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Buenas Tardes!

The students awoke feeling refreshed and ready to begin their fourth day of ministry here in Mexico.

The morning started off with one drama at Pulga los Rieles. Due to the festivities going on to celebrate the new year, the Pulga was not very crowded. Every time we perform the drama, we do it for an audience of One, so the size of the crowd doesn’t matter to the students. After the drama the students went out and did ministry. Many of our ministry teams came back with story after story of the faithfulness of God.

After performing this drama the team went to Centro de Ejecucion de Sancciones (CEDES). This is a maximum security prison located in Nuevo Laredo. This is a prison that Awe Star has been to in previous years. We performed three dramas at this prison, first for the women’s side of the prison and then two for the men’s side. In each of these dramas we witnessed many come to the Lord.

One of our ministry teams in particular got an amazing story. Our three girls in the group began to speak to the women and found out that they attended the local church that was set up in the prison. However, when pressing the women to learn more they found out that none of them were believers. As they got to know them, our students began to weep over their need for the gospel. The Holy Spirit moved and the women began crying, praying with our students to surrender their lives to Christ. Praise the Lord!

Our students knew going into the prison that this was a place where there could be extreme spiritual warfare. However, God has not given us a spirit of fear but a spirit of power and of love. That means that we can walk in the full confidence of having Christ with us. We watched our students out in ministry and it was unlike anything we have seen thus far. Our youngest student on the team was going from prisoner to prisoner, sharing his faith with them and leading them to the Lord! Each of our ministry teams were filled with passion for the gospel. Gloria a Dios!

Tonight we will attend a New Years Eve service and then have a dinner with the church after midnight. Since this service will be so late, we are treating the students to some pizza for them to enjoy. They are excited to experience their first Mexican church service. Tomorrow we will have church in the morning and then go on to finish out our time here in Mexico.
Please pray for our last day of ministry tomorrow. The students are sad that their time here in Mexico is almost over, but we know that the work in Mexico will continue. Pray that the Lord of the harvest would burden their hearts for the people of Mexico, Panama, Peru, and the Gambia.
Happy New Year!

Your Country Coordinators,
Walker & Melanie

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