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All Authority

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What an amazing day that the team had! We did a record (for this trip) six dramas today, four in the morning and two in the afternoon. We performed at three schools and one park, and then at the Plaza de Armas and our usual spot in downtown Huánuco! How God MOVED in this city today! Our God does indeed have ALL authority!

The first drama was bright and early at 8:30. We went to an escuela primario (an elementary school) and presented to the kids and teachers in the school. Unfortunately, we were not able to speak to the students individually afterwards, but the way to Salvation was shown and many of the teachers were so grateful that we came!

After presenting at the elementary school, we had some time before our next appointment at a different school. We utilized that time to present at a small park in front of a very large Catholic church. After presenting, our team witnessed to many! Many came to saving faith! Some of our students were also able to encourage and pray for a Peruvian believer that they found. It is so awesome to see the unity that the Blood of the Lamb brings in the Body of Christ! It reaches across all man-made barriers and thoughts and draws all believers together to uplift and support one another! God has been teaching our team this truth!

Once the team finished at the park, we headed to an escuela secundario (high school). Again, we were unable to speak to the students individually because of time constraints, but the Lord used the team to plant seeds of the Gospel in hundreds of students!

For the fourth, and final, drama of the morning, the team headed back to a school where we had already presented. The first time we were there, however, it was just to present to older people in the technological institute that is adjoined to an escuela primario. The director at the elementary school had seen us presenting and asked us to come back at a later time to tell the younger kids about Christ! We gladly obliged the director today, and showed the Plan of Salvation to many younger kids and their teachers! Many seeds of faith were planted!

After lunch, the Peru leadership, our translators (Marco and Anna), and Pastor Tito decided to take the team to the Plaza de Armas (the main and largest Plaza in each city is usually called the Plaza de Armas). Our missionary friends had previously asked the mayor of Huánuco for permission to present our drama in the Plaza. However, because of a municipal code that prevents anyone from using sound equipment or presenting anything political or religious on the Plaza, the mayor denied permission at that time. We collectively decided to try again today.

When we got to the Plaza, we instructed the team to prayer-walk while we attempted to get permission to present our drama. Let me tell you, our God is an awesome God! He has ALL authority! After thirty minutes of prayer-walking, God granted us permission to present our drama! Even though the team was not able to do our usual introduction and testimony, we were still allowed to explain the drama and what it meant to the gathered people afterwards!

More than 50 people accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior after He opened the door there for us to share! All glory to God for what He has done and continues to do through this team!

Please continue to lift this team up in prayer and to lift up some praise to the Lord for what He allowed us to be a part of today! Pray that He would give us strength to persevere and to seize every opportunity that He grants us! Pray that we would continue to walk in unity and in obedience to Him!

That all may know Him,

Karissa & Jacey

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