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We woke up this morning with anticipation in our hearts and butterflies in our stomach.  Our stateside training has come to an end and soon we will be boarding a jet plane headed to Panama.  Pray for our travels today.

Yesterday, our morning and afternoon had been spent refining our drama.  Our students gave it there all and WOW!…….we are so proud of them!  We are awaiting the coming days where through this drama our students will encounter divine appointments!

Last night we felt the presence of God in our midst as David Guion led us in the final time our four teams will worship together.  This worship helped put boldness in our team’s hearts to strongly march into Panama to push back the darkness.  What a beautiful sight to behold as our students spontaneously linked arms together across the aisles. There were no division of teams but one large family joining together, praying with each other.      This was followed by Peggy Nunley who gave a powerful message on overcoming strongholds.  Our students listened intently and the Spirit moved!  We ended our time together gathering around our country’s flag.  With arms linked together and tears flowed from many of our team members’ eyes as they sang “Here I am to Worship”  with arms lifted high telling God that He is All.  

“There is no salvation in no one else!  God has given no other name under heaven by which we must be saved.  The members of the council were amazed when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, for they could see that they were ordinary men with no special training in the Scriptures.  They also recognized them as men who had been with Jesus.” Acts 4:12-13  This is our pray for our team that wherever we go we will be recognized as a team that has been with Jesus-through loving and serving the people of Panama and our team.

What a blessing from you all to allow us to spend these next days with your students!  We really do covet your prayers as we travel today and pray for preparation as we start Jesus ministry on Friday in Panama!

Your 14 Day Panama Leadership,

Mike and Sarah, Country Coordinators

Zach and Mya, Team Directors


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Less than twelve hours till we all leave for the airport and we can hardly contain the excitement! After breakfast this morning, David lead us in worship prior to heading out for the final drama training session. As the costumes were distributed to each of the students it only made the reality of our soon departure that more real.

As the students practiced throughout the day, each part was finally pulled together to complete one of our most important ministry tools for this summer. Each of the students have been working so hard throughout these past three days and they have maintained an uplifting attitude throughout it all. 

Tonight was our first “Man Up” and “Reign On” session for this summer. Man Up is a Bible study that teaches men how to wear the armor of God and how to rise up as true men of God in today’s society. Similarly, Reign On is designed for women based off of Proverbs 31 which teaches on how to rise up as a Godly woman. 

Following our Man Up and Reign On sessions, we all finished washing clothes, prepared and packed for tomorrow’s early departure to Peru. We all can’t wait for the following hours to come!

Because we will be driving to Houston to fly out to Peru, please expect some delay in the uploading of tomorrow’s blog. We as leadership will be doing our very best to upload the blog in time, but with the amount of travel time and lack of wifi availability, this presents the possibility for delay in posting.

Due to the technical difficulties we were experiencing with the text update website, the text updates were not available until now. If you would like to receive text messages entailing a link to the most recent blog post each day sign up by texting PER28 to 84483. You should immediately receive a message confirming that you have been signed up for the text updates. 

Please continue to keep the team in your prayers as we drive first to Houston, Tx, then fly to Lima, Peru. Thank you all very much!

Your Country Coordinators,

Steen & Rebecca 

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The team is doing great! God is already at work meshing hearts together and binding friendships as the team fellowships and trains to leave the country. Drama training has been intense, but so has prayer, as each student takes responsibility for their role in asking God to move in advance on the heart and souls of the Gambian people. God has and is preparing our team to push back darkness in a land where He has been robbed of glory! Please continue to pray as we tie up loose ends on drama training, costumes, travel bags, and other preparations. Tonight we will commission the team to “GO” and “ServeWithoutReserve!” #jesushasdecided #MakeHimKnown #UsherHimBack
Peggy Nunley, Country Coordinator

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We sit here in the cafeteria and sounds of laughter fill the room.  It testifies to the power of unity.  It testifies of a greater cause.  It testifies to having a single focus: Jesus.

God is soooo good.

Our team woke up yesterday and spent time in the Word with Joshua 24:14-15 being our focus, encouraging the students with the reality that serving Jesus is not an impossible task but a delight.  God sustains us so that we might serve Him faithfully and store up for ourselves treasures in heaven.

In our large group, the students learned how to effectively share the Gospel and how to engage with the people of Panama.  Afterwards, each of our students took a spiritual gifts test and shared their gift.  The gifts that God has gifted our students with are Mercy, Faith, Exhortation, Teaching, Discernment, Administration, and Service.  Our goal is to give students an opportunity to exercise their gifts during the course of the trip and our desire is that they would go home and utilize these gifts to build up the body of Christ.

One of the highlights of our day was an incredible time of fellowship and worship.  One of the principles taught at Awe Star is worship makes us stronger.  Worship has the ability to take the weary and restore our spirits.  This really helped continue to build unity with our team as we had the opportunity to pray over one another.

God continues to build confidence through the training of the Freedom Drama.  It has been awesome to see the drama pull students out of their shell and grow in confidence.  The team is becoming more like family with every passing moment. 

It’s awesome to watch all the teams come together as one each evening to worship.  There’s nothing like the glorious sound of students worshiping Jesus!  David Guion has helped in a tremendous way preparing our hearts for Panama.  Walker spoke from 1 Thessalonians 5:23, “May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through.  May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  Our students are bombarded daily by the enemy who wants to steal, kill and destroy them.  The enemy wants to steal our fruit and destroy our testimony, which is why we must take every thought captive.

To close out our evening, our TD’s, shared about logistics with our ministry teams and had an opportunity to continue to bond as a team.  

Continue to pray that God would give strength and energy as they complete drama training today and for us to continue to love and serve one another.  As the days pass and get longer, we as a team will need prayer from our loved ones.  Satan will try to distract us from our goal, but we know that Christ has a GREAT plan for us as a team. 

