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Cambodia 2013

Hello! Today was a rest day for the team in Takeo. After a very productive week in Kirivong the team definitely deserved the rest. They were able to explore the town some more and experience the culture further. While doing so they ate lunch in their designated groups in restaurants of their choosing. They were very thankful to take a break from eating the usual PB & J for lunch and some even were able to find ice cream for dessert. For the rest of the day we spent time fellowshipping and playing games together. We are very thankful for the rest we received today but also so eager to begin ministry in our next city, Battambang, which we will travel to tomorrow.

Please pray for safe comfortable travel and patience tomorrow as it will be a very lengthy drive. Also pray for continued focus, excitement, and urgency as we enter our last city of ministry tomorrow.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Good evening from Takeo!

We apologize for not being able to update or put up pictures yesterday. We are, however, very excited to tell you about our day yesterday and today! We traveled out to a village church where the crowd was great! So many seeds were planted and since there was a church right there, we know discipleship will occur and we are so hopeful for what the Lord has for that village, young and old. After lunch, we were able to travel to another village where the name of Jesus had never been heard. We are so grateful that the Lord allows us to be a part of sharing his name for the first time in smaller villages. One of our students had the opportunity to share with the president of the village who had many questions. While he didn’t receive Christ that day, we know that he is so interested and will seek more. While we were at this drama site, Pastor Mony received a call to do one more drama that day. Our answer of course, was YES! The students were excited that they got to do one more drama for the people of this city. As we approached a village, we were greeted very eagerly by a pastor who spoke English very well. He was so excited for us share the Good News with his village. As we began the drama, the crowd was small but we came prepared for an audience of One. As the drama continued, God was so faithful to provide a large crowd to watch. All of the students were talking with someone! Some were sharing Jesus, others playing with sweet and beautiful children while others were being encouraged by the believers in the village. How incredible it is to go from a village where no one has heard of Jesus to a village where there is a pastor who is passionately sharing the Gospel! We were all so thankful for the divine encounters that happen when we are just willing to do one more.

As we were leaving Kiriving, headed to Takeo for a rest day, we were able to do some ministry in the village where one of our translators lives. His village does not like him because he loves Jesus and that was apparent when we were trying to do the drama. God drew people to Himself through so many distractions and the Truth pierced through some of their dark hearts. One of the students got to lead 3 of the older people in the village to Christ! In Cambodia, elders mean a great deal so our prayers are that they can have an impact on the younger generation and completely transform this village.

As we approach the final week here in Cambodia, we ask that you pray for urgency and continued unity. May God continue to bless this team. Tomorrow is a rest day before we travel to Battambang on Monday! Thank you all so much for your prayers and love.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

I just heard from the Cambodia team. All is going well. They had a late day of ministry yesterday in Kirivong and everyone is doing great. They are so excited about what God is doing through and all around them. The Holy Spirit has moved in mighty ways. Many lives have been changed. They will be traveling today and will have better internet consistency when they arrive. Jesse and Danielle will try to get up some pictures and update us all on the teams progress.

Please continue to pray for them as they travel. Also pray that they will share the gospel fearlessly and with great boldness, as they follow Christ’s direction and discernment.

Excited about what God is doing,

Chad Thompson

Hello friends and family! What a mighty God that we serve! This morning the team was planning to go to a village out in the country to share the Gospel. As we approached the town we realized that there was a big political party gathering in the town at this time. Cambodia is having national elections next month so there is much campaigning that is going on all over the country. We realized that due to all of the campaigning that was occurring we would not be able to perform our drama there. The team was disappointed because it seemed like such a perfect opportunity to share the Gospel but the Lord had closed the doors. The team has had previous teaching that our disappointment is God’s divine appointment, so we traveled to the next site with that thought in mind, expectant of what the Lord would do.

After lunch God opened the door for us to return to the village that we had to leave earlier, now that the campaigning was finished. At this site the Holy Spirit was at work. We had the biggest crowd yet. As the students went out to minister God created many divine encounters. One student felt led to go share the Gospel with a woman in a hammock behind the crowd. When this woman and others around her heard the Gospel they couldn’t stop asking questions. They wanted to know more about this Jesus, and they didn’t want us to leave.

