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Calma Before The Storm

This morning after the team had breakfast we loaded the bus and went to the city El Mirador. This 
city is very poor, very few have electricity and none have running water. The bus took us up a long 
steep road made of sand. As we looked at the houses our hearts began to break for the people
and the conditions in which they live. Many of the houses were made of tarps, straw mats, and pieces of
metal or other things found laying around. As we went out in groups we invited people to join us 
for the programs in the afternoon. Many of us were able to pray over several people. 

After lunch we returned to start our afternoon programs. We were all filled with joy as we started 
to see children run down the street to join us. The children were quickly followed by their moms. We 
had 22 women and 42 children. This is very good since there is no church in the area. Right after
the afternoon program we had a church service, since there are very few lights in the city. We had 3
ladies stay for the service, but little did they know they had been set up. You see God had them
there for a reason. All 3 of those came to know Christ as their Lord!!!! What a great night!

However we know that this is the Calma (calm) Before The Storm. We look forward to more great things
God is going to do. So continue to join us in prayer as we ask God to draw himself near to people. 
What a truly great day it was and we rejoice in those who became our sisters in Christ.

In the morning we will head to a school, then back to El Mirador. We are excited to see what God is
going to do tomorrow.

Peru Team
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