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Cambodia 2013

Hey yo from Dallas! We have officially made it to Dallas. The team is now resting from many flight hours. We will spend tomorrow debriefing the team on how to tell their stories and take everything they learned this summer home with them. Thank you so much for your prayers through this trip. We cannot wait to tell you about the great things God has done.

Above all, Love – 1 Peter 4:8a

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Good day from Phnom Penh! Today was such a wonderful day in the city. We got to sleep in a little bit before dividing into teams to do some shopping. The team ate some KFC for lunch and we all enjoyed the difference in food since we’ve had a lot of the same. We were able to put our bargaining skills to the test and get some  souvenirs. Several students got some wonderful deals! We were able to give booklets to so many people that we encountered throughout the day so that the Gospel could still be spread. A few students had an encounter with other missionaries here and were able to support them. We are all so excited to unite this evening and discuss about our day.

Tomorrow we begin traveling back to Dallas. Please pray that people of peace come our way once again to help our trip be the best it can be. Also pray that we continue to have blessed encounters with people to share what God has been up to in Cambodia. Be patient with us on updates as we go through the day. Thank you for your continued support!

Country Coordinators

Jesse and Danielle

Hello people we love! The team arose early this morning to begin our travel to Phnom Penh. We had some noodle soup for breakfast and were able to get on the road quickly. We arrived here around 4:30 pm and enjoyed some small group time where we discussed the teachings we’ve had the past couple of nights. The Lord is teaching us all new and exciting things and we are continuing to open up to one another and be honest about what we are learning.

We had the wonderful experience of pizza tonight! Fun Fact: Cambodian pizza sauce is BBQ sauce. A huge hit with everyone, especially those of us from the south. After dinner, we were able to begin some time of affirmation where the team can pour into me another and give words of encouragement and love as we close out the trip.

Please continue to lift our team up. Just because drama ministry is over doesn’t mean God is done using us.

Country Coordinators
Jesse and Danielle

Greetings! Today was our last day of ministry in Battambang and last day of scheduled drama ministry in Cambodia, but we are still looking for ministry here. This morning was a little disappointing. We traveled pretty far to the same area we had been to and had planned to do the drama for a small village there. When we arrived at this village, we found out that everyone was away at a political party meeting. We tried to find another site to do the drama but we did not have the proper permits so we had to wait until the afternoon to do drama ministry. We were disappointed but we knew God had something great for us. God provided and gave us three ministry sites after lunch. We performed at two schools and a church. Ironically, our most impacting stories came from the church. Many there were strong believers, but the Lord led our team to many unbelievers who really wanted to accept Christ. This was such a great end to the day of drama ministry because we saw how strong the believers were at this church and know that they are going to follow through and disciple these new believers well.

This evening we had a teaching on idols and that our idols aren’t merely surface idols that we see but that these surface idols stem from the deep idols of power, control, approval, and comfort that are heart-level. We discussed how to identify our deep idols and how to battle them; it is by the Gospel.
Even though our team is finished with scheduled drama ministry the Lord is not finished using us in Cambodia. Tomorrow we are traveling to the capital, Phnom Penh, which will be a lengthy ride. Please pray for so many more opportunities to share the Gospel in Cambodia and on the way home and pray for safe travel tomorrow.
Country Coordinators,
Jesse and Danielle

Happy 5th of July! Today we were blessed to perform the Drama in a distant village that had many loving and hospitable brothers and sisters in Christ who had also invited some of their Buddhist friends and neighbors. Before, during, and after drama many of them were constantly serving us by bringing us cold water, giving us umbrellas to shield us from the fierce sun, and giving us fruit and shade during our lunch time which we spent at this location. Several of these Christian brothers and sisters traveled around with us today to help us with ministry.