In another group all 3 of the students in the group got to minister at once. One of the students spoke to a woman who had a disabled son with her. Her son could not speak or walk, so our student was able to pray over the mom and her son for strength and healing; and as they were praying the son was making sounds with his voice the whole time. Meanwhile another student was sharing the Gospel with a group of girls. The other student was sharing the Gospel with the town drunk. While hearing the Gospel, this woman who was so bound by alcohol started asking “Is your God big enough to free me from my addiction?” As our student started ministering to this woman the other student who was sharing the Gospel with the group of girls started leading a prayer to ask the Lord to come into their lives. As these girls were praying for forgiveness, the woman bound by alcohol broke down and started praying along with the girls while weeping. Our God as so big and works through our disappointments to bring Himself even more glory than we could have imagined. If we would have shared the drama in the village this morning many would not have had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and come to Him. Praise the Lord!

Please continue to pray for God to move greatly and that we would walk out daily with expectation and excitement for what the Lord will do.

Also fresh pictures will be up tomorrow, sorry for the continuing internet and power problems.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle


Greetings from Kirivong!

The team, happy, healthy, and safe, began the day by studying 1 Corinthians 13. We were challenged to hope for the best in each other as we strive to love as Christ loves us this summer.Not only do we hope for the best in each other, but we hope in faith that God will move each and every day.

We saw the fruit of our hope this morning as we brought the gospel to a small village school. Although there were not as many children as we have seen in other schools, the harvest was ripe. Four of the teachers gave their lives to Christ, and we now hope in faith that God will transform that school. After having their lives changed by the gospel of Christ, the teachers were eager to share their newfound faith immediately. They asked our team to follow them to their village nearby and share the gospel there. These teachers reminded us of the first disciples and their excitement to bring their friends and family to meet Christ as He called them.

As we arrived in the outlying village, nearly everyone in town flocked to our team to see and hear the message we brought to them. These people were seeking the truth, and God had brought us there to share it. As soon as we got off the bus, one of our students immediately spotted a woman and began to pray for this seeking soul. An hour later, after some music and the drama presentation, the woman was still there, waiting for our student to speak with her. As our student began to share her heart, the woman listened intently and began to ask probing questions about how to follow Christ in a Buddhist culture. Despite cultural difficulties, the woman was willing to leave behind her old life and follow Christ. Through this encounter, our students gained an appreciation for the godly fellowship we enjoy in America.

Please pray for continued health and safety, and joyful spirits as we learn more about how to love one another and how to love Cambodia.

Your Team Directors,

Craig and Allison

Good evening from Kirivong!

Today the students woke up eager to begin our first full day of ministry here. We traveled to a village where one of our translator’s family lives. His parents used to live in a village that had a church but since moving here have felt no support or encouragement in their faith because there is not a church in their new village. We were able to share the gospel with so many in this village, young and old. One of our students actually got to talk with our translator’s family and encourage them while using their son as the translator. What a blessing to see how our translator could minister to his family through our team. They were also so gracious to give us an added treat with our lunch.

Our next drama was in a village nearby that was 4 km from the Vietnam border. All of the people in this area dry rice for the government that is then shipped to Vietnam. So basically, we got to share the gospel with people who constantly go into Vietnam and can share Him in a closed country. Our God is so big, we know His name is being spread through Vietnam as well.

It is warmer in Kirivong and the students are such troopers! They will stop at nothing to share His good news! We praise the Lord for their strength. Please pray that this continues and that we remain diligent in the work He has for us here.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Today we traveled to the town of Kirivong. As we drove into the town we noticed that rice covered the side of the road to be dried out. Many people in Kirivong are rice farmers and in order to dry the rice out quickly they line the sides of the road with rice for a couple of hours and then gather it up to be processed.

Kirivong is right by the Vietnam border. Vietnam is a closed country, and while we are perfectly safe on this side of the border, Christians on the Vietnam side of the border can be persecuted. The team is so excited for our ministry here in Kirivong because many who live here cross the border frequently for business. Therefore those who come to know the Lord here can advance the Gospel across the border into Vietnam.

