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Casa por Casa for Christ in Chepo

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Today we had the great privilege to perform the drama for a school in a small community outside of Chepo. The team had a great time playing soccer, dancing, and getting the chance to learn some Spanish as they spoke with the students. At the school we saw a rare sight – another gringo! This was a young lady by the name of Theresa who had just begun her two-year service through the Peace Corps. She actually just so happened to be from Oklahoma City and had just graduated from OU. We got to share with her about the ministry that we were doing throughout Panama. She was excited about the work we are doing but wasn’t open to the Gospel. We ask that you join us in praying for Theresa as she serves this school and community.

The most exciting part of today was when the team got to travel from house to house, visiting with people about their lives and sharing the truth of the Gospel. Every student came back so excited and encouraged by the conversations they had with the people of Panama. They all returned with awesome testimonies of encouragement from the locals and of opportunities they had to pour into these people. One story from the house-to-house ministry was of an awesome divine encounter as well as a powerful display that language is not a barrier for God or us. One of the groups walked up with confidence and boldness to a house where two people were hanging out. They began explaining the Gospel with broken Spanish and the help of a ministry card in Spanish. By the end of their conversation, these two people were crying because they realized their brokenness and their need for Jesus. One student got to pray with them as they chose to forsake their old life and follow Jesus. How great is our God!

We are expectant for the ministry that is to be done throughout this week and we have total confidence that the Lord will work! Please continue to pray for boldness for our students and willing hearts to serve whomever and whenever. Our time here in Panama is growing short, and so we pray for focus and that God’s will would be done here through this team. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and encouraging comments!


Your Team Directors,

Jordan and Becca

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