At one school we went to we packed into a classroom to perform the drama for about forty kids and teachers. One of our students was able to minister to the entire classroom as the remained attentive after the drama and remained in their seats and many of them eagerly accepted Christ. Meanwhile one of our other students stepped outside of the classroom to share the Gospel with the four teachers who taught there. After she shared the gospel with these teachers, each one of them accepted Christ. It is so encouraging that the majority of this school is not only open to the Gospel but also that they accepted Christ. Just pray for our brothers and sisters who followed us to faithfully disciple these new believers.

We found out that these brothers and sisters who had been serving us all day were building a church building and starting a church. We were blessed to pray for them, the city, and for the construction of the church.

This evening the students received a teaching on the importance of the Christ and how that affects our lives. This teaching greatly impacted each of us. God put His love on display by sending Christ to come live a perfect life and die for us. What amazing love! We learned that because justice is an attribute of God, sin must be punished and that’s why Christ died, to take the punishment for us. One of our key verses was 2 Corinthians 5: 21 “For our sake He made Him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in Him we might become the righteousness of God.” We also were reminded that the full Gospel is offensive but we must not shy away from it.

Please pray that we would not be afraid to shy away from the Gospel but expound upon it. Tomorrow is our last day of scheduled ministry. We want to finish strong so please also pray for focus, energy, strength, urgency, humility, discernment, and that we are sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle


Happy 4th of July from Cambodia!

We have just wrapped up another fantastic day of drama ministry! We traveled many miles to bring the gospel to an outlying school this morning, and this afternoon we ministered at a village that had never before heard the good news. 

After finishing the drama in the village, we had one student approach a large group of villagers to tell them more about Jesus. As he began to speak, he asked how many had heard of Jesus before today. We could hardly believe it when not a single person raised their hand. Our student then began to lay out the gospel from the beginning, how we had turned from God, how He had sent His Son to reconcile us to Himself, and how He had made a way for them to be made new. As he finished speaking, he asked if the people would like to turn from their sins and turn to Christ as Savior, and nearly every person in the group said “Yes!” It was truly amazing to see so many people go from having never heard of Jesus to being a part of His kingdom in just a couple hours.

Also in the village, we had another student approach a woman shortly after the drama. As our student began to share the love of Christ with this woman, God was already working in her heart. After hearing the gospel, the woman was ready to receive a new heart from God. After our student prayed with her, the woman began to share more about herself. She explained that she had a heart condition: her heart was too big. So our student and her ministry team gathered around and prayed for the woman, that God would heal her heart or provide comfort and peace in her affliction. We are comforted to know that though the woman left that site with a medically broken  heart, she also left with a new and whole one from her Savior.

On our way back to our hotel, we stopped to meet with a small village church. We gathered with them in front of their building and prayed with and for them, that they would be used mightily to reach their village with the gospel. We prayed first in English, then in Khmer. The scene was a wonderful reminder that the Church is not limited by walls, or even country borders. 

Finally, we celebrated our country’s independence this evening with a talent show. The students all participated with talents ranging from poetry, to songwriting, to a choreographed sword fight scene. So you can look forward to some great pictures from our show!

Please pray for a strong finish and determined focus as we head into our last couple days of drama ministry!

Your Team Directors,

Allison and Craig

Hello! What a great day it was in Battambang! This morning after our normal breakfast of eggs and bread we traveled far to a small school to share the Gospel. This school was a blast! The students here were so outgoing. Many of them lined the front of our stage to do ridiculous dances with some of our team and others were lining up to be raised high in the air. They were all so excited to have us there and to see our drama. During ministry, one of our translators felt like a particular ministry team should come with him to minister to a certain teacher who saw the drama. This was odd because usually the translators just tag along and help us communicate, but the ministry team leader went to this teacher. When they approached this teacher they found out the teacher spoke English so the translator who felt led to this woman was able to go help another ministry team while this teacher was being ministered to in English. It was obvious that God knew what He was doing when he laid this teacher on the translator’s heart because she accepted Christ! 
Today we also got to encourage the local church in that area by performing the drama for them. They were so happy to have us with them and were so hospitable towards us. This evening we split up the guys from the girls and did some guy/girl teaching for both groups. First the guys met with the male leaders and the girls met with the female leaders to be ministered to specifically and learn about biblical man and womanhood. Then the leaders switched and the guys got a girl’s view on things and the girls got a guy’s view on things. We are learning to serve and love each others in the roles God has called us to.
Please pray for crazy awesome ministry tomorrow as we only have a few days of ministry left. Also pray for excitement and expectancy among the team that the Lord will do a mighty work.
Country Coordinators,
Jesse and Danielle