Today after we ate lunch we were able to go to where the border was and we prayed over the border. We prayed for those Christians who were in Vietnam and are being persecuted; that they would have strength, boldness, and continue to be encouraged in the Lord despite persecution. We prayed for great ministry in Kirivong; that many would come to know Him and boldly go into Vietnam to preach the Gospel. Finally we prayed for Pastor Mony, that his ministry would be blessed as he continues to evangelize and disciple people in villages all along the border of Vietnam. After our time of prayer the team was able to go do Jesus ministry very close to the border. At this site the Lord led some eager Cambodians to Himself and Pastor Mony already started to disciple them and encourage them and some other Christians we met to be bold for Christ and share with the Vietnamese. This is very exciting ministry by a very great God that we get to take part in.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to empower us and to give us boldness. Also for the Holy Spirit penetrate into Vietnam and that His name would spread like a wildfire in Vietnam and Cambodia. Tomorrow we will have a full day of drama ministry.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Good day to you all! Today, the team enjoyed a well-deserved rest day. We got to sleep in and spend some extra time in the Word before meeting together. The team was split into a few groups and allowed to explore the city a bit. Some were happily surprised to find some locals that spoke English that could help them. They got to sample some peculiar foods, like crickets, and ride in a tuk-tuk. Getting to experience the culture with one another helped develop even closer friendships! Some of the students got to talk with a restaurant owner about why we were here and plant a seed. Other students were able to provide laughter for nationals and find wonderful bargains. Either way, today was a wonderful just enjoying the beautiful people and country of Cambodia.

While this day was well-deserved, we look forward to ministry in our next city. Please continue pray for unity and blessings on our ministry.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Hello all! We had a very exciting day today in the beautiful country of Cambodia. We had a unique opportunity to do Jesus ministry near the border of Vietnam. This place was very secluded, so secluded that we could only get there by boat. So the team loaded up on boats and headed out to do the work that the Lord has called us to. We were blessed by many children waiting on the bank of the river for us and eagerly played and danced with us as we spent time worshiping our Lord. This small village was very hesitant towards the Gospel but we are very confident that our labor was not in vain (1 Cor. 15:58) and that the Lord will use our obedience in a mighty way.

Our other drama sites were at small villages as well. At one of these villages our students encountered some people who were trying to understand Christianity but struggling with it. In Cambodia it is common practice that they worship their ancestors; they think that this shows love to their family. These particular people didn’t understand how we could love our family and not worship them. Our students took the time to pour into these people and speak truth and love in regard to their questions. We also met strong believers who loved Jesus but have not been discipled and do not know as much as they want to about the Lord. One of our students encouraged these believers and was able to share a little bit with them and pray with them before we left.

As I said, our day of ministry was exciting but also we were placed in these new situations that we have not yet experienced and we realized more fully the blindness that prevails in Cambodia. So please pray for the Lord to give sight to the blind and for our team to walk in faith and obedience as we work for the Lord in Cambodia.

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Good evening loved ones,

The team had extra time in the Word this morning and were so excited to begin ministry. We had the opportunity to go to a school that was right by a church. It took some time to get to this location but it was well worth the trip. The church has a desire to be Christian but has not had a Bible to learn from so we had to opportunity to pray for them and grow the number of believers by sharing the drama! God is so good to send us right where He needs us.

The team had time this afternoon to get to know one another better and continue to, above all, love. After lunch, we visited another school where a hairdresser had stopped by to watch the drama. One of our students got to talk with him about Jesus and explain why we were here. The hairdresser enthusiastically and wholeheartedly listened and accepted Christ! Our student encouraged him to read the Bible and share Christ with his customers. What a way to minister to the people of Cambodia even after we’re gone!

For our final site, we visited a school that we went to last year and happens to be the school where one of our translators teaches English. The students are so receptive to the teaching of the gospel and since many of the teachers are believers, our students had the opportunity to encourage them and pray for them. Finding fellow believers is quite rare here so the teachers also encouraged our team! What a blessing true fellowship can be!

Please pray for continued health and strength! Our team is small but The Lord is mighty through them. Tomorrow is our last day of ministry in Takeo so please also pray for us to finish strong!

Country Coordinators