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership,

Mike and Sarah, Country Coordinators

Zach and Mya, Team Directors

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Good Morning!

Our hearts are filled with joy after an amazing day yesterday. It was long and hot but our students worked hard at learning the drama. 

We started off the morning with a delicious breakfast and then sat under a few teachings. The students learned what the art of engaging on the mission field looked like, they learned how to SHARRE the gospel, and then we had a teaching on spiritual gifts. They learned that we could all use our individual spiritual gifts to work together to glorify Christ as one body. 

After some team time and then lunch we headed out to begin drama training for the day. We are so blessed by this team. God is truly faithful in the little things, we heard not ONE complaint from our students. Their attitudes were set on glorifying Jesus and learning the drama. They have impressed us with their ability to learn the drama so well.

Yesterday we prayed that the students would be willing to give their all during training and that they would do their best, for God is glorified in our excellence. The team is growing closer with each day, we already feel like a family even though we have only known each other a short time! 

Yesterday evening after spending time in worship, Walker spoke on distinguishing the voices from above, within, and below. Afterwards we taught the team how to share their testimonies on the mission field and they prepared those testimonies in their small groups. 

Today will be a long day. This is the last day of drama training, so we will spend the entire day learning the drama. Please pray that the students are able to learn quickly and that we can make the best use of our time. Pray for hearts that have an attitude of worship and focus on who God is. Pray that they stay hydrated and that the Lord will protect the students from the attacks of the enemy. Tonight we will begin packing and head out tomorrow morning for a long day of travel. We are so excited for all that God is going to do this summer in Panama and are looking forward to the ministry God has for us this summer. 


Your Country Coordinators, 

Razi & Melanie

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This morning began our second day of drama training and the entire team came to breakfast excited and ready to take on the day. Following breakfast, Walker explained the art of engaging people and sharing the gospel with the people we will be encountering in the next week. It is encouraging to see each of the students taking notes in their journals as they listen to Walker’s teachings and their intentional attitude for what is to come this summer. Already we have seen them step up as young women and men in serving one another. Seeing their servant heart is special and encouraging for what God has planned for each of the students this summer in Peru. 

Even as the students work hard in learning the drama, they still maintain a cheerful countenance as they have fun together as a team. Tomorrow will be our final day of drama training before heading off to Peru and with each passing moment the excitement builds in each of us. 

We ask to please continue in praying for each of us as we continue to train and grow together in unity as a team. More pictures will be uploaded later today.

Your Country Coordinators,

Steen & Rebecca 


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Good Morning!

Awe Star’s theme for this summer is Without Reserve. It is taken from Romans 12:1,

“I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.” (ESV)

This verse is our prayer for the students this summer. We want to see them present their bodies as living sacrifices. They have already sacrificed in working hard to raise money and are now sacrificing their summer to serve the Lord. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do!

Yesterday was an amazing first full day with our team! In the morning the students sat through various teachings to do some spiritual preparation. We learned what following Jesus as adults meant and several of our students laid down their childhood to take on adult responsibilities. One of the beliefs Awe Star has is that we do not take children on the mission field, we take adults. Our team has already begun stepping up and taking on that responsibility. Praise God!

After a delicious lunch provided for us here at Awe Star University, the students began drama training. Although our team is the smallest team this year at ASU, God has perfectly ordained each role for each student. We loved watching how the Holy Spirit began unifying the team. They were filled with joy even as they persevered through the heat. We are so proud of how they picked up the drama.

After eating dinner and showering, the students sat under a teaching done by Caleb Moore. We also got to cherish some time spent in worship together. At Awe Star we believe that worship makes us stronger. The students could have easily been tired from a hard days work, but by spending time in worship we felt the Lord rejuvenate our hearts and our minds so that we could be stronger. 

We closed the night out with some team time. Razi spoke on the importance of sharing your stories and how our lives are living sacrifices to the Lord. This prompted our students to begin sharing their testimonies. Several of our students were moved to tears as they began sharing how the Lord rescued them out of bondage and brought them to where they are now. We encouraged vulnerability because vulnerability brings forth unity. We could definitely feel the unity in the team grow exponentially throughout this time. Praise the Lord!

Today will be another day similar to yesterday. The students will have teachings this morning and then will continue in drama training after lunch. Please keep our students in prayer for energy and strength to make it through the day. Pray they stay hydrated and that the Lord will keep their strength up. Lastly, pray against any attacks of the enemy on our team. We want to take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. Pray that the Holy Spirit will move in our students, and bring forth a spirit of oneness among the team.


Your Country Coordinators, 

Melanie & Razi

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What an awesome day of Jesus ministry!

We woke up yesterday to a gentle rain and an incredible breakfast of eggs, sausage, and pancakes. The students spent time in the Word with the focus being Philippians 1:1-2. Later that morning, Walker taught the students about the four different kinds of biblical love.

Our team was filled with anticipation to start the drama training. Anxiously they waited to hear what part each was cast for in the Freedom Drama and then spent the whole afternoon starting to learn their parts. What an excellent practice they had! They are well on their way to being able to present an astonishing presentation to the Panamanians.

The evening ended with worship which made us stronger. This precious moment felt as if the Lord rained down on us encouraging students after the afternoon of rigorous training. Our desire is that our students experience an abundance of this sincere worship over the next couple of weeks.

The students met in their MOM and POP groups to close out the evening to prepare their testimonies. These testimonies will be the tools God uses to speak through each of our students before each drama is performed.

Pray for our students today as we continue to practice on the Freedom drama! We love your students!

Your Panama 14 Day Leadership,
Mike and Sarah, Country Coordinators
Zach and Mya, Team Directors