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Buenas Noticias en Barrigon

Good evening all!
Just as we did in Santa Marta and Villa Lobos before, we have spent the last two days ministering in Barrigon here in the mountains of Cope. The Lord has moved faithfully to bring people to Himself there!
Upon first arriving in Barrigon yesterday, we had the opportunity to present our drama, and more importantly the Gospel, in a school. So excited was this school to have us that the Director dismissed school for the rest of the day at noon so that the students could watch our drama. In this small mountain village, we had over fifty young students, as well as many parents, standing in the audience. Our students were able to love and encourage all the young children, telling them the good news that Jesus can restore them to relationship with the Father. We soon left the school and hiked (yes, hiked) high into the mountains. When we arrived at a small mountain church, we ate lunch, and then performed the drama for the few people who lived around the church. As always, it is so good to spend the day both introducing new believers to Christ and encouraging established churches in their own work.
Today, we were able to do yet more ministry even higher in the mountains than yesterday. Our original plan was interrupted when several large trucks began to do construction on the road. Thankfully, there was a man who lived nearby who opened up the porch of his house and storefront for us to use in performing the drama. There, we performed for nine or ten people, of which many knew the Lord, and several came to know Him for the first time.
After hiking down from that place high in the mountains, we found the home of a local politician. This man had recently campaigned for the responsibility to represent the town of Barrigon in Panama City. Despite having lost the race by only a few points, he was a very well known man in this town. He was also a believer, and he allowed us to perform in his yard for all his neighbors. As we began, no one was watching, but by the end, several had gathered to watch, as well as many watching from doors and windows of the surrounding houses. Dramas like these are such a reminder that when we are obedient to preach the Gospel, God provides and works in all the hearers.
Please continue to pray for good health and strong ministry for the team! Also pray for safe travels as we head back to Panama City tomorrow!
Much Love,
Craig and Karissa

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  • RaSheed- Well its on the last week. Its gonna be the longest part of the trip, exspecially everyone back home waiting on all of u guys!! I love reading ur blogs & seeing the pics. Were praying for continued opening of hearts, for good rest, & all the energy u need to complete this! I pray for all the Panama people & their leaders. Love, JoBeth.

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