Good day from Battambang! The team woke up ready to be back at ministry in a new city. With our usual eggs and bread for breakfast, we headed out a ways to some schools today. We arrived at our first school and joyously danced with the kids until we were ready to perform the drama. Immediately after going to minister to the teachers, our students encountered a few teachers who were so ready to pray to receive Christ that they couldn’t even wait for us to explain the drama better! One teacher said her children go to church so she has heard about Jesus and is now ready to pray. What an encouragement to this team! We hear so often that they need more time and do more planting of seeds than harvesting, but this time we got to see the fruits of our fellow believers labor. Their enthusiasm was such a blessing.

After some time spent eating and resting in a local church, the team was ready for more ministry at schools. In Cambodia, many of the schools are on the same grounds as a Buddhist Temple, and this one was no different. A temple was being built right by the school. While the drama was playing, a few of the monks peeked through windows to get a glimpse of what we were doing. As one of the students were talking with a woman right outside where the monks were staying, she was ready to receive Christ but didn’t want to at this time because the monks were watching.

This is the epitome of these people. They want to know who Jesus is but they are so oppressed by what their culture has told them. Then, we were able to return to the first school we were at because there was a different group of students there. As we arrived, the teachers who received Christ had already been sharing about Jesus with the students they were teaching now. That is passion!

Tonight, the team received a teaching tonight about The Keeper who watched over the flock while David defeated Goliath. A lesson on being a servant and not getting any recognition for it. We have a wonderful example of a Keeper in Pastor Mony, and the students were receptive to the teaching as we all could be better servants for the Lord.

Please pray for continued health and for us to take every day head-on with everything we have. We apologize for our pictures being out of order. We are unaware of how to fix it, so please go through older pages and you might find some newer pictures. Thank you for your patience with us!

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle

Greetings from Battambang! The team has arrived safely and happily. We had a great travel day even though we were on the bumpy, windy road for 8+ hours. We were able to bond with each other even more during our trip, thus making the day profitable. We stopped at a busy city along a crowded river for a great view and delicious PB & J sandwiches. After lunch we briefly went to a woman’s house who was a church leader in this particular city. She was sick and needed prayer for her sickness especially because she is so vital to the local church. Though we weren’t able to go into to her house and meet her because her mother is not a Christian, we prayed for her outside her house. This was very encouraging to the woman and also to us because we were able to take part in Jesus ministry on the way to Battambang in a place that wasn’t designated by us to do ministry, but by the Lord.

We arrived in Battambang a little before dinner, just in time to fill our hungry stomachs. Battambang is one of the biggest cities in Cambodia, so arriving here tonight was definitely a change in scenery. We are so excited for the ministry opportunities we will have here. Tonight after dinner, we took the time to celebrate two of our team members’ birthdays with Cambodian cake. Though one birthday had passed a couple of days ago and the other isn’t for about a week, we didn’t let that hold us back from celebrating their lives. The whole team was filled with joy and thankfulness for them.

We are so ready to start drama ministry in this city tomorrow! Please pray for a sense of urgency among our students as this is the last city where we will do drama ministry. Also, please pray for open hearts and open doors. In the past years we have had a difficult time finding drama sites in this city but also finding open hearts. However, God has done huge things here before as well, so we pray that His name will be made known in this city.

Country Coordinators,

Jesse and Danielle

The team  has reported that they had a long day of ministry in Kirivong. They went to do the updates and post pictures and the internet store was closed. They are traveling today and will try to post pictures and updates tonight.

Walker Moore