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Let me tell you how God has heard your prayers! Our team arrived and zipped through customs like champs! Not one bag was missing, but even more than that, as we walked into customs with 29 people and about 45 bags with almost 15 of them filled with medications & medical supplies for our clinics- not one bag was checked or questioned. It was as if, they passed through the baggage x-ray mac
hines with nothing inside them! Our team gathered and when we loaded our bus, we praised Jesus all the way to our lodging! We serve a mighty God that moves before His children and prepares the way! Each student was tired when we arrived, but as we worshiped it was as if electricity filled their bones for God for giving us favor and showing His power. #jesushasdecided 

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Good evening! 

We had a restful morning after our early arrival into Lima. After starting with a delicious, traditional Awe Star lunch we enjoyed time of fellowship together as a team and refocused for the day ahead of us. 

Today’s agenda included preparing for our departure tonight to Huanuco as well as ministry. We headed to the surrounding area near the hotel and performed the drama. One park in particular that is closest to the hotel is rather large with towering trees providing perfect shade to do the drama. The students had a good start to ministry here in Peru. A police officer even came to observe the drama and some of the students had the opportunity to share the gospel with him and engage (photos are shown in the photo gallery). 

Thank you for your continued prayers as we have been traveling to Lima and as our journey continues tonight to Huanuco. The Lord has blessed us with safe travels. Please pray for rest as we head out tonight so that tomorrow in Huanuco we may arrive ready to do all that the Lord has planned. 

Your Country Coordinators, 

Steen & Rebecca

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Hello and Good Evening from Beautiful Panama!

The past two days have been a whirlwind of training and traveling, but we are finally in Panama City. On Wednesday we spent the day finishing up learning and perfecting the drama. That night we heard Peggy Nunley speak on the authority we have in Christ and what that means for our team as we go. The students were moved to tears as they realized what the magnitude of our trip meant. Together we huddled and prayed, tears streaming down our faces as we cried out to God for his strength this summer. The Holy Spirit was moving and increased our team unity exponentially.


Yesterday we started the morning off bright and early with a delicious breakfast. After saying goodbye to The Gambia team we all loaded onto a bus and took the drive from Dallas to Houston. God blessed us in many ways and we were able to move through security quickly. God continued to grant us safety and speed. We landed in Panama at around 11:05 PM last night. The students were tired but are ready to begin our first day here in country.


Today we started off strong and left for Chitre after breakfast this morning. Pray for the students. Pray for their energy and strength to be coming from Christ and not themselves. Pray  for them to be reminded that God has not called them to comfort. Most of all, please pray against the attacks of the enemy. The more tired we are the easier it is to forget the need to take captive every thought. We must work the works of Him who sent us for night is coming when no one can work.

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Your Country Coordinators,


Melanie & Razi

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Buenos dias!

Thank you for your patience as we traveled yesterday. We finally arrived in Lima, Peru early this morning. Today the students are resting after the long journey here as we prepare for our soon departure to the city of Huanuco.

Later today the students will be able to call home and a more detailed blog post with pictures will be uploaded.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers!

Your Country Coordinators,

Steen & Rebecca 

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Yay! We made it to Brussels and everyone is excited to board our next flight. Oh it’s happening…. NEXT flight we are AFRICA bound! Please pray as we prepare to enter the county that God would give us favor with customs.Pray students would recover quickly from jet-lag and that our hearts would be full and ready to overflow on those we encounter for Christ! #awestar #breakingborders #jesushasdecided #usherHimBack


We woke up this morning with anticipation in our hearts and butterflies in our stomach.  Our stateside training has come to an end and soon we will be boarding a jet plane headed to Panama.  Pray for our travels today.

Yesterday, our morning and afternoon had been spent refining our drama.  Our students gave it there all and WOW!…….we are so proud of them!  We are awaiting the coming days where through this drama our students will encounter divine appointments!

Last night we felt the presence of God in our midst as David Guion led us in the final time our four teams will worship together.  This worship helped put boldness in our team’s hearts to strongly march into Panama to push back the darkness.  What a beautiful sight to behold as our students spontaneously linked arms together across the aisles. There were no division of teams but one large family joining together, praying with each other.      This was followed by Peggy Nunley who gave a powerful message on overcoming strongholds.  Our students listened intently and the Spirit moved!  We ended our time together gathering around our country’s flag.  With arms linked together and tears flowed from many of our team members’ eyes as they sang “Here I am to Worship”  with arms lifted high telling God that He is All.  

“There is no salvation in no one else!  God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.  The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures.  They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:12-13  This is our pray for our team that wherever we go we will be recognized as a team that has been with Jesus-through loving and serving the people of Panama and our team.

What a blessing from you all to allow us to spend these next days with your students!  We really do covet your prayers as we travel today and pray for preparation as we start Jesus ministry on Friday in Panama!

Your 14 Day Panama Leadership,

Mike and Sarah, Country Coordinators

Zach and Mya, Team Directors


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Less than twelve hours till we all leave for the airport and we can hardly contain the excitement! After breakfast this morning, David lead us in worship prior to heading out for the final drama training session. As the costumes were distributed to each of the students it only made the reality of our soon departure that more real.

As the students practiced throughout the day, each part was finally pulled together to complete one of our most important ministry tools for this summer. Each of the students have been working so hard throughout these past three days and they have maintained an uplifting attitude throughout it all. 

Tonight was our first “Man Up” and “Reign On” session for this summer. Man Up is a Bible study that teaches men how to wear the armor of God and how to rise up as true men of God in today’s society. Similarly, Reign On is designed for women based off of Proverbs 31 which teaches on how to rise up as a Godly woman. 

Following our Man Up and Reign On sessions, we all finished washing clothes, prepared and packed for tomorrow’s early departure to Peru. We all can’t wait for the following hours to come!

Because we will be driving to Houston to fly out to Peru, please expect some delay in the uploading of tomorrow’s blog. We as leadership will be doing our very best to upload the blog in time, but with the amount of travel time and lack of wifi availability, this presents the possibility for delay in posting.

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Please continue to keep the team in your prayers as we drive first to Houston, Tx, then fly to Lima, Peru. Thank you all very much!

Your Country Coordinators,

Steen & Rebecca 

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