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Bienvenidos a Panama!

Greetings from the Casa Blanca (White House)! 

The team left Dallas at 2:45 this morning and arrived safe in Panama at 1pm.

On the plane, the group had the blessing of meeting an Embera pastor from the Darien region of Panama. Pastor Ricardo was spending time in the US translating the Bible into his native language for those in the dense jungle. (Many of these areas in the Darien are nearly impossible for foreigners to reach without machetes and guides.) God called him at age 17 to lay down his machete work in the jungle to start translating the Bible for his people, and now 33 years later his translation is in the printing stages of publication. He urged the team to recognize the passion God has placed in our hearts and to hold fast to it. 

After the team settled into the White House and ate the first PB&J lunch of the week, they donned costumes and set out to Cinco de Mayo, the market street just around the corner. The smells of garbage and fresh fruit greeted us as we turned onto Cinco de Mayo, where throngs of people were mingling, shopping, and staring at the troop of oddly dressed Americans. In just a few moments, the team had gathered a crowd of about a hundred people before starting the drama. By the crucifixion scene, more than 250 Panamanians, tourists, Kuna, and others circled the team, entranced. The students went out to engage the people in groups after the drama was over, and God moved many hearts, young and old. We collected 13 response cards that local churches will use to stay in contact with those who made decisions for Christ.

With excitement the team returned to the White House, telling stories about the great things God did today and lifting one another up in admiration. The love of Christ compelled the team (2 Corinthians 5:14) to reach out to the people on Cinco de Mayo, and the effect was greater love for one another. 

We ask that you pray for:

  • True heart changes
  • A good night’s sleep after a long day
  • The opening of doors to new opportunities for the Gospel
  • Fearlessness in witnessing

In Christ,

Steph and Marc

Country Coordinators



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4 response to Bienvenidos a Panama!

  • Debbie Davis Goodman says:

    What an incredible update! God is so good to give those Divine appointments. Praying that the heartfelt words of Pastor Ricardo will be forever etched in the hearts and minds of the team.
    Daniel, we love you and are so proud of you!
    mom and dad

  • Rebecca Baugher says:

    SOOO excited for you guys! Praising God for the great things He is already doing!!! Chaney and Morgan – love you girls so much, and I miss you terribly!!!!! Praying for you all!!! <3

  • Marti Pieper says:

    I don’t have Internet often while I’m visiting my mom in rural Ohio, but the prayer connection is not hindered! I’m so excited about all God is already doing. Continuing to pray for you and the beautiful people of Panama.

  • Traci Tanner says:

    WOW, this is soooo exciting! Trevor has gone to Cambodia and STILL in flight as we speak, but I am pumped for what God has in store for you all. Jason and I are praying for rest, endurance, and passion as you do Jesus’ work 🙂 Mya, Emma, and Kati-we love you all and pray that you will be touched in a way that you know is only the hand of God!

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