’s arm in love. Our student was moved to tears by the opportunity that God gave him and how he got to invest in this family.

At another school we visited, one of our ministry groups felt led to go speak to a man who was watching the drama over the school wall. So they walked all the way over to the wall to speak to this man. After they started to engage in a conversation about Christ, another man came over and started to tug on the man and tried to deter his attention from our group, but the Lord granted him attention even though someone else was trying to interrupt. Because of the Lord’s grace, that man is now a brother in Christ.

Also we were blessed to be able to stop in a field and perform a completely unscheduled drama and the Lord drew in a huge crowd. Even though it was unscheduled, God used that site in a big way. One of our women got to share her personal testimony and God used her story to bring many other young women to know Him.

We are completely thrilled at the way that God is moving in Takeo, yet we are sad that tomorrow is our last day of ministry in this city. Please pray that God will continue to move in mighty ways in this city, that tomorrow will be a great last day of ministry here, and that the new believers here will grow and receive discipleship.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Loved ones,

Thank you so much for your prayers on our behalf. Today was a long day of Jesus’ ministry with schools and villages. However, the payoff was great as the students saw the Lord do more and more in so many hearts. With the constant weather changes, the team keeps their focus on Him and is constantly encouraged by the things happening around them.

The quiet time this morning was in John 4:27-34 and at the end of these verses, John is talking about how there were laborers who have done the Work and now we are harvesting. The team is taking this to heart and realizing that the team that was here last summer did the Work of planting seeds and bringing the Light of Christ and now we are doing the Work of harvesting them for the Kingdom. What a blessing it is to see the Lord work in this way.

The team is doing wonderfully and growing to be more unified daily. We end every day dog-tired but the Lord blesses us with rejuvenating sleep, and we wake up feeling refreshed and ready for more of His Work. We are so blessed by what the Lord has already done but we still have much Work to do. Pray that we never get tired of doing His Work, that every day is just as exciting as the first, and we boast only of the Lord.


Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle