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Buenas Noches from Barquisimeto

This morning we loaded up in Acarigua and headed for Barquisimeto.  We entered the city on the west side and worked with a church in that area.  There are very many poor people in that area, and that is one of the reasons that church was started was to work with those people who have very little hope.  During ministry, one group was ministering with a family, and while the husband was less responsive, the wife and child seemed very sincere.  After the team shared, they were so thankful that they blessed that ministry team with little gifts, handmade pins in the shape of different instruments.

Today is the Venezuelan Independence Day.  Since it is a national holiday, everyone is off, and the parks were full.  We ministered in one park all afternoon, doing three different performances in different areas of the park.  In the first area we set up in, we were met by another evangelistic group.  They were very excited that people were here to share the good news of Jesus.  In fact, they rounded up a lot of people to see our performance, and that was the biggest crowd we worked with all day.

Tonight brought the opportunity for teaching.  The students were a bit intrigued when we told them to come down for teaching without their Bibles or notebooks.  They soon saw that they would need their hands, for we taught them that we must do the works of our Father.  One of the works that Jesus did while He was here was that He gave a spit.  When Jesus healed the blind man, He picked up some dirt, and spit in it to make a mudball; it was through this that He used the mud to heal the man’s eyes.  Sometimes serving Jesus requires us to get dirty.  We are uncomfortable, but we need to get uncomfortable for Christ.  Jesus gave us His blood, but He has called us to go through the mud, to get our hands dirty and love people to Himself.

Thank you for your prayers for our team.  Please pray for the students to really grasp this teaching and apply it to the rest of our ministry here and to continue to live it as they return home.

Your Country Coordinators,

Kenny & Whitney

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