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Adios Amigos

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What an awesome summer it has been in Peru. The team closed out their final drama ministry to the people today in the streets of Tingo Maria. God, once again, showed up and blessed this city and the team in so many ways! We are so grateful that He allowed us to be used for the advancement of His Kingdom in this city and this country! We cannot wait to share with all of our friends and family about the great things that the Lord accomplished in and through this team!

Upon enjoying another hearty breakfast, the team headed out into the marketplace to catch the Saturday morning crowds. The Lord was faithful to draw many, many people to see the drama and to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ! Once again, our students walked in an obedience and power from God that has been so characteristic of this whole trip. God used them to move in mighty ways and to show many the way to Himself.

After the traditional Awe Star lunch of PB & J and a longer break in the afternoon to beat the jungle heat, the team headed back out to perform the drama on the Plaza de Armas (main plaza of the city). We had an appointment with the local pastor, Jarvis (whom we met on Thursday), to meet people from his church and to work with them to share the Gospel. Unfortunately, the Lord had other plans. It rained on us and we were unable to present at six. Undeterred, we decided to postpone until 8 p.m.

Once we had dinner, we headed back out to the Plaza de Armas. The rain had stopped, and many, many people were walking the Plaza and enjoying the city night. The Lord had made our early disappointment His Divine Appointment!

So many people stopped and gathered to watch, including even some local police! The police approached the leadership and our friend the pastor, and informed us that the government had banned presentations on the Plaza de Armas in this city. We were once again to learn that our God has all authority. Our local pastor spoke with the police for some time while the team began the drama. After many tries, our local pastor was able to get in contact with a friend of his who held a position of authority in the city. With a word on the telephone from whomever this man was, the police dropped their objections, thanked us for coming, and said buenas noches! All glory to God for that man of peace!

After the presentation on the Plaza, our local pastor friend wanted us to do another. Even though it was late and the team had already done four other dramas, they enthusiastically agreed to do just one more.Praise God for their obedience! We headed off the plaza, and went down the main strip a little way until we found another open spot to perform. Again, God drew many and many gave their lives to Him. Our team was able to lead about 100 people to Him after the two dramas tonight. Praise the Lord once again for the obedience of everyone on this team and for the part that He has allowed us to have in the advancement of His Kingdom and the proclamation of His Name in this city!

Thank you so much for your faithful prayers for the leadership, the students, our country contacts, and the ministry here. We will most likely not be able to post an update until we return to the States due to limited Internet access while traveling. The next few days will be spent traveling, shopping, and preparing for our trip home. Please lift up the health and safety of this team as we head to Lima tomorrow night and the States on Wednesday morning

Please pray for those who found new life today and for those in whom seeds were planted. Pray for the pastor of the local church and for the ministry work that they will continue after we are long gone. Finally, please lift up this team, that God would give them the wisdom and the ability to utilize what they have each learned here and to share the story of what great things God has done in Peru this summer with their churches, family, friends, and communities back home!

We are so grateful for your support and prayers!

For His Kingdom,

Karissa & Jacey



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