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Boatfuls of Blessings

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Greetings from Chepo!

It has been an eventful day and a half here in Chepo, a small suburb of Panama City. We left the White House yesterday morning and drove straight to the church with which we will be working while we are here. After dropping off our things, we left for the lake, where we traveled an hour and a half by boat to visit the village of Icandi. If you are friends with Walker Moore on Facebook, you may have seen that this rather large village recently burned totally to the ground. AweStar has worked in this village over many years, and even had a hut built specifically for us. This hut was unfortunately among the many which burned down.

We were able to accompany some members from La Comunidad Bible Church with many donations like food and building supplies for the village. Once there, some of our women shared their testimonies with the women of the village while the rest of the team entertained the children. Then, we were able to share the drama, and more importantly the Gospel, with the women at the meeting—and we shared it in Kuna, the language of the people! This was an incredible opportunity because the women of Icandi run the whole village. Afterwards, we shared the Gospel on a basketball court with close to a hundred children. They were so excited to see us, and after the drama, they spent over an hour hanging from our students’ arms and legs and romping around on our students’ shoulders.

This morning, we have already shared in a service with the local church. Craig preached a sermon and we performed the drama for the congregation. Many in the congregation will accompany us later today as we go out to minister in the community.

Please pray for continued good health and hydrated students, and that the joy of the Lord would be the strength that propels us through this day! We are glad to share these stories with you, and we look forward to sharing many more in the weeks to come!

By His grace alone,

Craig and Meridith


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