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Aventuras en Awajun

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Hola a todos!

Today was a very eventful day full of many adventures! We started the day very early, eating breakfast at 7:00 a.m. and leaving shortly thereafter. The entire team piled into two vans and began the trek deeper into the jungle without knowing the great experiences ahead of them.

Our first stop of the day was at a school. This is where the students learned what it truly means to do ministry in the Amazon rainforest. Soon after we arrived, it began pouring rain. At first we didn’t think we would be able to do the drama, but because of how hard and fast it had started raining, the kids were already soaking wet. We decided it couldn’t hurt to go ahead and perform since their costumes were already dripping. The students performed an amazing drama in front of a very large group of kids and teachers. The rain especially set the scene for the crucifixion, reminding us all that Jesus’ sacrifice is beautiful, but that the day of His death was gloomy and dark. We are so thankful for the sun that comes behind the rain. We do not serve a dead god but THE Living God! Many children prayed to receive Christ and we are praying that God would send someone behind us to water the seeds that were planted today.

After this site, we stopped at a local church to eat lunch alongside the turkeys and chickens before hitting the road again to our next destination. Once we arrived, the students discovered their big surprise for the day. Our transportation to and from the villages we would be ministering to was by a cage suspended over the Marañon River. Only a few of us could ride at a time, so it was a slow process;  however, the students had a blast getting to look out over the forest from a different perspective. In the Pakun village, the people spoke the Awajun language. Because of this, we had a student speak, then our translator Marco speak, and then a native pastor who spoke both Spanish and Awajun speak. This way the gospel was proclaimed to them in their own heart-language! Since we only had one Awajun translator and no materials in that language, we gave an invitation at the end of the drama instead of sending out teams. We are praying that God would search each of their hearts and that they would find truth in the gospel message they heard today.

Our next site was located only a brief drive away through some rice fields. Again, we used a cage to cross back over the river and perform in the Tsuntsunsa village. Here, students were able to see the field where the villagers work, their homes, and their church building. Again, they performed the drama and gave an invitation, and again we are pleading that God would draw His children unto Himself.

Finally, we got back on the bus to make it back for dinner where the students filled their stomachs. Since we had such a long day in the heat, they were given the chance to shower and go to bed once they were finished eating. Today was another great example of what it means to be tired for Christ!

Please pray for those who heard the gospel today, that the seeds would be watered and their relationships would grow. Also, please continue to pray for the team as a whole – that they would remain unified, energized, and focused on the task before them. We are already over halfway through our trip, and we want to glorify God as best as we can in the time we have left.

Your CCs,

Jordan and Hannah

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