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Back from Los Machos!

Buenas Tardes!

Let me tell you the great things God is doing in Los Manchos, Panama! Our hearts are so full from our time in the mountains in Los Machos! On Saturday, we traveled from Panama City to Mount Calaboza by van, allowing the team to fellowship together and learn about the men in the group in order to encourage them. When we got to Mount Calaboza, we switched to trucks that were better suited for climbing the terrain. If the students were not close from riding in the van, they got a lot closer by riding in the trucks!

We had originally planned to go to Aguacate, but the Lord intended for us to travel here. Our disappointments are God’s divine appointments! When we first arrived in Los Machos, we were informed that we were not going to be sleeping in the school, but that two families had humbly offered their homes to our team. Felicida, the lady of one house, and her family are new believers and were baptized just a few days before we got here. We met with Pastor Corea, who led us to the places where we would sleep in hammocks and on beds. Pastor Corea then led us to a patch of ground by the house and explained that this is the ground donated by Felicida and her family to build a church for the 500 residents in Los Machos. Our team was the first to break the ground for a new place of worship for believers here!

On Sunday, the team split into three groups to travel by foot up and down the mountains to the regions that Pastor Corea had marked for us to visit the families and share with them the good news of Jesus. Each group got to spend time with each family, and many wives, husbands, and children came to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. God is moving in Los Machos!

The team invited all of the people to come see the drama in the community building in a central location, where they performed the drama before many children and their families. The students worshiped God in His creation in awe and in thankfulness. We have seen this team unify, encourage, and engage this culture together and we thank you for your prayers!

On Monday, the team began to break the ground for the new building. The team worked together with enthusiasm to clear the land as other groups went to visit more homes to invite them to see the drama. The students cleared 26 feet of dirt within hours! As the group visited families, they encountered six people who accepted Christ into their hearts. We have seen the Lord move His mighty hand over this place. One of the students explained that even when they were walking down the road, the people they spoke with in passing accepted Christ!

We have been blessed by the encouragement of the Lord and the fellowship of the team. Today, we traveled safely back to the White House here in Panama City and will work in Cinco de Mayo again tomorrow. We are posting some pictures now but will post many more tonight!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support!

In Him,

Walker Moore & Becky Robinson
Panama 14-Day CC’s

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5 response to Back from Los Machos!

  • Lori says:

    What a wonderful update !!! So happy to hear this wonderful news of the church that is being built and that everyone got to be a part of the groundbreaking, along with the stories of teamwork and devotion. Praying for everyone to continue this wonderful work. Macy, we can’t wait to have you home and we love and miss you!!

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    Sara, Allison, Taryn, and Tessa
    How exciting your time has been in Panama! God is doing great things. I loved reading about some of your experiences in Los Manchos. We are continuing to pray for you and your team. Finish this week strong in the Lord! Love you

    Mrs. Angela

  • Gilbert says:

    Hi Walker, Tyler, and all the team – from Britain!! – rejoicing at what God is doing because of your willingness to share the good news – praying for y’all.

  • Laura Smiley says:

    I am so excited to see and hear what God is doing in you and through you! What a mighty God we serve! I love reading the updates and scouring the pictures for my little, not so little, girl!
    We continue to pray for hearts to be turned to the Lord as you wrap up your time in Panama!
    Blessings and safety!

    Laura Smiley

  • Angela Hudgins says:

    God is so good. Thank you team for staying focused and loving. HTBC is praying for all of you. As a matter of fact, This evening at the Quad, we are talking about how it takes your Eyes, Ears, Hands, Feet and Mouth to weave the Gospel into every aspect of our lives. We are even reading about y’all and some of the other teams post and how y’all are living out sharing the Good News. Praying that it will continue when you are back home. Love all of you!
    Mrs. Angela

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