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Broken Chains

As we started off our second day of ministry, we all had a prayer on our hearts, “Jesus, break every chain”.  Today we saw that prayer come to fruition.


While the students were proclaiming the Truth through the drama, a lady walked up and started taking pictures. Our missionary contact Anabel soon came over to the lady and began to converse with her. She then told Anabel and one of our leaders that she was with the newspaper and was going to put a picture and an article about the drama in tomorrow’s paper. She asked where we were from, the ages of the students, and a couple of other questions. Her last question was “What message about your group would you like to be in the paper?” There was only one message to share, and that was HIS. Tomorrow as the people of Piedras Negras pick up Sunday’s paper they will read the message of Hope and Love. They will read the Gospel.


While out ministering today there were many stories of broken chains. There is great joy that comes as a student brings a little white paper with the name of a person who accepted Christ. We had many tear filled eyes as students were able to minister for the first time and be a part of someone coming to Christ.


As we bumped down a dirt road we passed many houses that in the states would be called shacks. We came to the end of the road and pulled into an empty lot with one lone building. The leaders when to talk to the people and met some amazing missionaries who told us their story. They run a free library and an after school program to try to reach the community. As the students went door to door inviting people, down the street ran a herd of children, soon followed by parents. As the drama was presented you could see the chains being broken, many people came to Christ. The pastor and the missionaries were overjoyed as many new families came who they had never seen before. Many of these new faces accepted Christ.


Tonight we gathered back together as one unified team. Story after story was shared and all began to rejoice in the power of Jesus’ name because He was breaking chains. We know He is far from finished.

Continue to pray for open hearts to receive the gospel, continued health, for the team to continue to grow in love and unity, for more divine encounters, and for more chains to be broken.


Serving through and for Him,

Zach Smith

Gerri Smith

Mike Lehew

Meridith Ingram

Walker Moore


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7 response to Broken Chains

  • 😀 So thankful for these updates! Continuing to pray!

  • Louise says:

    I too weep as many of the people that you have touched have wept. Thank you for the updates and stories that are being shared. We always anticipate with great excitement hearing testimony after testimony from you Morgan after each trip. We miss you and the pictures say a thousand words. Hello to Jacey and Chaney. Love you….Mom

  • Love the updates! Makes it easier to know our Ali is in good hands, serving our Lord! Your dog and brother miss you terribly Ali, as do us. So proud of all the young adults and their commitment to do as God commands! Miss ya bunches Ali…mom, dad, Thomas, Brindi, Greta, Peachy. P.s. Daddy even cried at work reading one of the updates….hehe.

  • Marti Pieper says:

    Ali, we are lifting you up and so excited about the ways God is working through you and your team. LOTS of people are reading the posts as I share them on the First Baptist Facebook page, too. Awe Star, you are constantly on my heart and in my prayers. Praying for you as He continues to break many chains!

  • Michelle Boyer says:

    We continue to keep you all close in prayer! We love seeing the exciting pictures and read the daily updates of how God is using His missionaries to share the story of love and hope that is only found through Jesus Christ! We are looking forward to hearing, in person, the stories that the pictures cannot show us! We are overwhelming blessed to know our daughter is part of such a life changing experience for many…keep pursuing! WE LOVE YOU, 🙂 ABBI (P413) …and we love you too, Rebecca, Kennan, Collin, & Jacey! XO Mom and Dad 🙂

  • Our church family prayed for you all this morning. Can’t wait to hear more

  • TeATa Lehew Gattis says:

    Prayers and thoughts are with all of you! May your day be full of wonderful blessings as you grow together in his love! Thank you for sharing God’s word with some very special people, may each of you be blessed as walk around in their world and seeing their hearts overflow with love when they accept Christ into their hearts! I pray the team is all in good health, know that our hearts and prayers are with you as you give of yourselves so that someone will come to accept Christ into their hearts and their lives will forever be changed! Love to all of you! P.S. Mike, hope your birthday was a beautiful one, how wonderful for you to be able to share God’s amazing love to others on your special day! I am so thankful for you!

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