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Beautiful, Marvelous God!

Another amazing day serving our Savior! The two teams completed 10 dramas today, before hundreds of people. The result is that there are just so many new brothers and sisters in Christ who have now been connected to local churches are will be part of new church plants! We praise God for His amazing Grace!

The teams arose, shared breakfast, then headed their separate ways. Both headed to schools initially, both encountered horseback riders and witnessed to them, and both came back with incredible stories of how the Lord overcame difficult circomstances, to win new souls for His glory!

Our students have really slipped into ministry minded mode.  They understand what it means to be a willing witness. They understand the need to deny themselves, take up their cross and follow Him. They are doing these things now. Its amazing what He can accomplish in our lives when we put away our routines, and just serve.

Another church hosted us for dinner, with more amazing food! We had soft shell tortillas with beans, rice and cake! Well, we didn’t put the cake in the tacos, but we did have cake. We are spoiled with this authentic Mexican food.

We are so excited about all He is doing in us and through us. We look forward to telling you the stories in person.

Please pray that we finish strong, remain healthy, and serve Him with our all. We’ll see you before you know it (and we don’t want to leave!).

Brent Higgins CC

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2 response to Beautiful, Marvelous God!

  • I enjoy looking through the pictures, seeing our kids minister for His glory and it feels me with joy. Tonight as I was looking through the new pics that have been added I see the first pictures of Braden witnessing to some kids and it brought tears to my eyes, not sad tears, but HAPPY tears. This trip has not only been an opportunity for him to grow closer to God, but it has been an opportunity for me to trust Him more, to grow closer myself. I am praying for broken hearts and humbled spirits for the teams as well as those you come in contact with these next couple of days, may He be glorified as we receive new brothers and sisters in Christ. Braden, I love you and am so very proud of you for listening to God when He said “Go”!!

  • May the Lord be praised forever and ever! We thank the Lord for all of you. We will continue to pray for impossible things! On a much less important matter, Hannah wants Charis and the Bristow folks to know that she finally got her permit. Yay!

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