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Back From the Jungle Part 2!

Long time no see, readers! We made it back from the jungles of Gamboa safely today, and we enjoyed some time of rest exploring the beauty of Panama City. The last three days of our trip have been spent in the village of San Antonio with the people of the Wounaan and Embera tribes, and they were so hospitable toward us! We lodged in huts made of wood with straw roofs in the Wounaan village, but we were so happy not to have to sleep in tents or worry about being wet from the Panama rain! We spent the majority of the trip strengthening relationships between the people, and this allowed us got to know them very well. The children there were so joyful and hysterically funny. We thoroughly  enjoyed every second we were able to spend with them.

During the time we spent in the jungle, we were able to perform the drama in three different villages.  Also, we were able to meet the chief who had authority over the entire area. Ironically, he had been introduced to the gospel the year before by a previous Awe Star team, and since that time he had given his life to Christ. It brings us great joy to learn that the seeds planted during Awe Star trips continue to grow long after that time. As a new follower in Christ, the chief welcomed us into his village and allowed us to perform the drama in front of many of the members there. It was great for us to see that a village was building a new community center out of wood and straw that would be used for church services on Sundays.

One of the greatest experiences of our time in the jungle was to see how the people worshipped. They praised the Lord every night with any type of instrument they could find, and the songs lifted to heaven were completely original. Even long after we went to bed we could hear members from other villages continuing to shout to our Lord. A picture of how we will praise the King at all times in heaven was being painted in our heads. 

The focus of this mission trip has been love, and that is exactly what we were able to enjoy in Gamboa. We loved the people, and the people loved us! It was so wonderful to be able to enjoy God’s people and creations all in one place. We have come back to Panama City excited to continue to do Jesus ministry in the form of the drama. We know that God is going to continue to move in amazing ways in the hearts of the people here in Panama and continue to let us catch more glimpses of Him every day. As we enter into our last week of ministry, please pray for the people that we will come into contact with during our ministry and that relationships will continue to grow deeper between team members as we finish out our time here in Panama. We are very encouraged by your prayers and comments, and we hope you will continue to lift this team up to the Father’s throne!

Your CCs

Dustin and Meagann

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11 response to Back From the Jungle Part 2!

  • Kimberly Schmeckenbecher Carpe says:

    Mya and Emma- Finsh strong, girls! We are very proud of you. We cannot wait to hear about all that God has done.

  • Nikki Smith Reach says:

    So glad things went well in the jungle and that you are back safely. It was neat to hear how God used previous AweStar teams to plant seeds and you all got to see the fruit.
    Continuing to pray for you all as you enter your final week there.

    Kati- it was good to see you in a couple of pictures. I love you and miss you!! Mama

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    Love the pictures in the jungle. God is so good. It is amazing to sit back and watch God work.
    Mya- today is the twins’ birthday. Sara Matlack made the cakes for them. I can’t wait for you to see pictures. She did an amazing job. I love you! Keep your eyes focused.

  • Bellamy Looney says:

    Thankful you are back from the jungle physically, mentally, and spiritually refreshed. Praying for continued health, strength, and stamina as you finish out your last week ministering together. Go win them for the kingdom! Much love to you all. Mary Jayne – we love you. Finish strong.

  • Amy Fraim says:

    God is so good!! Thankful for your time in the jungle, that you were able to see what God has done over the past year, and to see His beautiful creation!! Love reading about how the people worshipped the Lord….wow!!
    Mya- for the past two nights, Olivia has prayed for you at bed time, and her prayer tonight was simple, “Please protect Mya and keep her safe as she tells people about Jesus so they can know who Jesus is, and let her have fun telling people about Jesus.” I can’t wait to tell her about the children y’all met in the jungle who were so joyful and funny!! We love you very much, Mya!!
    I know that you all as a team are enjoying telling people about Jesus!! I am praying for you all to continue your ministry for Jesus with strength for each day, for good health, for endurance, and for joy in the Lord as you each serve Him!! Be encouraged, and enjoy this time!!
    Mrs. Amy

  • Ginger says:

    What an amazing week for you all. I love to hear how the drama as well as music is speaking to the heart of people. Gods word will never go void. My prayer for you as you start your last week will be that your bond with Panama will be forever life changing. I prayer God will continue to use your walk, talk, and testimony for His glory. I am proud of the team for answering the call to Go and preach the gospel. I look forward to meeting my brothers and sisters in eternity. Keep up the good work. Kati I can’t wait to hug your neck. Keep safe.

  • Ryan T Reach says:

    What an exciting time! I know this experience will be life What an exciting time! I know this experience will be life changing for many people. I love hearing how God continues to work even after the teams leave.

    I can’t believe your final week in Panama is here. I’m looking forward to getting to see you, Kati. I cannot wait to hear stories from you and how God worked.

    Kati, Mya, and team – I pray that God is already working for divine appointments this coming week. I pray that you all will be sensitive to God’s direction and obedient. I pray that the bond of the team will grow stronger and there will be great unity!

  • Larry Parish says:

    What great stories you all have encountered during your ministry there. I know the power of our lord has overcome you and what that will bring back with you here. God bless and keep you all.
    Hey Dust they have started building the new bridge down at the creek crossing. I’m sure the baby is still there so we can tell my grandkids if we ever get any. Just saying when the time comes. Ha Ha Miss you Bud. Love Dad

  • Matt Brown says:

    God is so good! I’m praying for those villages to continue to move in the direction of the King. He is so worthy!!!

    Jorge, I love you brother. I hope that you have encountered the Lord in new ways during your time in Panama. My heart celebrates in your willingness to be used up for the Kingdom. Jesus has big plans to use you in Bristow and in Edmond. Continue to press into the One that created you and be blessed.

  • Marti Pieper says:

    Thanks for taking the time to post for us praying parents and friends. You KNOW we are lifting you up and so excited to see you growing in your ability to love above all. Praying as you finish well. Hugs to a special TD who shares my last name and love/prayers for all.

  • John Carpeter says:

    The wonders of God never cease to amaze me! Glad you all are getting some time to rest and replenish. Ally, love you girl! I’m getting a little irritated that Dad gets to see you 9 days before I do; somethings just not right about that. Although I think he would disagree – ha! Hugs and prayers…..
    Love you slightly less

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